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Jamari and the Manhood Rites Trilogy by R. Roderick Rowe



Book Title:  Jamari and the Manhood Rites Trilogy

Author: R. Roderick Rowe

Publisher: RWCollins Publishing

Cover Artist: Farland Publishing

Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Epic Fantasy, Dystopian Fiction, Future Fiction

Tropes: Forbidden love, Magical Realism

Themes: Coming of age, Sexuality, 

Heat Rating:  3 flames     

This is the introduction to the world of Paradigm Lost, which currently includes this trilogy and also two Gay Erotica books.

The trilogy is a very long story divided into three parts.



Title: Jamari and the Manhood Rites 

Length: 211 pages

This book does not end on a cliffhanger. 


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A forest paradise surrounded by lands gutted from corporate greed. The Elk Creek Tribe holds the hope for mankind’s future. One young man becomes paramount in bringing spirituality back into a desolate and hostile world. But first he must find himself.

Follow the life of a young man in the year 2115 as he decides to take on the challenge of the Manhood Rites. Journey with Jamari as he discovers his world, his community and his culture. 




Title: Jamari Shaman

Length: 242 pages

This book ends on a cliffhanger.


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A forest paradise surrounded by lands gutted from corporate greed. The Elk Creek Tribe holds the hope for mankind’s future. One young man becomes paramount in bringing spirituality back into a desolate and hostile world. But first he must find himself.

Jamari must take on the challenges of The Manhood Rites before he can become a full citizen of The Elk Creek Tribe. He doesn’t expect the spiritual challenge that awaits him when he breaks into the spirit realm in his daily meditations. And he’s not sure he’s ready to accept what it means when he does. Can he accept his fate and transform into the respected spiritual leader he is destined to become? Is he ready to face the passage into his own spirit and soul? Travel with Jamari as he embarks on a journey down through tribal lands to the coast. Watch as he learns of other peoples outside the Elk Creek Tribe. Be a part of Jamari’s long journey home when tragedy strikes.



Title: The Founder’s Sons

Length: 316 pages

This book does not end on a cliffhanger. 


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A forest paradise surrounded by lands gutted from corporate greed. The Elk Creek Tribe holds the hope for mankind’s future. One young man becomes paramount in bringing spirituality back into a desolate and hostile world. But first he must find himself.

When Native American Mythology meets Celtic Druidism in a culture built around Gnostic Christianity, strange things come to life! Journey with Jamari as he discovers his world, his community and his culture.

Jamari works to understand a repeated spiritual vision as he also learns shamanism from the powerful Peter Shaman, 2nd Knight Shaman of the Elk Creek Tribe. He finds himself caught up in struggles, both physical and spiritual, as the world around him explodes in chaos and conquest.

In the world of 2115, nearly 100 years after the Pacific Rim erupted in a series of quakes, The Tribe remains the Pacific Northwest’s best hope of survival. Promoting peace, harmony, and the sharing of resources, The Tribe yet maintains a ferocious ability to defend itself from outsiders and wildlings. The Elk Creek Tribe, located near the town of Yoncalla, in Southwest Oregon, is the strongest civilization remaining in the region that has been long-abandoned by the mega-corps who decided that the sparse lands weren’t viable investments to rebuild roads and infrastructure to bring back into the fold.

The Tribe has defied all reason and logic, building a culture and a community that not just survives, but thrives, on the isolation, learning to live closer to the land, honoring the land and animals in return. Jamari has encountered spirit animals before, having earned two totems that have been recognized as his very own link to the Great Spirit. Over all, Eagle has visited him and marked him as His own.

He has to go on a frightening quest in order to satisfy a driving Vision. His friends, teachers and mentors guide him through this portion of his journey, building relationships that will span all time.

Jamari has been traveling Tribal Lands for two years in his quest to master the Manhood Rites and become a full citizen of the Elk Creek Tribe. It’s now 2117 and he’s getting his first views of the outer world. The outer world has been described as rapacious and vicious but, that information has not prepared him for what can happen when his world becomes the target of the Mega Corps who rule those other lands and governments. They’ve exhausted Oregon’s resources and now they’re setting eyes on the forest lands the Tribe has managed for over 100 years.

Along with threats and incursions from outside, Jamari is battling to understand why he disagrees with some major ethos of his own Tribe. His Shamanistic talents are growing and he’s becoming a reluctant legend within the Tribe. Hints of a top spot in Tribal Management and control are battling with growing internal unrest as he realizes just how big the changes the Tribe must make really are.

Can he earn the position that seems so readily his? Can he use it to make changes to better the Tribe? Can he gather the courage to let God fully enter into his corporeal body? What will he become if he does?



From “Jamari Shaman” This is the first evidence that Jamari may have shamanic abilities.

The winter woods were a quieter place. With his breath restored from his climb, he turned and headed up again. In just over a half hour, he reached his tiny little ridge-top meadow. 

He paused there, wondering how he was going to settle himself in for his meditations on the water-soaked ground. He turned around a couple times, looking for a suitable place. With the bare branches of the oaks and the occasional maple offering scant shelter to form a dry spot, he simply emptied his leather carry pouch of the lunch items and settled the pouch onto the ground in a tuft of brown grass stems. He sat his bow beside the seat and settled himself for meditation.

As he was bringing himself to focus, he watched a hawk circle into view from above the rise to his south. Seeming to catch the piercing gaze of that hovering hunter, he imagined what those keen eyes might be finding in the wintry day. A mouse maybe. Or a chipmunk. If it’s lucky, maybe a small rabbit. Jamari’s eyes lost their focus on the real world as he entered into this imagining.

He is floating in a careful circle when he sees a twitch of grass below. He immediately enters into a hover, with wings shifting to a fast flutter to hold him in place, using his tail feathers to balance himself on the cushion of air. Another twitch in the grass. It’s a squirrel! Drawn out into the meadow to dig up a cached nut. 

Seeing an opening, he shifts his wings into dive mode, making his whole body into a sharp arrow, diving down unseen, unheard, until his shadow crosses over the prey. It’s too late, though. He’s opening his wings, turning up his body, and swinging his clawed feet down to snag the furry body in a spine-snapping jerk, then using the remaining momentum of his dive to pull the lifeless body aloft. 

Hunger. Hunger that should be satiated. Driving him on, turning him toward the largest prey he’s ever taken on. But the hunger!

Jamari jolted out of the trance in sudden knowing and leapt to his feet, grabbing the bow and turning around as he pulled an arrow into draw. He wasn’t even fully drawn, or truly aimed, when he realized that the arrow must go now! He released and watched the arrow slip into the breast of the springing cougar. 

Too late! The cat’s momentum was going to carry it into him anyway! Jamari flung up his left arm, still holding the bow for some level of shielding and reached for his knife with his right hand. The weight of the cougar carried him over backward as he saw the jaws clamp onto the wood of his bow, saw and felt the wood crush under the pressure, then felt claws penetrating his heavy leather sleeve and an intense pummeling at his abdomen as the hind legs dug in. 

He got the knife in hand and plunged it into the side of the maddened animal just behind the shoulder. 

When the cougar turned a snarling set of fangs to Jamari’s head and neck, he was very convinced that it was all over for him. He kept pushing away with his injured left arm. He twisted the wrist of his knife hand to force the blade up toward the spine from the inside in a final attempt. 

Relief as the cat slumps and the sliding blade reached something vital. It’s snarl of rage turned to a gasp as it collapsed down onto Jamari, with only enough energy remaining for a feeble clawing attempt that didn’t even penetrate the leather.

Shocked, Jamari pushed the body aside, leaping to his feet to run. He saw the lifeless eyes, though, and held fast, shaking: all-over shaking, tremors so strong he lost his grip on the knife he hadn’t even noticed that he still held. When he reached down for the knife, he felt a stabbing pain as the leather of his left sleeve shifted over the open wound in his forearm. Gasping, he looked down to see blood dripping from the hole in his sleeve and felt a crawling sensation as a red rivulet dripped from his wrist.

Sitting back down onto the somehow-undisturbed leather pouch, he held his left arm in his right hand for a moment, before remembering that he should get to the wound and stop the bleeding. He found it awkward, trying to remove his shirt with only one arm as he favored the injured one. He suffered a couple of bumps that made him feel as though his skin was being freshly violated each time. He persevered, though; and once he got the jerkin off, he realized that two claws had penetrated to give him a double cut. Deep enough that it would certainly need stitches, but not life-threatening. He used his knife to cut the damaged part of the sleeve from his jerkin, which he then cut into strips, and used a wad of sanitary cloth from the pouch to form a bandage.

Once he had the arm bandaged, using his teeth to hold the leather strip on one end while he tied the knots, he knelt down beside the cougar, laying his good right hand on her head. “I thank you for giving yourself so that my tribe will not go hungry. You honor me with your gift.” 

He offered the Hunter’s Thanks, hoping that it was appropriate in this circumstance. He hadn’t actually set out to hunt a cougar, after all, and, do you thank the one who was hunting you? He donned the mutilated jerkin for its warmth.


About the Author

Roderick Rowe studied writing in college for several years, working as assistant editor and then editor for his school’s literary magazine. He also spent a term as copy editor for the campus newspaper. He is a gay man and uses this “affliction” to build characters and situations in his fictional work. Rowe has published several short stories and an occasional poem. After ending a twenty-year career unexpectedly in 2015, Rowe decided to write his first novel. “Jamari and the Manhood Rites, Part I” was completed in two months, then he settled in to conduct editing – complete new landscape design with a new Koi pond, a new library built into the spare room in his home, the cleanest his house had ever been – but the editing eventually got completed.


Social Media Links

Blog/Website  |   Facebook  |  Twitter  |

Instagram  |  Tumblr  |   TikTok  |  Goodreads



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Cover Reveal – Deliciously Enchanted (D’Vaire, Book 37) by Jessamyn Kingley



Book Title: Deliciously Enchanted (D’Vaire, Book 37)

Author and Publisher: Jessamyn Kingley

Cover Artist: LJ Anderson of Mayhem Cover Creations

Release Date: June 15, 2023

Genres: MM Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Tropes: Fated mates

Themes: Love

Heat Rating:  3 flames

Length:  91 500

It is not a standalone story, but does not end on a cliffhanger.

Goodreads Series Link 

Amazon Series Link 


Mixing friendship and devotion, two mates perfect an enchanting recipe for eternal love.



Henry Gennevios is an enchanter with little magic, but his lack of sorcery doesn’t bother him. Growing up in the chaos of his parents’ matebond, Henry escaped into his passion for food. Now, Henry is a famous chef with dozens of restaurants, best-selling cookbooks, and a successful line of kitchen products with his name slapped on them. 

Seristyn Cith-Oridi was raised in his father’s elf tribe, but he’s a hybrid with no friends and a father who dictates every aspect of his life. His family life is tumultuous, but Seristyn has quietly rebelled since he was a child. He devotes his ample energy to dance classes and chasing his dreams.

On an otherwise ordinary morning, Seristyn and Henry meet. Instantly infatuated, they follow elven tradition and are mated within a few days. Despite the challenges Fate soon throws in their path, Henry and Seristyn are equally determined to build a matebond full of love and friendship.



The hybrid’s beautiful mouth curved into a welcoming smile with a hint of sultriness. His jaw was squared off, and those remarkable eyes were charmingly tilted upward. Henry wasn’t sure what he’d done to please Fate, but he could not fault her taste, and he thanked the goddess for not forgetting to give the magicless Gennevios a mate.

“Hi,” the gorgeous vision said to Henry. “I’m Seristyn.”

Salut, Seristyn. Enchanté. Je suis Henri,” Henry said, then shook his head swiftly. “I’m sorry. I don’t know why I chose French. I’m Henry. It’s lovely to meet you.”

“You have a bit of an accent, is French your first language?”

“It is. I detect a hint of something in your voice too, is Elvish your native tongue?”

“Yeah, it’s what I speak at home. But I don’t use it anywhere else.”

Henry nodded and tried to ignore the color creeping up his neck. The idea that he might have a mate had occurred to him, but Henry hadn’t known how to handle the thought. Yes, Henry had wanted the other half of his soul. However, he didn’t have social skills outside of business, and he hated being uncomfortable or embarrassed. 

“It’s lovely to meet you.”

“You said that already,” Seristyn replied with a small grin. “I’m glad I’m not the only nervous one. Meeting my mate is scarier than I imagined.”

Relieved that he wasn’t alone in his discomfort, Henry returned Seristyn’s smile. “I’m unsure what we do next.”

“Exchange phone numbers, maybe?”

“Excellent idea,” Henry said, then grimaced. His mind was still spinning. “I can’t remember my number right now.”

“You don’t have to,” Seristyn assured him. “Get out your phone, and you can text me.”

Merci,” Henry replied, too frazzled to translate his thoughts into English.

“I have a dance class now, but I could skip it if you wanted to talk or whatever we’re supposed to do right now.”

Henry shook his head and tried desperately to get his bearings, but his hands were sweaty, and he remained completely flummoxed. “Non. I mean, no, I have a meeting to get to. Go to your dance class.”

“Great, can I talk to you later?”

“Of course. Anytime, Seristyn.”

“I just wanted to say before I go that today’s the best day of my life.”

Honored and pleased, Henry nearly sighed aloud as warmth flowed into him and his heart. “Mine too.”

“I’ll talk to you later, Henry.”

Oui. Yes, I look forward to it.”

Henry waved awkwardly as Seristyn passed him, with his smile still in place, to attend his dance class. His eyes fell closed as the smell of pain au chocolat faded with each step Seristyn took away from him. Then a thought occurred to Henry that had him stomping a foot.

“Seristyn. You’re an elf.”

With a chuckle, Seristyn turned around in the quiet hall. 

“I know,” he called out.

“We have seventy-two hours to combine our souls.”

“If we follow elven tradition.”

Feeling foolish and hoping he hadn’t offended Seristyn, Henry internally berated himself for his suddenly sluggish brain. “I should have asked. You’re a hybrid, a shifter? What kind?”

“Griffin, but no beast.”

There was a sadness in Seristyn’s voice that told Henry his mate would’ve preferred otherwise. “Do you want to follow elven tradition?”

“You’re a sorcerer, what kind?”

“Enchanteur, but I have no magic.” 

“Would it be okay if we followed elven tradition?”

Henry nodded quickly. His thoughts were finally kicking into gear, though his heart continued to thud heavily in his chest. “I would like very much to honor your people. And I vow to do my part to build a matebond with you.”

Seristyn’s gorgeous smile flashed again, and Henry unconsciously mirrored it. “I’m happy I met you, Henry, and I’ll do my part too.”

“Should we discuss the details and everything later?” Henry asked with a quick glance at his watch. His meeting was scheduled for five minutes ago, but Seristyn was the other half of his soul. The dean of Starlight University would have to wait.

“Yeah, I don’t even know where to begin.”

Planning and organizing were Henry’s strengths. “Leave it to me, I can handle whatever arrangements are necessary. I’ll put together a list of questions and be ready to get to work once we have a chance to talk later.”

“Great, I’ll talk to you then.”

“Get to your class before you’re any later.”

“I met my mate, they’ll understand,” Seristyn assured him but turned to leave again. “Oh, Henry, did I mention how beautiful you are?”

His cheeks on fire, Henry swallowed. “Thank you. I’ve never seen anyone as gorgeous as you. Fate has blessed me.”

“I feel the same way. Have a great day, Henry, I can’t wait to talk to you later.”

“You too, Seristyn,” Henry said and watched his mate walk away.


About the Author

Jessamyn Kingley has published over thirty titles and refuses to pick a favorite among them. With an extraordinary passion for her characters, she enthusiastically adds tales to her D’Vaire series and avidly re-reads them whenever her schedule allows. After decades living in the Washington, DC area, she now resides in Nevada with her husband and their three spoiled cats. When she is not writing or adding new ideas to her beloved notebooks, she is gaming with family and friends. 


Visit her website 

Join her Facebook group, Jessamyn’s Ruffian’s

 Facebook Profile  |   Twitter  |   Pinterest  




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The Scars of Life by David Blyth #kindleunlimited #giveaway


Book Title: The Scars of Life

Author and Publisher: David Blyth

Cover Artist: David Blyth

Release Date:  June 1, 2023

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Literary Fiction, mystery/suspense

Tropes: Sexual identity, bisexuality, forbidden love

Themes: Psychological twist, mystery, family drama

Trigger Warning: Supplementary themes involve sexual identity and a teenage incestuous occurrence: neither are covered in detail, or described graphically, as they were ‘incidents’ rather than relationships, though they have an impact on the development of the narrative.

Heat Rating:  2 – 3 flames

Length: 95 000 words/362 pages 

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger.

It has a HEA of sorts – it fits vaguely into the romance genre with a lot of psychological suspense and mystery interwoven.



Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK

Paperback also available from Barnes and Noble 


A troubled mind, a dysfunctional love story, a psychological twist….



Paul Somerfield, a young journalist for Planet Earth magazine, shares a brief friendship with the enigmatic Mike Stokes during an assignment in Devon. It leads to a disruptive fascination and a reluctant complicity in events that evolve from Mike’s tragic past.

 On a journey where emotions influence his brittle control, Paul pursues the truth. But the truth has many disguises which disrupt his relationships, his rationality and his life.

A reminder of how fragile the stability of love and trust can be: a journey that follows fear and doubt as they steer lives into a downward spiral of destruction. 



(To place in context: Paul (the main character) has just taken a trip over the moors (Dartmoor, Devon, UK) with Mike (the mysterious second character) who he met just a few days ago and befriended).

After a few minutes, with the sun transferring energy to untanned skin, Paul plunged forward to swim towards the opposite bank. Standing up in the shallow water, his gaze rested on his friend still stretched out below him. Mike’s eyes remained closed, the gentle rise and fall of breath the only movement in his body. He could almost have been asleep, but Paul knew he was not, and equally certain of Mike’s awareness of a close observer, perhaps another gift to them both from the custodian of the paradise who chose to share it. Paul was neither embarrassed nor aroused by the hedonic posture, which perfectly balanced the equilibrium, complimenting the setting. He only felt gratitude.

Time slowed to allow appreciation of the scene. Eventually, with reluctance lest the spell be broken, Paul spoke again, “You need another cold dip, mate.” The words were an intrusion. He strained to speak at all. An atmosphere of expectancy subdued his responses.

Mike remained silent. As he turned his head, his eyes filled with a remote but compelling vision. Paul was a prisoner to that gaze. The surroundings drifted out of focus as the man held out a hand in an undeniable gesture of reception.

The sensual element formed a command. With water lapping knees, he leaned as fingers enclosed one arm in a soft grip. Mike’s eyes held a silent appeal. It defied refusal. Legs felt weak, folded, he fell forward, his free hand placed near Mike’s shoulder.

“Mike….” Words came like sobs from his lips, “I … I don’t … I can’t….” He took shattered breaths, which formed around, “I’m sorry….”

Steady hands cradled his bowed head in a gentle caress. Wet hair supplemented the tears that unmanned him. The softest touches of Mike’s fingers smoothed them from his cheeks.

“Get out of the water, Paul.” Words almost whispered, close to his ear, with barely disguised authority.

Paul responded, unconsciously, climbing onto the stone.

Lines of sweat blurred his eyes. The atmosphere, heavy with anticipation, directed his senses, regulated his responses. Or, a will projected from a powerful force far below him, buried in the rock beneath. The body below him appeared able to harness that power without the need for physical participation. Paul, aware of the reaction of his own body to so sensual a situation, was powerless to subdue it. His skin absorbed the life below with every touch. Nerves ignited with every caress. His senses stimulated by conduction from another’s, as the strained form below him ascended the pinnacles of climactic rapture. Salt tears and sweat, sun warmed skin against his lips, shared breaths of confined desire; the noise of life pounding at his ear, the considerate grip of passion embracing him with a bond of impregnability. All volition was gone.

Suddenly, as though perpetrated by a violent act upon the man below him, the body became still. Only Mike’s relaxed breathing convinced Paul he was innocent of such a deed. Time was striving to catch up with its unnatural stagnancy. A stale memory of desire stained his mind like a contamination of his thoughts; the fruit of an unguarded crop of passion, which left behind the bitterest aftertaste.

Paul stared at the slope they walked down earlier. Then he stood, turned, and dived back into the water. He held no immediate aspiration to emerge from that tranquil medium, doing so only when the pain in his chest forced him to return to reality. Thrusting his feet towards the bed of the stream, he launched to the surface, gasping for air. The vision that met his eyes when his violent breaths had calmed was of a dream shattered. The picture was not as it appeared earlier. The sky painted a tormented brown. The breathtaking scene, transformed to a bleak and forlorn landscape. Air and water around him, tainted with pollution.

Turning his eyes across the water, he saw Mike walking up the slope wearing his shorts, boots held by their laces in one hand, his T-shirt trailing from the other and dragged along the grass. Swimming to the bank, reaching his clothes, he fought jeans over a wet body and slipped on his shoes. Grasping his shirt and camera bag, he stumbled up the slope in his haste. “Mike! Wait!” he called in a weak voice, breathing hard. The man did not respond to his cry. Catching up as they entered the trees, he reached out to the man’s shoulder, halting his progress.

Mike turned, a hard, almost pitiless stare, as he looked deep into Paul’s eyes.

For a moment, Paul was unable to speak. So intense a visage, it took away what little breath he had left. “You bastard! Don’t walk away from me as though your dignity’s been bruised.” He dropped his shirt and bag to his feet, and braced both hands on his knees. Breathing heavily, he waited for some reaction.

“Don’t lecture me about dignity.” The man answered, sharply.

He felt a consuming fury growing within. Standing again, Paul received a harsh look of accusation. As anger conquered instincts, he swung a clenched fist towards the man’s head. The punch found its target, striking a heavy blow to the jaw. Mike made no attempt to avoid the impact; blood soon appeared between his lips, trailing down the side of his chin. He stood motionless, looking into the eyes of his assailant. Paul remained poised, as though prepared to deliver another attack. Yet, in reality, he’d been stunned by the recognition of his actions. Mike’s eyes never flinched as he reached towards the fist, then enclosed it in a strong grip. Paul stood, mentally helpless and physically defeated, as the man lowered the arm back to his side.

“Paul, let’s go home.” The expression on his face softened before he turned to walk ahead.


About the Author  

David Blyth was born in Staffordshire, in the UK. He graduated from Nottingham and Wolverhampton Universities.

He lived for many years in South Africa, where he witnessed the political and social transformation during and after apartheid.

His interests, apart from writing, include anything that helps him to stay relatively sane.

The Scars of Life was written during a two-year overland exploration of southern, central and east Africa; much was achieved sitting under the shade of a huge mango tree on the shores of Lake Malawi, always with a beer near at hand.

Separate Development, which is in fact his second novel, though published first, was written at his home in the English Midlands.

He is currently working on his third.


Social Media Links

Blog/Website  |  Facebook Profile  |  Facebook Author Page



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Enchanted Ink by Robin Lynn #giveaway


Book Title: Enchanted Ink

Author: Robin Lynn

Cover Artist: Art by Gio Guimaraes, Design by Katie Marlin

Release Date: June 1, 2023

Genres: LGBTQ Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Fantasy

Tropes: Fantasy/Magic/World-building, Tattoo artists, Hurt/Comfort, Meet-Cute, Secret Identities, Celebrities, HEA, Queer romance

Themes: Self-acceptance, trauma recovery, transformation, Demisexual representation.

Heat Rating:  3 flames       

Length: 60 000 words

It is a standalone book and does not end on a cliffhanger


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK


When it comes to transformation, magic only fixes what’s skin deep…



In a world where an artist’s magic brings tattoos to life, ink gone wrong can spell lasting heartache for those unlucky enough to experience it. Jaded and cynical on both life and love, tattoo artist Ashton is about to find out that even the most deeply-etched scars can be transformed into something beautiful when the right person is holding the pen.


“Enchanted Ink” is a ground-breaking romance that showcases how, with a bit of ink, some love, and a whole lot of trust, even the ugliest scars can be transformed into something impossibly beautiful.

Using the art of tattooing as a metaphor for life, “Enchanted Ink” makes it a mission to show even the most cynical and scarred of us that it’s possible to heal, to find love, and that it’s never too late to start all over again.

The twelfth annual “Enchanted Ink” Tattoo Convention has been in full swing for hours, but Ashton has yet to venture inside. It’s not as if he doesn’t know what he’ll find there: a fairly standard convention space, divided using equally standard black curtains hanging from predictable portable frames creating both booths and stations offering displays that are anything but ordinary. Various tattoo artists and their work, in the flesh—the best of the best, by both fact and opinion.

In addition to the booths, there are always several centralized showcase stands, right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. Elevated platforms where human works of art strip down to their underwear and pose, proudly displaying full-body and wildly colorful tattoos boasting some of the most intricate and beautiful imagery that probably exists in the entire inked world.

This particular convention admits artists by invitation only, and while Ashton isn’t technically here to work this year, it’s an event he’s enjoyed immensely in the past. It’s bittersweet—perhaps a touch heavy on the bitter—hovering on the outskirts, wondering whether he’ll ever find himself behind a booth and promoting his work again. While that remains to be seen, there’s plenty here to worry about in the meantime.

The thought of Whitaker working somewhere inside the building behind him crosses Ashton’s mind and makes him grimace. He can practically feel the tentative nerve he’s so painstakingly gathered, the courage to finally wander through the front door, trickling away like water through a sieve.


Good thing it’s a nice day out, today. Sixty-eight degrees and sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and Ashton brought a book. He can wait. The courage to go inside will come.


Sighing, Ashton rubs the sleeve of his too-dressy collared shirt across the backs of his eyelids. The button on the cuff pokes his eye, and it feels like a call-out. He’s too dressed up, he looks out of place. Too covered, if nothing else. Which isn’t to say that tattooed folks can’t be modest—naturally, that’s false and would be a terribly judgemental view to hold. Either way, the whole point of a tattoo convention is to show off one’s body and as much art decorating skin as possible. It’s supposed to be a positive, empowering experience.

That’s definitely the point, and his body is aesthetically pleasant to look at, both sculpted and toned—yet here Ashton is, buttoned up solidly from head to toe. Acting like he cares more about looking the part of a corporate stooge rather than flaunting the walking canvas he is. Lame. So lame.

Lame, but necessary, he reminds himself.


About the Author 


Robin Lynn is a 36-year-old queer, autistic mother of two, an unabashed fangirl sometimes known as “Wings,” and a disabled former firefighter, paramedic, and registered nurse. She writes for queer audiences with the goal of reflecting and centering the lgbtqia2s+ community in more media, because everyone deserves to see relatable, imperfect main characters who mirror themselves simply existing and getting their happy endings.

Find out more and follow Robin for additional content and future projects




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Don’t Look Back In Anger (Two Tribes Series 3) by Kristian Parker #giveaway


Two Tribes Series by Kristian Parker 

The mean streets of Manchester are the scene for a blood thirsty gang war. But with battle lines drawn, three heroes find themselves falling in love at the worst possible time.

The war for supremacy has begun. 



Book Title: Don’t Look Back In Anger

Author: Kristian Parker

Release Date: May 30, 2023

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope: Second chance love

Themes: Gangster, action

Length: 50 123 words

Heat Rating: 4 flames    

It is not a standalone book, but does not end on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Publisher  |  Amazon US  |  Amazon UK 



Revenge is best served cold, yet old embers can burn hot.

Lorenzo de Luca has come back to Manchester with revenge on his mind.

Supposedly killed by evil gangster Jonny Wellingham’s hitmen fifteen years ago, Lorenzo has waited a long time for this. He has to stay focused. And he does…until a past lover comes back into his life.

But old embers can spark a flame and the couple pick up where they left off—but the war has only just begun, and everyone is fair game…and Lorenzo’s distraction gives Jonny the opportunity he needs to strike a deadly blow.

Torn between his burning need for vengeance and the scorching heat of love, which will Lorenzo sacrifice?

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, murder, organised crime, sex work, and drugs trafficking. There are also instances of homophobia.


Excerpt from Don’t Look Back In Anger

Lorenzo de Luca turned off the motorway into the suburbs of South Manchester. Back in the day, he’d had a little bedsit around here. It had been fifteen years since he’d been here. Surely they hadn’t changed the roads, though.

A building that used to house a tailor’s and now held a vape shop told him he had the right street. As he drove up, his heart sank. The little row of terraced houses that had been converted into bedsits was long gone. A soulless red-brick block sat in its place with a ton of cars outside. He supposed this was progress.

To be fair, the bedsit had been pretty ropey. One of the windows never fully shut and the neighbour used to play music at all hours of the day and night. Lorenzo hadn’t cared. He had been in his twenties and loving that he had a place to call his own. But he wouldn’t be seen dead having a coffee in a place like that these days, never mind staying the night. He had come a long way since those days.

His old home hadn’t been his main destination anyway. He parked up and walked in the footsteps of his twenty-seven-year-old self.

Many a time, he, Jonny and Harry had staggered up this street after spending some of their ill-gotten gains in the bars nearby. They’d been untouchable in those days—Lorenzo and Harry had helped Jonny take control of Manchester’s criminal underworld. Everyone cowered when Jonny Wellingham’s Boys swaggered past—their reputation for swift justice had been earned tenfold.

Lorenzo crossed the road and soon found the path he wanted. It ran up a back alley of the next street. The red brick walls of the terraces hadn’t changed. Memories flooded into his mind like a tsunami.

At the end of the alley, he came to a big car park where he and the lads would set up shop every Wednesday. A regular community operation trading out of a clapped-out Volkswagen campervan. The police had never known a thing.

At the weekends, they’d only dealt in town. However, Jonny had soon realised that a lot of people liked to have their drugs before a night out. So, he would arrange for the van to be in this out-of-the-way spot and punters would come under cover of darkness to do their shopping. One man exclaimed they could only do better if they had a reward points system.

For a moment, Jonny had actually considered it.

A number of public pathways led off the car park. They followed a network of man-made waterways that had been dug to save the area from flooding. As a by-product, they had also created a thriving nature reserve. City dwellers, starved of green space, used them for cycling, jogging and dog walking.

The area had been gentrified since Lorenzo’s day. When he had been here, these walkways were the domain of alcoholics and working girls whose customers didn’t mind a bunk up against a tree. It was hilarious to him that the middle classes now brought their kids here to study wildlife.

Lorenzo hadn’t come here to see insects or birds today. He could remember running through the car park as though the devil himself were after him. Tracing his previous footsteps, knowing what had awaited him that night, sent chills across his skin.

There had been few times in his life when he had experienced real terror. That night, fifteen years ago, still haunted his nightmares.

He’d been watching television in his little flat when they’d burst through the door. Two of them had grabbed his arms while Frank, one of Jonny’s lads, had walked up to him.

Lorenzo and Frank had always got on well. The distress at why they had come to inflict pain on him burnt as hot today as it had then. That was before Lorenzo had learnt that true loyalty was a rare diamond, to be cherished when found.

“Wellingham doesn’t like your sort,” Frank had sneered, grabbing his face. “Shirt-lifters. Problem for you is, he can’t just sack you. That leaves only one way out, Lorenzo.”

A flash of metal told him all he needed to know about Frank’s intentions. Before he could aim, Lorenzo had broken free and leapt through the downstairs window.

The scars on his calves still told that story. His legs had been burning with pain as he’d run across the tarmac, desperate to get to the darkened paths. His thinking had been that he knew this area well. He hoped his attackers didn’t.

Retracing that fateful night, he followed the twists and turns. They seemed so innocent in the cold winter sunlight. He could still remember the taste of metallic dread in his mouth. In those days, Lorenzo had been fast. Yet his pursuers had fanned out so he didn’t know which way to turn. Voices sounding from every angle sent him into a whirlpool of fear and confusion.

He rounded a hawthorn bush and stopped in his tracks. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. The little pool where my flight came to an end. The first bullet hit him like a juggernaut smashing into his shoulder. He’d lost his balance and fallen face down into the pool. The pain had seared through his body like hot knives. Instinctively, he reached up and touched where only a scar remained.

Two more bullets had hit him after that, one puncturing a lung. The other had narrowly missed any organs and gone straight through him. Doctors in his future would tell him how lucky he had been. Lying in that ice cold water, waiting to die, luck hadn’t felt very close to him.

He’d silently prayed to God to take him quickly, yet he hadn’t lost consciousness. Instead, he’d lain there, as still as possible, while his would-be assassins discussed if they’d killed him or not. Every second, he expected an insurance bullet to blow his brains out.

Then his hopes had soared when he’d thought they might be retreating. He’d barely been able to trust his ears as the sounds of his attackers faded.

Lorenzo crouched down and ran his hands through the water. The silt made it a dirty brown. He could imagine a time it would have been deep red with his blood.

Standing up, he filled his lungs with Manchester air. “I am back,” he said out loud.

Seeing the place he’d lain, terrified to even breathe, brought a resolve to him. His body had almost frozen as he lay there, waiting to be sure they had gone. Once he could take no more, he had crawled out of the pool, the blood loss and cold making him limp and unable to get up. Instead, Lorenzo had crawled to the car park. Eventually he had got to the main road and thankfully someone driving past had seen him.

They’d saved his life, and he had no idea who they were. He wished he did. They had gone before the paramedics arrived. He supposed they’d recognised him and wanted nothing more to do with it. He could understand that. A man with three gunshot wounds screamed danger. He’d been lucky they’d even dared make the emergency call.

Today he planned to be the one to make an anonymous call. Adrenaline coursed through his veins as he got out the piece of paper with a number written on it. He’d got it from his nephew’s friend. She’d thought he intended to use it to taunt Jonny. In a way he did, although he had a much more important outcome on his mind too.

With a shaking hand, he connected the call.

“Who is this?” came the voice that he hadn’t heard in decades yet still seemed so familiar to him. “This is a private number. How did you get it?”

“It’s a blast from your past,” Lorenzo replied.

“Tell me who you are.”

“Meet me at the location I message to you,” Lorenzo continued. “And all will be revealed. Come alone if you want me to show myself.”

He terminated the call. The fish was on the hook. Now he just had to reel it in.





Book Title: Fool’s Gold

Author: Kristian Parker

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Cover Artist: Erin Dameron-Hill

Release Date: March 14, 2023

Genre Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Forbidden love, opposites attract

Themes: Gangster, action 

Heat Rating: 4 flames    

Length:  52 069 words/233 pages

It is not a standalone book, but does not end on a cliffhanger



Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

First for Romance  |  Amazon US  |   Amazon UK 



Liam Moseley has been living a lie ever since he joined Manchester’s notorious crime boss Jonny Wellingham ten years ago. Liam is gay, and that could get him killed in the deadly world he has fallen into.

When he meets handsome Italian Marco Ponti, Liam’s whole world is turned on its head. Marco is in town looking for business opportunities for his uncle in Rome, and makes Liam see his life in a brand-new light.

But all is not as it seems, especially when Marco shows Liam the past isn’t always as it appears and the future can change in the blink of an eye. In a dangerous world where each job could be Liam’s last, he finds himself fighting for love as well as survival.

Liam will have to put everything he holds dear on the line to make his dreams come true.


Excerpt from Fool’s Gold

“So you’re Manchester born and bred?” Marco asked.

“Can’t you tell by the accent?” Liam replied.

Marco beamed. “I love the Manc accent. It’s so…expressive.”

“That’s the first time I’ve heard it called that before,” Liam said. “I’d rather have an Italian one.”

“You find it sexy?”

Marco’s eyes dared him to answer honestly. Something about this guy gave Liam confidence. No man had ever had this effect on him. “Yeah, I do,” he replied before glancing down.

“Why do you do that?” Marco asked, leaning forward, his elbows on the table.

“Do what?” he asked.

“Break eye contact every time you say something. Are you ashamed?”

Liam shifted uncomfortably. “No, it’s not that.”

“Tell me what it is, then?” Marco asked, his voice soothing and sincere.

“I guess I don’t think I have anything to say worth listening to,” he replied, eventually.

To his astonishment, Marco’s foot connected with his leg. The pressure told him it was absolutely on purpose.

“I respectfully disagree, Liam. I think I’d listen to you. Whatever you had to say.”

He had that burning sensation on his neck again. It had made him so paranoid at school.

“Sorry, I have made you blush,” Marco continued.

“Don’t worry about it. I always bloody blush. They called me Po at school because of it.”

Marco frowned. “What?”

“The red Teletubby?” Liam expected him to burst into that laughter again. Most people did when he confided this, but instead, Marco just shook his head.

“Kids can be so cruel. But who cares? They are in your past.”

“Yeah, they’re probably sweeping up shit in the hospital now. Serves them right.”

This time Marco did seem amused. “Said with true passion. I like it. So, what do you do, Liam?”

Here it came. The inevitable question. He could hardly say he was a lackey for one of the biggest gangsters in the northwest of England, so he reverted to his stock answer. “Oh, you know, bit of this, bit of that. How about you?”

“As I said, my uncle works in shipping. I’m over here seeing if there is any potential to expand to Manchester.”

Liam nodded. “The city is booming. You could do a lot worse.”

“That’s what I thought. I like what I see more and more.”

The look which followed that statement practically oozed with intent. This time, Liam forced himself to meet Marco’s gaze. “I’ve never been to Italy, but maybe I should,” he replied. “Rome seems pretty good from where I’m sitting.”

“Ah, you definitely should,” Marco said, leaning back. “It is beautiful. I’ve been the length and breadth of it with my job. I worked in Venice recently. Bellissima.”

Liam had seen pictures of the water world on television. “Better than the canals in Manchester. They’re just full of shopping trolleys and used condoms.”

Marco laughed again. It was so loud and carefree that Liam had to stop himself from looking around to see if anyone noticed. But he forced himself to relax and ended up giggling along with him. It had been so long since he’d done something like this.

“This is better,” Marco said.

“What is?”

“You are relaxing. You seemed very tense earlier,” Marco said. “I thought perhaps you’d changed your mind about me.”

“Oh, nothing like that,” Liam said hurriedly. “It’s just that I’m not out, you see. I don’t normally do this.”

Marco’s stunning eyes widened. “Who isn’t out these days?”

Shaking his head, Liam took a swig of his drink. “Me,” he said, placing the drink down. “In my line of work, it isn’t the done thing.”

A group of lads banged through the door. Liam frantically scanned each face but didn’t recognise any of them.

“Wow. I can’t imagine being in the closet. At my eighteenth birthday party, I came out. I figured if I had to enter adulthood, people should know what they were dealing with. Although I like to make a statement now and then. It keeps them on their toes.”

The lads were being quite rowdy. Even the barman appeared nervous.

“You’re very brave,” Liam said.

“Not really. My uncle is gay too, so it was a well-beaten path. No one in our family cares as long as you’re healthy and happy.”

“Sounds perfect.”

Marco chuckled, but Liam couldn’t relax. He watched the group of lads out of the corner of his eye. He could spot trouble a mile off, and these lads were desperate for it.

“We’re a long way from perfect, believe me,” Marco said. “But we get by.”

Liam drained his glass. “You want another?”

Marco shook his head. “There are a lot of things I’d like from you, Liam…but another drink is not one of them.”

The change in tempo took Liam by surprise. Heat crept over his face and he didn’t know what to say in return. He had never been any good at the whole game-playing thing. “Just nipping to the loo,” he managed before bolting for the door.



Book Title: Everything Changes

Author: Kristian Parker

Release Date: April 11, 2023

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope: Close proximity

Themes: Gangster, action

Heat Rating: 4 flames    

Length: 50 578 words

It is not a standalone book, but does not end on a cliffhanger



Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

First for Romance  |  Amazon US  |   Amazon UK 



Fear can open doors we never dreamt possible.

Shaun Moseley is in a trap and it’s all his brother, Liam’ s fault.

Living a normal life running a B&B in Blackpool, he finds himself right in the middle of a gang turf war in Manchester. Shaun is an alien in this horrifying new world of drugs, guns and violence.

Shaun rebels against everyone, isolating himself in the process. But a terrifying experience opens his eyes to gang member Enzo Ponti. Shaun may be trapped for the time being, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a little fun along the way, right?

He dismissed Enzo as just another hired killer but when he scratches the surface, he finds much more there.

But evil gangster, Jonny Wellingham, wants revenge on the gang and has set his sights on Shaun. Can he live long enough to find just how deep Enzo’ s waters are?


Excerpt from Everything Changes

They stood side by side, watching some birds flocking over the reservoir.

“When I was in a yoga retreat in Kathmandu, they had all sorts of gay-coloured birds,” Shaun said. “All we have are shitty brown things.”

He kicked a stone.

“I’ve seen you doing your yoga,” Enzo said. “Did you learn it on your travels? You should come and do some weights with me and Giovanni. It would be far more beneficial than getting yourself into silly poses.”

“Have you been perving over me then?”

Enzo reddened. “It’s not a big house. You can’t help it.”

Shaun regretted his big mouth. Enzo had done something kind for him and he should make an effort not to shoot him down every time he tried to speak. They wandered a little farther down the path.

“It’s weird to think that my whole childhood was spent in that place,” Shaun said, nodding to Manchester in the distance. “Where did you grow up?”

“I grew up in Rome. Well, a little village about an hour out of the city. I was very lucky in a lot of ways, but…”

Shaun glanced at him. He found him difficult to read, but there was definite pain there.

“But what?”

“Being attracted to men was not part of that world. Not until Uncle Z came. He changed everyone’s view.”

Shaun whirled around. “You’re gay?” he asked in astonishment.

Enzo raised an eyebrow. “Is it so surprising? Marco. Uncle Z.”

“Bloody hell,” Shaun said. “My gaydar is way out of sync.”

“Perhaps if you’d spoken to me once in a while, you’d have had a better chance of figuring me out,” Enzo said.

His words weren’t spiteful but simply stating a fact. A fact Shaun couldn’t even begin to deny. Embarrassment burnt over his skin. He had been behaving obstructively since coming to the farm. Now he could see himself through Enzo’s eyes and he didn’t like it. “Have I been such a bitch?” he ventured.

Enzo glanced over at him and winked. Shaun had noticed that Enzo was handsome—it was impossible not to. But he hadn’t taken the time to see his dark brown eyes or the way they crinkled at the sides when he smiled. Whether it was the fact he’d just saved his life or something deeper, Shaun imagined staring into those eyes and losing himself.

“We should get back,” he said. “I need to finish tonight’s dinner. I know my place and I don’t fancy being shouted at by Marco for not doing it.”

“And there he goes,” Enzo muttered. “Back into his shell. You would find this whole experience a damned sight easier if you were a little nicer to those around you. We are not all villains, you know.”

Once again, a flash of rage blew through Shaun’s system. He didn’t want to be schooled in how to be a gangster. Not by anyone, no matter how deep their eyes were.

“Thank you for the advice on how to survive a fucking gang war that I want nothing to do with,” he snapped. “I was terrified today, Enzo. Do you understand what that means? I can’t just toe the line and chuckle while my brother or any of you go out there time and again. If I get to know you, like you, it just adds to my fears. I can’t do it. I won’t.”

He was babbling now, but his mouth couldn’t seem to stop. To his amazement, Enzo came over and wrapped his arms around him. Shaun fitted perfectly, his head nestling in the crook of Enzo’s neck.

Enzo’s strong arms instantly calmed him and the shivers he had been battling since he got in the car simply disappeared.

“I get terrified too,” Enzo said softly.

“How do you stand it?”

“I have no idea. You’re not the only one in the whirlpool, I suppose.”

Shaun looked up just as Enzo stared down at him. Their lips were almost touching, but then reality hit Shaun like a sledgehammer. Having an affair with a gangster had put his brother in the hospital. He had no intention of spinning that particular bottle.

He broke away, trying to ignore the hurt on Enzo’s face. “They’ll be missing us now,” he said, smoothing down his jacket.


About the Author  

I have written for as long as I could write. In fact, before, when I would dictate to my auntie. I love to read, and I love to create worlds and characters.

I live in the English countryside. When I’m not writing, I like to get out there and think through the next scenario I’m going to throw my characters into.

Inspiration can be found anywhere, on a train, in a restaurant or in an office. I am always in search of the next character to find love in one of my stories. In a world of apps and online dating, it is important to remember love can be found when you least expect it.


Author Links

Blog/Website  |   Facebook  |   Twitter

Instagram  |   Newsletter Sign-up



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The prized possession you value above all others…

Probably my teddy bear from when I was born. He’s getting on a bit now (aren’t we all) so he lives in a dustbag in my wardrobe to save his fur. But I know he’s there and that’s all that matters.

The unqualified regret you wish you could amend…

That I didn’t push myself into fiction sooner. I let life and sensible decisions get in the way of what I truly love. It is so exciting to be able to create new worlds and characters and for people to read about them.

The film you can watch time and time again…

I am a total Star Wars nerd. Have been ever since I was six years old, and Dad took me to see The Empire Strikes Back. If it has jedis and blasters in it, I’m on board.

The happiest moment you will cherish forever…

I’m not sure if it’s the happiest but being at Glastonbury on a sunny afternoon watching Dolly Parton with 100,000 other people was pretty special. I also had a pint of vodka and coke in my hand, so I was very happy indeed.

Your early recollections of writing fiction…

 Before I could even write I would dictate stories to my great aunt. They were about a superhero loosely based on Wonder Woman. I’ve no idea what terrible foes she faced. Maybe she will make a comeback one day.

The way you would spend your fantasy twenty-four hours, with no travel restrictions…

Wow. Big question. Okay I’d wake up in Africa. I went to South Africa a few years ago and being in the game reserves was magical. So, let’s breakfast there.

For lunch and a bit of shopping, it can only be New York, can’t it?

In the evening, I love a sunset and Ibiza hits the spot. Watching the sun go down in a lovely restaurant was a wonderful experience indeed.

The figure from history you would most like to buy a pie and a pint…

Mark Ashton. The movie Pride portrayed his story. Unfortunately, he passed away from an AIDS related illness when he was twenty-seven. I’d love to be able to tell him that his legacy lives on.

The piece of wisdom you would pass onto a child…

Find what puts fire in your belly then work really hard for it. Writing is that for me. I am not a full-time writer, but I can’t not write.

The character you enjoyed writing the most…

I have a soft spot for Marco Ponti in my new trilogy, Two Tribes. He’s not even a main character. He is integral to the story though. I enjoy him being caught up in a situation and to think how he would react. He’s a bad boy with a heart of gold. Who doesn’t love that?

The character you found difficult to write…

A forthcoming Queens Crescent story, Public Affair, I found it hard to get the dynamic between the main characters. I had to write the whole first draft before I’d fully got it. Then I went back and made sure the story reflected it.

The book you enjoyed planning/writing the most…

Two Tribes definitely. All my other stories have been standalone with overlaps. Whilst each book in Two Tribes is its own self-contained story, there is an overarching war that had to be plotted just as carefully. It was great fun.

And the promo…

For 2023 I have two series. Two Tribes is set in gangland Manchester, England. A vicious turf war kicks off. Liam Moseley and his brother, Shaun find themselves caught up in it. Their stories are very different but dependent on winning this war. It takes a face from the past with his own axe to grind to bring the story to its conclusion.

My other series is completely different. Queens Crescent is London’s most exclusive postcode. Each house in this billionaire’s row has a story to tell. Christmas at Queens Crescent and Pole Position are out now. More incoming.

Thank you.


Dancing in the Blue Room by J.R. Sargent #giveaway


Book Title: Dancing in the Blue Room

Author and Publisher: J.R. Sargent

Cover Artist: Kevin Rylands

Release Date: May 23, 2023

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Forbidden love 

Heat Rating: 2 flames

Length:  60 000 words/ 264 pages

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK 


A humorous, heartfelt, and tragic story, navigating the unrelenting friendship between two teenage boys coming of age in the rural south.



A fifteen-year-old Kentucky boy nicknamed “Rabbit” must keep a secret. If mama finds out she is gonna kill him.

Dancing in the Blue Room, written in dual timelines by J.R. Sargent, embraces the unrelenting friendship between two teenage boys nicknamed Shorty and Rabbit. Set in rural Kentucky during the fabulous fifties, but not so fabulous for gay people, this heartfelt humorous and tragic story is personified by the allure of hot rod cars, jitterbug dancing, daredevil flying, and teenage sex. Navigating the boys’ journey through the coming-of-age years will stir the embers of baby boomers and enlighten generation Z to the carefree innocent times of bobby socks and rock and roll.



The bus was already there. I found a place about halfway back with nobody close, so I took it. I was wantin’ to sit next to the window and look outside and think a little. Think about Gail and how pretty she was and if she was really going to show up and what we were going to do. And spending time with Clay and maybe taking a ride in his 1935 Ford. I loved the rumble seat and the sound of that V8 engine when he shifted gears and tried to burn rubber. Then I wondered what he was going to think about me really getting serious with Gail. He and I had made plans about learning to fly, and he knew all about airplanes— at least more than I did. I had always dreamed about learning to fly. He seemed to know about almost everything and how to build everything and fix everything, and we both liked the same things. I didn’t want to mess that up.


About the Author

Born in Kentucky, this is a debut novel for the author. In 2015, he produced, directed, and scripted a film that was accepted into the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival. He has lived in Los Angeles, taken writing classes, attended UCLA film school and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Currently he is researching a second novel.



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Don’t Date A DILF by DJ Jamison #kindleunlimited #giveaway


Book Title: Don’t Date A DILF (Rules We Break, Book 1)

Author: DJ Jamison

Publisher: Must Love Books LLC

Cover Artist: Morningstar Ashley

Release Date: May 25, 2023

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Single dad, teacher/parent, fake dating, small town

Themes: Small town life, family, starting over, bi/pan awakening

Heat Rating: 5 flames

Length:  95 000 words

This is Book 1 in a new series. It does not end on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Universal Link  |  Amazon US  |   Amazon UK 




I have one rule to live by: Don’t Date a DILF.

I’ve seen the consequences of blurring the boundaries between teaching and dating, and I am not about to take that kind of risk.

But I didn’t count on Hunter Rhodes walking into my school. Never expected that the broad-shouldered, stubble-jawed, absolute glory of a man would be such a sweet and caring father. Or that as a seemingly straight man, he might decide he wants me.

If my Nana has her way…I’ll be in love with someone by the end of the school year, but there’s only one man who tempts me.

With her matchmaking becoming overwhelming and half the single women in Granville setting their sights on Hunter, we’re both feeling the pressure. Faking a relationship could get everyone off our backs.

It seems like fun and games for Hunter, but separating pretend feelings from real won’t be so simple for me. And then there’s that rule…

Can I date a DILF without disaster—or will all my fears come true?

Don’t Date a DILF is Book 1 of Rules We Break, a spin-off series from Games We Play, set in the small, quirky town of Granville, where nosy residents meddle in one another’s lives, great friendships are made, and silly innuendos are a way of life.



Clark’s voice filtered in from the hallway.

“Nana, for the last time, I was trying… Yeah, well, maybe I should run all your proposed dates through my friends first if you think Percy Helix was a good choice!”

I smirked at his sass, then had to muffle a laugh when he followed it up with, “No, I’m not being sassy. I’m sorry, Nana.”

Fuck, that was adorable.

Clark was a grown man who had his shit together far more than I ever would, and yet here he was, getting scolded by his grandmother. There was something so sweet and wholesome about that.

He glanced toward the classroom and caught sight of me through the doorway. He held up one finger, in the universal sign to wait a minute.

“We can talk more later, Nana. I have a parent here for a meeting, okay? But I really don’t think another setup is a good idea… Because I don’t. Because it’s uncomfortable!” He groaned theatrically. “Yes, okay, we’ll talk later.”

He lowered the phone and turned toward me.

I winced. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.”

He shrugged. “Well, you were at the pub, so…not like you didn’t know already.”

“Your nana feels pretty strongly about setting you up with a date, huh?”


“My mother hassles me every time we talk too,” I said.

“Must be something in the water,” Clark said with a pout.

Still adorable.

“Yeah, I actually lost my cool at work. Yelled at Tucker about how everyone in this town wants me to date. You know what we should do?”


“Go on a date together.” I laughed. “That would shut everyone up.”

Clark’s eyes widened. “I think it would do the opposite.”

“You know what I mean though. Can’t set up a couple of guys who are already dating.” I wiggled my eyebrows. “Genius, right?”


About the Author

DJ Jamison writes romances about everyday life and extraordinary love featuring a variety of queer characters, from gay to bisexual to asexual. DJ grew up in the Midwest in a working-class family, and those influences can be found in her writing through characters coping with real-life problems: money troubles, workplace drama, family conflicts and, of course, falling in love. DJ spent more than a decade in the newspaper industry before chasing her first dream to write fiction. She spent a lifetime reading before that and continues to avidly devour her fellow authors’ books each night. She lives in Kansas with her husband, two sons, one snake, and a sadistic cat named Birdie.


Social Media Links

Blog/Website  |  Facebook  |  Facebook Group  |   Twitter

Instagram  |   Newsletter Sign-up  |   KoFi for bonus content  |  BookBub




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Cover Reveal – Love on Page Six by Claerie Kavanaugh  


Book Title: Love on Page Six (Entertaining Love, book 2)

Author: Claerie Kavanaugh 

Cover Artist: Cath Grace Designs 

Release Date: June 26, 2023

Genres: Sapphic Contemporary Romance 

Tropesactor /performer, Celebrity/Socialite/Model, Hollywood, movie set, Friends to Lovers

ThemesAgainst All Odds, Character w/ Disability, Coming Out, Femme / Femme

Interracial / Multicultural Relationship, Slow Burn

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 60 000 words/ 240 pages

It is a standalone book and does not end on a cliffhanger.



Pre-Order Buy Links

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An actress with a secret, a journalist with a dream, and forbidden love that could change everything.


Desperate to save her family’s dying magazine, love is the last thing on 26-year-old Daphne Fernandez’s mind when she agrees to go undercover as a makeup artist to scoop a juicy story on the city’s most popular telenovela star. But a spur-of-the-moment kiss makes it more complicated. A cheating boyfriend might not be Bombshell Bridget’s only secret.

Bridget Blake has only ever wanted one thing in her life: to be herself. But her overbearing momanger insists showing the world who she really is would mean the death of her blossoming career. So when the new makeup artist fights her way under Bridget’s perfectly moisturized, paparazzi-proof skin, it’s everything she can do to keep the façade in place. Until one spontaneous kiss turns her world upside down. With Daphne, Bridget is the brave, fun-loving, take-no-prisoners girl she’s always wanted to be. But embracing her new self may mean leaving behind everything she’s ever worked for. Is love really worth it?

Book two in the standalone sapphic celebrity romance series Entertaining Love.



The Meet Cute 

A movement catches my attention as I hesitantly reach for a shimmering eyeshadow palette young woman with black curly hair and gold-rimmed glasses browses the store with ease. Her hands expertly select items from the shelves as she navigates the space in her manual wheelchair. 

She looks up a second later, and her brown eyes meet mine with a flicker of recognition. She freezes, pursing her lips before finally rolling towards me with a warm smile.

“Hi there.” Her voice is soft and melodic with a hint of a Hispanic accent.. “Welcome to the Mystic Beauty. I couldn’t help but notice you look a bit lost. Can I help you find something?”

I adopt an affected Southern drawl. The last thing I need is for my stupidity about something as simple as make-up to be splattered all over the tabloids. “I, um, I’m just looking for some makeup…” Well, duh. I mentally facepalm myself. Why else would I be here? I pluck one from a nearby display and hold it up with an exaggerated flourish. “Clearly, I’m a bit lost.” 

“Of course!” she replies, wheeling next to me and holding out her free hand. “I’m Daphne.”

“Nice to meet you, Daphne,” I say. “I’m… Sarah.”

“Sarah” is the first name that comes to mind, and I hope it’s generic enough not to invite suspicion. Daphne’s hand is warm and steady as she shakes mine, and I can’t help but be grateful for her genuine kindness.

“Alright, Sarah,” she says, releasing my hand and gesturing toward a display of eyeshadow palettes. “Let’s find you something that suits your style.”

As we navigate the aisles, Daphne explains different products and techniques easily. After a few minutes, I no longer feel like an idiot for asking one too many questions I should definitely already know the answer to after so many years in the film industry. But rather someone just trying to take the time to learn a new trade. The longer we wander through the aisles, the more. I find myself becoming intrigued by this mysterious woman who clearly has a passion for her craft.

“Can I ask about your makeup?” I ask, admiring the delicate lines of gold and silver that frame her brown eyes. “It’s stunning.”

“Thank you,” A blush colors her cheeks and I bite back a smile of my own. She’s cute when she’s flustered. “I’m an aspiring special effects makeup artist. I love playing with different styles and trying new things.”

“Wow,” I exhale softly. “That’s really amazing.” It’s not just her skill that impresses me, but the genuine joy in her expression. Just saying the word seems to light up the room, and I can’t help craving more of it from her. As we continue our conversation, I slowly lower my sunglasses, allowing Daphne to see my green eyes.

“By the way, if you ever need any help or advice in the future, feel free to reach out to me,” She hands me a small business card with her contact information. “You seem like someone who could use a friend.”

I take the card with a grateful smile.

“I may just have to take you up on that.” I wink, and we share a laugh. My heart skips a bit, and my chest as a blush pinkens her cheeks.

“Great!” Daphne smiles warmly as she expertly navigates her wheelchair down the aisles, pointing out more products and explaining their uses. I listen intently, absorbing every word like a sponge. “Primer is important for long-lasting makeup,” she explains, handing me a small tube to examine. “And don’t forget about setting powder!”

“Good to know,” I muse, turning the tub between my fingers. “You know my makeup artist was recently fired,” I confess quietly, glancing around and relieved to find out the store is mostly empty. “It’s been really frustrating trying to find someone new who understands my style.”

Daphne’s features soften with sympathy. “I’m sorry to hear that. What kind of look were you going for?”

I hesitate, dipping my head down and running my hands along my arms. “I’m… honestly not sure. I don’t know as much about makeup as I probably should.” 

Her eyes light up, and she squeezes my hand. That’s OK. We can figure it out together. I actually have some ideas if you’re interested.”

“Really?” My heart flutters with anticipation. “I would love that.”

As we continue to explore the store, Daphne’s passion and creativity spark my own. I can’t help but feel drawn to her, her talent and kindness shining through with every word. The longer we talk, the more amazed I am that this woman barely knows me has already offered me more understanding and support than most people in my life.

“Thank you, Daphne,” I murmur, briefly taking her hand in mine. “You have no idea how much this means to me.”

“Of course.” As we stand between shelves of sparkling eyeshadows and vibrant lipsticks, I watch Daphne’s deft fingers pluck an iridescent shade from its perch. The glittering powder dusts her fingertips as she swipes it gently across my hand, creating a shimmering arc of color. “This would look amazing on you,” she says, grinning. “It’ll bring out the green in your eyes.”

“Wow, that’s beautiful,” I breathe, captivated by the way the light dances across the tiny flecks of pigment. “Do you really think I could pull it off?”

Daphne smiles bashfully and flicks her hand through the air. I’m sure you could pull anything off.” She laughs, and I can’t help but feel a flutter in my chest. The way her eyes crinkle at the corners and her lips curve into a smile… it’s all so enticing. 

For the rest of the afternoon, Daphne guides me through the store, picking out different shades and colors for me to try on. 

Daphne’s face lights up as we pause by a display of elaborate prosthetics. “I love special effects makeup,” she confesses as she gently fingers one of the masks. “It’s such a powerful way to transform someone and tell a story.”

“Really? Did you study it?”

Daphne nods, but her smile dims. “I did, but finding work has been difficult, especially because of my disability. Some people just can’t see past the wheelchair.”

A pulse of anger flares through me, but I stamp it down. This woman is a stranger. I remind myself. Still, I hate how judgmental people can be. “I’m sorry, Daphne. That’s so unfair.” 

“Thank you.” Her brown eyes meet mine and my throat dries up. “But I won’t let it stop me. I know what I’m capable of, and someday, the right opportunity will come along.”

Her determination and resilience never cease to amaze me. Nodding I plant my hands on my hips. “I know it will.” Suddenly, an idea takes root in my mind. A bold, daring idea that could change both our lives. “Daphne,” I begin, my voice wavering with nerves. “I have a proposition for you.”

She tips her head to the side and I grin. 

“Would you consider being my personal makeup artist?” The words tumble out before I can second-guess myself. “I know it’s not special effects, but I think together, we could create something amazing.”

The faint scent of lavender fills my nostrils as I watch Daphne’s eyes dart back and forth. Her fingers tap the armrest of her wheelchair, betraying her uncertainty.

“I… I don’t know, Bridget,” she hedges, looking down at her lap. “I’m so honored, but… I can’t I just started down at the warehouse and I can’t just abandon my crew.”

Oh. My heart sinks. “Of course. But if you change your mind…”

“Gracias.” Daphne smiles weakly, the gold rims of her glasses catching the store’s fluorescent lights. 

“De nada,” I murmur softly, warmth blossoming in my chest. 

“Now, let’s get back to finding the perfect makeup for you, shall we?”

The corners of her mouth lift into a genuine smile, and I watch as her hands deftly select products, her fingers moving with practiced ease despite the tremors that sometimes betray her. Her passion for her craft is evident in every gesture, and it only strengthens my belief that she’s the perfect person for the job.

“Thank you, Daphne, “I say as she bags up all my purchases a few minutes later. 

She smiles, and my pulse speeds up again. “You’re welcome, Sarah. I’m just glad I could help.” She folds the last of my purchases into the bag and hands it over to me with a nod.

Daphne’s cheeks flame scarlet as I scrawl my number on her hand. “Here,” I say, trying not to let my embarrassment show. “If you ever change your mind, feel free to call or text any time.”

Her gaze flits between the numbers and me. Finally, she gives a small nod and murmurs her thanks. As I back away, feeling oddly proud of myself for taking such a risk, Daphne watches me go with an intensity that leaves me slightly breathless.


About the Author 

Claerie Kavanaugh has spent most of her life telling stories, but she never imagined herself writing romance. In fact, she used to think it should only be reserved for Hallmark movies. It wasn’t until college, when she discovered fanfiction, that she learned what romance was truly about: not just fluffy relationships and happily-ever-afters, but human connection, the desire to push one another to be better, and create hope that somewhere, somehow, everyone has someone.

When she’s not writing, she loves to travel and explore new cultures, helping other authors polish their works as a freelance editor, and singing while doing so. Broadway musicals are her soul-food, something her mother and sister know well. She constantly blasts the newest soundtrack through the halls of their Missouri home, much to the chagrin of her very sassy and spoiled cat.


Social Media Links

Blog/Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Newsletter Sign-up


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House Full of Twinks by Carter Carson


Book Title: House Full of Twinks

Author: Carter Carson

Publisher: USA Indie Press

Release Date: April 19, 2023

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance, Erotica

Tropes: Friends to lovers

Themes: Twink lovers

Heat Rating:  5 flames  

Length: 76 pages

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger


Buy Links

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Sometimes love leads to sex and sometimes sex leads to love.



From the hottest new voice in gay erotica, Carter Carson.

Jon grew up in a small town in the foothills of South Carolina. He knew what he was at 14 years old, but also knew his small town and his mom would never accept the real Jon. His best friend in school was a girl who had a brother two years older that he thought was cute. But, the social structure of high school meant they rarely spoke to each other. That all changed one summer when Jon turned 20.

When his best friend’s brother, Jake, called home after moving to Myrtle Beach, she told him Jon was having trouble getting a job. Jon said he could get him on where he worked and offered to come get him. His sister didn’t know Jake worked at a nightclub in Myrtle Beach that was the hottest gay hangout with scantily clad go-go boys and that all the dancers lived in an enormous beach house with all expenses paid for by the owner of the club. Within days of moving in, Jon was in sensory overload in a house filled with hot guys. He would also begin to fall hard for his best friend’s brother and they would share some incredible nights. Would they last?

Here is Carter’s best book yet, filled with suspense, erotic scenes and more.



2 – Myrtle Beach, Here I Come

Considering I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I can’t believe how excited I was for Thursday to hurry up and get here. When it did, I was packed and ready to go. My mom wasn’t wild about the idea, especially since I wouldn’t tell her any details about the job I was getting. Plus, she knew who was coming to get me and worried I was just being told I was getting a good job so he could get in my pants.

Jake finally arrived about 3:30 in the afternoon. When I opened the door, it took me a minute to speak. I didn’t remember him being so damn cute. On top of that, he had a nice tan and had died his hair blonde. With his almost hypnotic blue eyes, he looked like somebody out of a twink porn movie. He was also in really good physical shape, a lot better than he was when he lived here. With the tight T-shirt he was wearing, I could see his six-pack and nice smooth chest.

After Jake spoke briefly to my mom, whom we both could tell wasn’t interested in talking to him much, we packed up his car. As we

were about to leave, my mom asked him, “You’re not taking Jon down there and get him into some drug thing that’s dangerous, are you?”

“No, ma’am,” Jake said. “I’d never do anything to put Jon in danger. He’s my sister’s best friend.”

My mom had no response. I went over and gave her a hug and told her I’d call when we got to Myrtle Beach. Within a minute, we were on the road for the three-hour drive. On the way down, he started telling me stories about what it was like in the beach house. He called it “a house full of twinks.”

I just hoped it was as great as he claimed. I don’t want to give too much away, but it was going to be even better than I could fantasize, at least for a while.


About the Author

Carter Carson lives in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where he enjoys watching British crime dramas and writing about his fantasies.

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The Yakuza Path: Prelude to Decay by Amy Tasukada


Book Title: The Yakuza Path: Prelude to Decay

Author: Amy Tasukada

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

Release Date: Newsletter Serial –  The first chapter goes out to subscribers on June 1

Genres: Thriller, gay romance, suspense

Tropes: organized crime, boss/ secretary, angst

Themes: relationships are hard, thriller, mystery, suspense

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: To be determined

It is a standalone story, but it is best enjoyed as part of the series

It does not end on a cliffhanger.

FREE monthly Serial of Amy’s latest book.

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A dead prostitute. A mysterious meeting. And a retiring cop set on righting past wrongs…


Kyoto mafia don Nao Murata is enjoying a quiet reign. Now that his boyfriend, Aki Hisona, has a clean bill of health, they can finally have some much-needed intimate time. If only a persistent detective wasn’t about to throw a wrench in those plans.

Aki’s ready to fully consummate their relationship, but Nao doesn’t appreciate his scandalous flirting in the office. Being left alone to deal with one of Nao’s top men, Aki ends up learning about a secret that puts a crack in Nao’s control.

Amidst worries about whether they’re as compatible between the sheets as they are on the streets, Nao and Aki are forced to work with the police to cement Nao’s reign. As the secret begins to unravel, they’re pulled deeper into a treacherous game of cat and mouse.

Now it’s no longer just their love life they have to fight for…

Prelude to Decay is the seventh book of The Yakuza Path thriller series. If you enjoy gripping suspense, authentic Japanese traditions, and a healthy dose of gay drama, then you’ll devour Amy Tasukada’s latest instalment.


About the Author 

International best-selling author Amy Tasukada writes thrilling times of crime, love, and gore. Readers who crave diverse characters, unique settings, and edge-of-your-seat action will devour her Yakuza Path series. Readers who seek less blood and more love will swoon over the Yakuza Path Romance and Would it Be Okay to Love You? Series. Amy is an atheist, queer author who enjoys drinking tea, Japanese street fashion and visual kei music.  Her calico cat, O’Hara, is never far from her side. Amy lives in North Texas, but is always planning her next trip to Japan.


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Separate Development by David Blyth #kindleunlimited #giveaway


Book Title: Separate Development 

Author and Publisher: David Blyth

Release Date: May 1, 2023

Genre: Contemporary LGBT Fiction/Literary Fiction

Tropes: An Intercontinental Love Story

Themes: LGBT, Bisexual, Interracial, South African, Apartheid, Medical (Doctor)

Heat Rating: 2-3 flames

Length: 120 000 words/420 pages

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK 


An intercontinental love story 


Author’s note:

Separate Development is a work of fiction inspired by real events. Many names, places and timelines have been altered to provide anonymity to third parties. Character names do not reflect anyone, living or deceased, whom I have ever known. However, I would like to thank the real-life members of the family portrayed in this book for being part of my life, and for their understanding and acceptance. I recognise that their memories of the events described in the novel may be different from my own. There was never any intention to misrepresent anyone; in fact, I am honoured to have known them.



At twenty-five, recently qualified Dr Jonathan Conner leaves his comfortable life and love in London, taking up a charitable post during the last months of South Africa’s apartheid system. Weeks from a planned visit by his long-standing girlfriend, he falls in love with a young African man in the northern homeland of Venda.

Their passionate, heart-rending love story unfolds against the backdrop of conflict between social tolerances that lag behind political freedoms.
Returning to England after eight years, he’s forced to confront the consequences of his decisions for those left behind in two very different worlds.

Through this story of love’s endurance beyond society’s acceptance and geographical separation, can the enduring power of the human heart overcome adversity?



The stark beauty of Venda’s voluptuous landscape could have replaced many an artist’s requirement for naked models of either sex. Rounded hills, writhing between cleaved valleys, yearned for lustful hands to caress their contours in pleasurable embraces. Admittedly, on that solemn day, it was not a mental image to dwell on. But I was to make the journey more than once.

The last twenty miles were dirt, dust dry, following the undulating curvature of parched hillsides. Rain was a distant memory, the last breath of summer’s bounty, yet portions of verdant green interspersed the struggling rampant growth of a forgotten season. Soon the skies would fill again with heat born clouds, storage towers of sustenance, destined to release daily torrents. Today, the brightest greens picked out pockets of humanity, cultivated patches and plots, tall stands of maize, fringed with bananas and peppered with papayas. Water was available for those who worked hard enough to find it, and the rich African soil rewarded those who took the trouble. These oases were increasing in frequency, many still surrounded by round, thatched, mud-wall huts or rondavels, some supplemented by larger rectangular versions, roofs still often traditional but occasionally replaced by bright or rusty zinc. Tracks worn by years of footfall fed the settlements. Vehicular access was rare, but where it existed, the residences built of brick, though often rendered: similar modern bungalows to mine.

As the frequency of dwellings increased, so did the appearance of structures clearly having other functions. Eventually we reached a broad flat plane. Gone were the patches of green, and in their place, the straggling thorn bushes — which conquered any area where humanity didn’t — had grown to tall spreading trees; all were bare of leaf, yet in the seasons of rain, broad panoplies of shade would provide protection from Capricorn’s sun. The space, ringed with buildings of a relatively modern construction, had occasional notices of printed or hand painted letters attached. Enclosing one side of the quadrangle stood a long dormitory style block of rough plastered walls, patched and peeling paint representing the faded choices of many years, or perhaps revealing the use of colours kindly donated at the time. Windows, placed only a few inches below the rusty corrugated overhang of the roof, in some sections without frame or glass, allowed light yet probably deterred its occupants from external distraction. Three well-worn steps led to broad double doors, also reflecting the indecision or availability of bygone supplies of colour. Only the signage appeared to have received regular maintenance. Bold black lettering, written with skilled hands on a fresh blue base, told me Sarah’s directions had led me to park in front of Ha-nthabalala Secondary School, Established 1972. Headmaster: Mr Joseph Ramanala. The name had a slightly deeper blue background, suggesting it represented the most recent promotion to the post.


About the Author 

David Blyth was born in Staffordshire, in the UK. He graduated from Nottingham and Wolverhampton Universities with a BSC.hon and a PGCE. He lived for many years in South Africa, where he witnessed the political and social transformation during and after apartheid.

His interests, apart from writing, include anything that helps him to stay relatively sane.

Separate Development, which is in fact, his second novel, was written at his home in the English Midlands. It is due to be published in the spring of 2023.

His first novel, The Scars of Life, was written during a two-year overland exploration of southern, central and east Africa. Much was achieved sitting under the shade of a huge mango tree on the shores of Lake Malawi, always with a beer near at hand. It will be published during the summer of 2023.


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Serafino da Ferrara by Paolo G. Grossi


Book Title: Serafino da Ferrara

Author: Paolo G. Grossi

Publisher: The Conrad Press

Cover Artist: Charlotte Mouncey – Bookstyle

Release Date: February 28, 2023

Genres: LGBTQ+ / Historical Fiction

Themes: Coming of age / Talent and Arts

Length:  79 270 words/333 pages

Heat Rating: 3 flames       

It is a standalone book and does not end on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links

Available at Amazon, Waterstones,

The Conrad Press and all major retailers.

Universal Link  |  Amazon US  |  Amazon UK




Ferrara, 1505 AD.

Talented Serafino is apprenticed to Mastro Filargiro, one of the city’s leading artists. 

Serafino finds love, but his mastery takes him on a perilous journey across Italy’s feuding city-states, unaware that his virtuosity is a threat to the pre-eminence of the hitherto unchallenged masters of the Renaissance.

His life must take a dramatic new turn in the hope of escaping their enmity.


Washington DC, 2008.

Parker’s first year at Georgetown High is coming to an end.

His father is appointed Consul General in Florence. Parker enthusiastically embraces his new life and befriends handsome Beppe.

But almost everyone around him has been keeping secrets. And the fifteenth-century palazzo where his family now lives unexpectedly reveals its long-buried mysteries. 


Separated by five hundred years, yet united by their talent, Serafino and Parker embark on similar journeys of discovery while fellow artists, assassins, princes and envious classmates rage and scheme around them.



He hears the final bell. The school erupts, classroom doors slam open barely holding on to their hinges, the metallic noise of lockers being opened and shut again is deafening.

Summer break is here. A torrent of students regurgitates into the street causing an almighty traffic jam. SUVs with mothers or nannies at the wheel vie for space, right of way, and ultimately a not-too-subtle parade of the best four wheels in Georgetown.

This is no cheap suburbia, most of their husbands or employers are toiling at some desk or chairing important meetings at Foggy Bottom, on Capitol Hill or the White House. Most often all three.

Parker walks out of the front door with his hands in the tight pockets of his slacks and his rucksack on his shoulders. A few hugs with the girls and some high-fives with fellow boys ensue. His older brother is already waiting at the bike stand. When he gets there the high-five is followed by a manly hug.

‘Dude, summer break and birthday tomorrow. Lucky little bro.’

‘Bet you know what the old folks have got me.’

‘Sure I do.’

They start cycling. When Parker reached the age of fourteen, their parents went out and bought a cheap bike for his growing frame. The Hendersons’ pristine drive sports the standard two SUVs parked neatly by each other, yet their mother wasn’t fond of school runs. In their opinion he was still a bit too young to cycle all the way to school by himself but the city had finally built some decent bike lanes and Tommy was now seventeen so they made them promise to stick together on the journey.

Tommy, who finds cycling by himself rather dull – he’s not much of a loner, any activity has to involve other people – had gone out of his way to promise to look out for his little brother at traffic junctions.

They had also promised never to set off without their helmets, though Tommy had swiftly pointed out to Parker that “setting off” with them was not the same as “wearing them”. Parker, the more academic of the pair, had found the distinction clever though he had laughed while retorting that it was still cheating.

So when they are a couple of blocks away from home they stop, unlock their helmets from their rucksacks’ straps and don them before reaching the driveway. A few times Parker had remarked that one day they might get caught by their mother driving by.

He walks to the garage door to open it but he’s shouted down by Tommy who parades himself in front of it.

‘Off-limits until tomorrow, bro.’

A smiling Parker leaves his bike with his brother and heads for the kitchen door. Tommy has just narrowed down his guesses for his present. One doesn’t need a garage to hide a watch or a pair of trainers.

To his surprise he finds them both at home, sat at the kitchen table with two mugs of coffee in their hands. After kissing his mother on the cheek (Tommy is starting to cringe at that, but Parker still likes it. Tomorrow’s birthday might change that), he meets his father’s closed fist with his; they have gradually stopped hugging.

‘Why are you home?’ Parker’s face frowns in suspicion. ‘You’ve got the day off tomorrow, haven’t you, Dad?’

‘‘No worries. All free tomorrow. Left office early, not much to do at the moment. There might be a few changes in my career; new President, new direction.’


About the Author

Paolo G. Grossi was born and raised in Milan. Thirty years ago he spent a weekend in London and decided to stay. Like most Italians, opera and the visual arts are his main passions. When not writing, you will surely find him attending a performance, visiting a museum and, of course, spending some time cycling in Berlin or around the Wannsee. He lives in London with his partner David. 

Also by Paolo G. Grossi: The Tiergarten Tales

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I Promise You Pain by Bart Baker


Book Title: I Promise You Pain (The Cordon Finn Vengeance Series, Book One)

Author: Bart Baker

Publisher: Big Muddy Books

Release Date: May 11, 2023

Genre: Dark Action

Tropes: Damaged hero, surprising sidekick, duplicitous villain

Themes: Finding One’s True Self, Fighting for Who You Are, Coming Out, Found Family

Heat Rating:  3 flames

Length:  67 345 words/203 pages  

It is the first book in a series and does not end on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK  |   B&N  |  Kobo


When the only course of action is revenge, only the most damaged man is capable of maximum destruction.



Hired by a Chicago billionaire to pluck his runaway son from the Palm Springs compound of a wealthy pedophile, former military extraction and information specialist, Cordon Finn, believes it will be a simple snatch and go job with a big payday. But after grabbing the kid at a Pride Week party, Cordon discovers that nothing is as it seems. His quarry isn’t underage, and isn’t the billionaire’s son, but rather his trans-daughter who goes by the name of Lucious. And her father wants Lucious dead, putting Cordon, who is dealing with his own sexual identity, in the crosshairs as well. After fighting off a cadre of assassins, Cordon vows to keep Lucious alive. But when the billionaire kidnaps Cordon’s girlfriend and comes after his family and friends, Cordon takes the fight back to the billionaire’s door. With the surprising help of Lucious, as well as his sister, Annie, Cordon battles the billionaire’s small army, until he’s face-to-face with the billionaire. And in this battle, there will be only one man left standing, the one who is capable of maximum destruction.



Arriving at his car, Cordon puts down the top and tosses his bag in before opening the door to climb in, when he hears, “We’re even,” from behind him.

Turning, he finds the young guy, smiling cheekily, standing behind him. 

“Even?” Cordon asks, unsure.

“You enjoyed the show I put on for you inside, I enjoyed the show you put on for me as you sashayed across the parking lot,” the kid says.

“I don’t sashay. And I didn’t take off my shirt for you.” 

The kid giggles, rolling his eyes dramatically as he says, “Liar. That’s the only reason you took off your shirt. Hoping I’d notice and come running up to you.”

“And here you are.”

The kid’s face squishes up like he’s eaten rotten lemons. 

“I’m a sucker for a muscle daddy. And you certainly got size. Hopefully, in the places I can’t see.”

“How old are you?” Cordon asks, ignoring the kid’s comment.


“Now who’s the liar?” 

The kid smirks mischievously, hand on hip. “Nineteen. Five-ten. Twenty-eight-inch waist. My name is Gio. Want to know my cock size?”

Cordon doesn’t answer, which causes Gio to grin mischievously.

“Come on, I saw you looking at it. Though I imagine being a giant, yours is bigger. But for my frame, mine is super-sized,” he laughs.

“This bullshit work?”

“Work how?”

“On other guys. Talking about your dick like it’s a 78-inch flat screen.”

“Just the ones who I think are interested,” Gio laughs, then suddenly gets more direct as he adds, “or have the money to pay.”

Cordon nods, understanding more clearly Gio’s game. “Which one do you think I am?” Cordon asks.

“You’re driving a really nice car, so you got the money. But I don’t think you have to pay men to have sex with you, unless you do it for the control, or you’re married, which I wouldn’t doubt, and you hope money will keep your trick’s mouth shut. Either way, I know you’re interested. I always know.”

“You party up at Lansing’s?” Cordon asks, tiring of the conversation. 

Again, Gio’s smile fades, his head turning slightly as if looking at the Cordon from a different angle might jog his memory. “Did we meet up there?” Gio asks more of himself than Cordon. “No. I’d remember. Lansing would never invite a guy like you. All his little boys would flit around you like butterflies to bougainvillea, and he doesn’t allow anyone to steal his thunder. You a cop?”


“You know if I ask, you have to tell me,” Gio inserts.

“That’s bullshit. But I’m not.”

Gio takes Cordon in silently for a moment. And even though he knows he shouldn’t say too much to the statuesque man he doesn’t know, Gio is not adept at shutting up, even when it’s in his best interest. 

“Sure, I party up at Lansing’s. Never lived there, though. Those guys think Lansing’s the answer to their prayers. Please. He has a revolving bedroom door with guys going in all young, dewy-eyed, and hopeful, and coming out all used up and sad. The man’s an emotional vampire. Sucks the life out of everybody. They all think that he’s going to help make them a star, or they’ll meet some other old queen through Lansing that will. And they all end up going back home, broke, hungry, and completely jaded, or they end up selling it to pay the rent. Hell, even when you’re up there, all that’s there are other fairies just like them or some dried-up, old, coke addict trying to get his Viagra dick up your ass. Don’t know anybody Lansing’s actually helped. Ever.”

“You don’t hold back, do you?” 

“Just so I know who just insulted me, what’s your name?”


“Cordon from where?”


“You’re a long way from home, aren’t you, Dorothy? Are you here for Pride Week? I mean, I don’t get that vibe from you, that you’re down here to party with the boys. But you could be one of those sad, married men who told your wife back in Chicago that you’re going on a golfing trip or a hunting trip or something equally lame. And you’re here because you really like dick but you’re Catholic or worse, Evangelical, like my parents, and your guilt is off the charts because you married some pretty blonde, church-going girl, you have two kids, but all you think about when you’re fucking her is guys like me.” 

“You hungry?” Cordon asks, ignoring Gio’s smart-ass comment. 

“If you’re paying and I get to pick the restaurant,” Gio quickly tacks on.

Cordon lets a half-smile slip on his lip at Gio’s young, alpha nonsense. 

“Get in,” Cordon says.


About the Author  

Mr. Baker has written seven novels, including WHAT REMAINS, THE VIRGIN DAIQUIRI, and THE WEDDING GIFT. The film rights to his beloved novel, HONEYMOON WITH HARRY, were purchased by New Line Cinema. The book also spawned two sequels, A SECOND HONEYMOON WITH HARRY and THE LAST HONEYMOON WITH HARRY. Bart has also written for the theater, having eight plays produced around the world. The film rights to his play, RELAY, were purchased by Warner Bros., which led him into screenwriting. Bart has had 18 produced film and TV credits, including the feature film, LIVE WIRE, starring Pierce Brosnan, the BRIDE trilogy of films for CBS, as well as projects for CBS, ABC, FX, The Family Channel, Lifetime, The USA Network, and Hallmark among others.


Author Links

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Facebook Author Page  |  Facebook Series Page



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Audiobook – No Surrender: An MM Psychic Detective Romance Adventure by Morgan Brice


Book Title: No Surrender (Badlands 5) An MM Psychic Detective Romance Adventure

Author: Morgan Brice

Publisher: Darkwind Press

Narrator: Kale Williams

Release Date: March 21, 2023

Genre: Paranormal MM romance, MM Psychic Detective Romance Adventure

Tropes: evolving established relationship, hurt/comfort, grumpy/sunshine

Themes: letting go of the past, dealing with old guilt, forgiveness, facing tough times together, trust

Heat Rating: 5 flames 

Length: 6 hours and 14 minutes

It is a standalone story, but also part of a series. It does not end on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links

Audible US  |  Audible UK  |   Amazon US  | 


Cold cases, hot leads, a psychic psychopath, a copycat killer, cursed objects, the trial of the century—and wedding plans.



Cold cases, hot leads, a psychic psychopath, a copycat killer, cursed objects, the trial of the century—and wedding plans.

Psychic medium Simon Kincaide and sexy homicide detective Vic D’Amato met hunting a supernatural serial killer. Since then, Simon has become a police consultant on cases involving the paranormal, and Vic has gotten over his doubts about Simon’s abilities being real. Along the way, they fell in love and got engaged. But it seems like the danger never ends.

Now, the first case Simon and Vic worked together comes back to haunt them as the killer goes to court and all hell breaks loose. The killer has a crazy fan setting curses on key players in the upcoming trial. Ghosts from an old cold case suggest that someone got away with murder. And a supernatural creature attracted to fear and death is using the Grand Strand as its feeding ground. Simon and Vic feel like they’re waging a war on all fronts, but with the stakes so high, there can be No Surrender!


About the Author

Morgan Brice is the romance pen name of bestselling author Gail Z. Martin. Morgan writes urban fantasy male/male paranormal romance, with plenty of action, adventure and supernatural thrills to go with the happily ever after. Gail writes epic fantasy and urban fantasy, and together with co-author hubby Larry N. Martin, steampunk and comedic horror, all of which have less romance, more explosions. Characters from her Gail books make frequent appearances in secondary roles in her Morgan books, and vice versa.

On the rare occasions Morgan isn’t writing, she’s either reading, cooking, or spoiling two very pampered dogs.

Series include Witchbane, Badlands, Treasure Trail, Kings of the Mountain and Fox Hollow. Watch for more in these series, plus new series coming soon!


Author Links

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Peacemaker by Morgan Brice #giveaway


Book Title: Peacemaker (Sharps & Springfield #1)

Author: Morgan Brice

Publisher: Darkwind Press

Cover Artist: Deranged Doctor Design

Release Date: March 25, 2023

Genre: Steampunk MM romance

Tropes:  Secret agents, co-workers to lovers, forced proximity, hurt/comfort, mistaken identity

Themes: Learning to love again, taking a chance on love

Heat Rating:  4 flames     

Length: 249 pages

It is a standalone book and the first in a new series. It does not end on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK  |  Nook  |  Kobo 


Secret agents, forbidden love, danger, and magic!



Supernatural Secret Service agents Owen Sharps and Calvin Springfield meet on the train to their new assignment in St. Louis, and sparks fly between them. But it’s 1897, and they need to be very careful—falling in love can be dangerous for men like them.

It’s their first case together, investigating mysterious disappearances—including the two agents who preceded them. Grim evidence leads them to look for a darker purpose. Old ghosts haunt the railroad line, zombie rise, signs point to ritual sacrifice, and they suspect someone is trying to open the gates of hell.

Can Calvin and Owen stop the mayhem, thwart the vampires, and find true love, or will everything go up in smoke?

Peacemaker is a high-stakes steampunk MM romance thrill ride filled with found family, paranormal Pinkertons, intrepid reporters, mysterious disappearances, nefarious land brokers, hellhounds, zombies, vengeful spirits, dark spells, absinthe magic, a ruthless vampire railroad baron and a love that won’t be denied.

Before Colt and Winchester, there was Sharps & Springfield!



September 1897

Chapter 1


Owen Sharps chuckled as he read his book on the train to St. Louis. He had been waiting to get a copy of Dracula, the sensational new book from England, and had found one in a New Pittsburgh bookstore before heading to the station.

It’s got flair, and I like how splashy Van Helsing is, but it’s obvious Stoker never fought a real vampire.

Owen had heard about the book and its growing reputation for being frightening and violent. So far nothing he’s written compares to being covered in blood in an ice-cold cemetery at midnight, hammering a stake through a vampire’s heart, and trying not to get bitten. Then again, maybe I have a skewed perspective.

“Pardon me, is this seat taken?” A drop-dead gorgeous man waited for an answer. He had raven black hair, bright blue eyes, and plush lips that filled Owen with impure thoughts. The stranger carried a suitcase and an overcoat, with a newspaper folded under his arm. Owen took one look and would have booted his granny to the cargo car to free up the seat for the man.

“It’s all yours.” Owen gave a dismissive wave, tearing his gaze away so he’d quit staring. It wouldn’t do to drool.

“I think this might be the last open seat on the train.” The man stowed his suitcase and coat, settling in across from Owen with his newspaper.

Owen couldn’t help giving him the once-over. He figured the man to be slightly shorter than his own six-foot-two inches, and from the cut of his suit jacket, he had a trim, muscular build. Owen made a mental note to be sure to get a glimpse of what was likely a prime ass when they left the train.

“Where are you headed?” Owen thought that a little conversation couldn’t hurt. He wanted to remember the man’s voice to go with his image on nights when he sought relief alone with his hand. This fellow would never know he’d been promoted to the lead in Owen’s secret fantasies. Owen particularly liked the contrast between the man’s dark hair and athletic body to his own rangy build, blond hair, fair skin, and green eyes.

“St. Louis.” The man returned Owen’s scrutiny with an assessing gaze.

Owen sat up a bit straighter, oddly wanting to make a good impression on this person he was unlikely to see again. He felt the weight of the man’s inspection, which made him wonder. Is he a cop? Private investigator? Or maybe…like me?

They were both dressed equally well in suits that were department store quality but not bespoke. The stranger’s hair was fairly short but more fashionable than military, and he was clean-shaven. Owen wondered what a hint of dark stubble might do to heighten those high cheekbones and accentuate the impossibly blue eyes, and he felt himself chub in his pants.

None of that, he admonished silently. It wouldn’t do to raise suspicion. He probably just wants to make sure I’m not the sort to steal his suitcase when he’s not looking.

“I’m headed there myself,” Owen said. “Business or pleasure?”

The man looked amused at the question but not annoyed, which boded well. “Business. You?”

Owen nodded, surprised that he wanted to continue the conversa- tion instead of returning to his book. “The same. I’ve heard the food there is good, but I doubt I’ll have time to do any exploring.” He found himself at ease with the stranger. “Will you be staying in the city, or going on from there?”

“I’ll meet with my boss, but I spend most of my time traveling,” the fellow replied. “I don’t get to stay long in any one place.”

So we have that in common too. Makes it unlikely that we might meet up again the next time I come back to St. Louis. “Me, too. I’m a bit of a rolling stone.”


About the Author

Morgan Brice is the romance pen name of bestselling author Gail Z. Martin. Morgan writes urban fantasy male/male paranormal romance, with plenty of action, adventure and supernatural thrills to go with the happily ever after. Gail writes epic fantasy and urban fantasy, and together with co-author hubby Larry N. Martin, steampunk and comedic horror, all of which have less romance, more explosions. Characters from her Gail books make frequent appearances in secondary roles in her Morgan books, and vice versa.

On the rare occasions Morgan isn’t writing, she’s either reading, cooking, or spoiling two very pampered dogs.

Series include Witchbane, Badlands, Treasure Trail, Kings of the Mountain and Fox Hollow. Watch for more in these series, plus new series coming soon!


Author Links

Website  |  Audible Profile  |  Amazon profile

Facebook Group  |   Facebook Page

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Pitch & Sickle – The Diabolus Chronicles by D K Girl #kindleunlimited


Pitch & Sickle – The Diabolus Chronicles by D K Girl

An MM Gaslamp Fantasy Series



Book Title: The Herlequin – Pitch & Sickle Book Six

Author: D K Girl

Length: 129 000 words

Release Date: April 27, 2023

Genre:  MM Historical Fantasy

It is not a standalone story and ends on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited 

Amazon US  |   Amazon UK 


The journey to Blood Lake has begun…


Pitch and Sickle have survived enraged fae queens, murderous forest guardians, walking corpses, and ghosts turned monstrous by the Blight.
They been tortured by sorcerers and made playthings by enemies who have sided with the Morrigan.
The ankou and his daemon prince have been forced to confront awful secrets from their pasts.
Both have made terrible sacrifices to keep the other safe.
And would willingly do much more to protect the unimaginable bond that has grown between them.

In the midst of the chaos and carnage a deadman and a daemon have found each other.

Now, Prince Vassago will need his Pale Horseman more than ever before.
With the escape from the Fulbourn comes the truth about what lies ahead.

The journey will be perilous.
The great hunt has begun.
And all is not as it should be for a beleagered daemon.

Can Silas and the Order outwit the Morrigan, and deliver Pitch to where Seraphiel’s secrets lie?
Or will the sorcerers’ Herlequin succeed where all the rest have failed?




Book Title: The Bandalore – Pitch & Sickle Book One

Cover Artist: Deranged Doctor Designs

Release Date: February 25, 2021

Heat Rating: 2 flames    

Length:  285 pages

Genre:  Historical Fantasy MM

Tropes: Slow, slow burn, opposites attract

Themes: Loneliness and friendship

It is not a standalone book. This is the first book in the Gaslamp Fantasy series, The Diabolus Chronicles.

It has an unresolved storyline rather than an outright cliffhanger.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited 

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK


Silas Mercer died once. He’d rather not do it again.



1885 London, England

Silas Mercer died once. He’d rather not do it again.

On his return to the world of the living, Silas finds himself in the hands of the mysterious Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The Order has London society clamouring for their services, with tarot readings, seances and exorcisms among their arcane specialities.

Now they seem intent on making Silas their newest recruit.

But they want far more from him than cheap parlour tricks.

When the Order partners him with the scandalous rake, Tobias Astaroth, Silas’s new life is turned on its head in more ways than one.

Tobias is quick-tempered, dangerously charming, and far more than the man he seems. 

For Silas, surviving what the Order has planned for him will be a challenge.

But finding a way to survive Tobias Astaroth could prove impossible.


A slow-burn MM Gaslamp Fantasy series.

Contains: Sexual content, violence and rather a lot of cursing.

This is the first book in the thrilling Gaslamp Fantasy series, The Diabolus Chronicles



Book Title: The Verderer – Pitch & Sickle Book Two

Length: 309 pages

Release Date:  June 30, 2021

Genres: MM Fantasy, Gaslamp Fantasy, Historical Fantasy

Tropes: Opposites attract, Stuck together, Emotional scars

It is not a standalone story. The overarching storyline continues but issues are resolved for the immediate storyline.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited 

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK 


Life as a servant of death has its challenges. But the biggest one of all is Silas’s daemonic guardian, Pitch.



Silas Mercer is a dead man walking.

And the mysterious Order of the Golden Dawn have big plans for their newest ankou and his deathly bandalore.

Life as a servant of death has its challenges.

But the biggest one of all is Silas’s daemonic guardian, Pitch.

He may look like heaven, but he’s making Silas’s life all kinds of hell.

The daemon is arrogant, egotistical and his appetite for violence and tea cakes is fast outgrowing the small village where they have been recuperating since their run-in with Black Annis.

Now, the increasingly unstable Blight is causing new havoc, and fresh monstrosities are emerging.

Pitch and Sickle are back in the saddle, and on their way to the haunted Forest of Dean.

But can Silas rely on his guardian’s protection?

Or will Pitch prove to be the most dangerous encounter of all?



Book Title: The Skriker – Pitch & Sickle Book Three

Length: 369 pages

Release Date: October 20, 2021

Genres: MM Fantasy, Gaslamp Fantasy, Historical Fantasy

Tropes: Opposites attract, Stuck together, Emotional scars

It is not a standalone story. The overarching storyline continues but issues are resolved for the immediate storyline.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited 

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK


Silas Mercer has faced wily boggarts, mad faerie queens and enraged forest spirits. But can he withstand a daemon who is losing his mind?



Silas Mercer has faced wily boggarts, mad faerie queens and enraged forest spirits.

But can he withstand a daemon who is losing his mind?

Pitch and Sickle are left bruised, battered and reeling after their confrontation with the Verderer.

They have learned a startling truth behind the arrowhead that wounded Silas, a truth that must be taken to the Lady Satine and the Order without delay.

But his encounters in the Forest of Dean have effected Pitch in alarming ways. The daemon’s body may have healed but his erratic behaviour and wildly unpredictable temper grow ever more concerning.

Silas owes his life to Pitch. Their experience in the forest has brought them a closeness he could not have imagined possible.

But what can he do for a daemon who is losing his way?

And how long will Silas survive, if he must ride alone?



Book Title: The Greensward – Pitch & Sickle Book Four

Length: 412 pages

Release Date: April 13, 2022

Genres: MM Fantasy, Gaslamp Fantasy, Historical Fantasy

Tropes: Opposites attract, Stuck together, Emotional scars

It is not a standalone story. The overarching storyline continues but issues are resolved for the immediate storyline.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited 

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK


The Lady’s Horsemen are riding out once more. Carrying death’s scythe to where tormented souls linger. But what awaits them in a world where divine magick has returned?



The Lady’s Horsemen are riding out once more. Carrying death’s scythe to where tormented souls linger.

But what awaits them in a world where divine magick has returned?

Pitch is recovered from the injuries he received in the Forest of Dean, and Silas won’t soon forget the part he played in setting his guardian back on his feet.

The ankou and the daemon have been reunited in a most unexpected and intimate way, but barely have they caught their breath when a new threat arises.

A tortured spirit is frightening both the living and the dead along the roads of Devon.

But is this soul a monster that must be stopped, or another pawn in the necromancer’s mysterious game?

With Azazel’s magick re-emerging after hundreds of years, maleficium plagues the world once more. But who is wielding the forbidden arcane magick of the angels?

Do they work alone?

And why are they so intent on harassing the Lady’s Horsemen?

Silas has never felt stronger, or more determined to live up to the Order’s high expectations. He’s faced the walking dead, outwitted the enchanted Hall, and gained an ally in the skriker.

But he’s not sure he’s equipped to handle his growing attraction to a troubled daemon.

And Silas fears that getting any closer to Pitch and his tragic secrets may prove as dangerous as the monsters they are riding to face.



Book Title:  The Fulbourn – Pitch & Sickle Book Five

Author: D K Girl

Publisher: Lucas Publishing 

Length:   133Kwords/ 458 pages

Release Date: October 20, 2022

It is not a standalone story. While it does not end on a cliffhanger, there are some unresolved issues.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited 

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK 


When the King of Daemonkind comes to call, be ready for hell to follow.



After Lucifer’s disturbing visit, the quest to destroy the Blight takes on a desperate urgency.

Finding Lieutenant Edward Charters is paramount.

But what role does a mortal man play in Seraphiel’s dangerous game?

The angel has sent Pitch a talisman from beyond the grave, a seemingly innocuous watch that may be the key to ending the Watcher King’s dark legacy. But to learn its secret Pitch and Silas must find the man intended to carry it.

As the search for the lieutenant begins, the Horsemen find themselves gifted with something more precious than any angelic token. An evening of unexpected freedom.
A night that will deepen their intimacy and bring long-stifled feelings to the fore.

But what price will they pay for choosing breathless pleasure over rigid duty?

The Morrigan have not forgiven the destruction at the greensward. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to rid themselves of the Horsemen and heed the Watcher King’s ghostly call.

The Fulbourn is Pitch and Silas’s greatest threat yet.
A place that will drive them into the depths of their most terrible fears and seek to tear them apart.

They are closer than ever before but will that fragile new bond be enough to save them?
Or have the daemon prince and his ankou found the nemesis that will destroy them once and for all?


Excerpt from ‘The Bandalore-Pitch & Sickle Book One’ 

 A rather pretty gentleman, sharp featured, pale and fine, stepped into the room with a flourish of raised hands. His tousled light brown hair was wild about his shoulders, and his eyes so green it was as though emeralds had been pressed into the sockets. ‘Let the amusements begin…or should I say…continue.’

His velvet coat, a red almost as bold as the woman’s lips, was unbuttoned, revealing a black shirt with a silver brocade of Chinese dragons upon it. An elaborate ruffling of silk tumbled from the collar and covered a good portion of his chest. His choice of trousers was equally curious, a rather outdated fall-front style in black silk.

The baron groaned, but his smile was ever-present. ‘Good god, man, we thought you two would never be done.’

‘Perfection takes time, does it not?’

‘Take your seat, you rascal, and stop your showmanship, at least just for a moment.’

Silas scratched his right palm absently, attempting to stymie the prickle. Like many things about himself he wasn’t certain of his age, his late twenties was likely, much the same as the man who had just swept into the room.

Mr Astaroth tilted his head, pursing lips that held a near-perfect Cupid’s bow. ‘Am I to stand aside so another showman can perform?’

‘Exactly,’ the baron declared.

As Mr Astaroth made his way to his seat with his companion, he had a notable effect on those in attendance. The ladies all at once seemed incapable of deciding how they should adjust their gowns upon their seats, and the men were equally as fidgety. All of them were fixated on Mr Astaroth’s procession across the room. The man had not spared Silas a glance yet, even when he was deriding him, and Silas had no issue with that at all. He was not sure he’d enjoy the pierce of those green eyes upon him. But he could not deny there was indeed something mesmerising about the lad, the sway of his hips, the coiled tension in his body that gave the impression he might suddenly leap unannounced in any direction.

Mr Astaroth stopped to take a glass of champagne from the tray offered by a somewhat flustered young footman. The liquid wobbled in its crystal confines, and the boy’s eyes darted so quickly between the floor and the man before him, it was as though he’d lost control of his eyeballs.

‘Thank you, kind sir. What a wonderful job you do.’ Mr Astaroth’s smile was discomfortingly suggestive, his whispered appreciation of the boy’s offering far too intimate, and the serving boy nearly stumbled over his own feet to move away.

Mr Astaroth was slender, not remarkable in height, and the angles of his face were delicate to the point of being feminine, but he held a presence that quite overwhelmed the room. Silas’s gaze moved down the length of the man’s body to his feet. He wore heeled boots, which meant he was shorter than first impressions allowed. The glean of polished leather distracted Silas from what became startlingly obvious a moment later. He tensed and closed his eyes a second, as though that might change things. But alas it was not to be.

The ground at Tobias Astaroth’s feet held no shadow.

Whoever this man was, he was not, for all intents and purposes, human. Silas took hold of the arms of the chair, filled with the sudden desire to depart. No one had thought to instruct him on an encounter such as this.

‘Stop frightening the help and get your arse on a chair,’ declared the bespectacled man at Silas’s left. ‘We know how you hate to have attention diverted from you, so do try and behave, Pitch old boy.’

Evidently the group knew the man well enough to have endowed him with a nickname. Silas could only imagine its origins.

‘Oh Brenton,’ Victoria, Mr Astaroth’s companion, said. ‘As far as I’m concerned, Tobias has been on his best behaviour all evening.’ She had taken her seat and leaned her elbows upon the table, utterly at ease.

‘Thank you, my dear,’ Mr Astaroth said. ‘You are as sensible as you are extremely talented in the art of, what were we calling it? Tarot reading.’ He tilted his glass towards her before turning to Silas. The air quite vanished from Silas’s lungs beneath the daggers of his emerald stare. ‘How very nice to make your acquaintance, Mr Mercer. I do hope we are in for a wonderful show.’



About the Author  

Danielle K Girl is an Aussie who lives in stunning Tasmania with her three furkids, cats Luffy, Sweetie and Ren.

Her idea of heaven is a farm full of rescue animals, with a vegie garden that sprouts peanut M&M’s and chocolate wheaten biscuits.

When she’s not keyboard-deep in mysterious, beguiling worlds, she is binge watching K-Dramas, listening to K-Pop or hiking through the beautiful Tasmanian wilderness.



Author Links

Blog/Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Newsletter Sign-up


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Matebond Dance (D’Vaire, Book 36) by Jessamyn Kingley


Book Title: Matebond Dance (D’Vaire, Book 36)

Author and Publisher: Jessamyn Kingley

Cover Artist: LJ Anderson of Mayhem Cover Creations

Release Date: April 27, 2023

Genres: MM Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Tropes: Fated mates

Themes: Enemies to lovers

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length:  95 600 words

It is not a standalone story, but does not end on a cliffhanger.

Goodreads Series Link

Amazon Series Link


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK 


The only thing these two mates have left in common is dance and scorn.



Shane is a talented dancer, adores his family, and cannot imagine the world without his best friend. Fate made him a shifter, and at seventeen, Shane discovers the boy he has been crushing on for years is his mate. Sadly, Shane’s best friend is not interested in a romantic relationship—especially not with a man.

Gryphon cannot handle learning that Shane is his mate. For most of their childhood, they dreamed of sharing a stage and confided their innocent secrets. But Gryphon never thought of Shane as a potential love interest. Shane is a man, and Gryphon is not gay. Confused and terrified, Gryphon asks Shane to end their matebond forever.

Destroyed by Gryphon’s rejection and refusing to defy the goddess who put them together, Shane leaves everything behind and starts fresh thousands of miles away. Nine years later, both men are accomplished dancers and have barely spoken in years, despite the connection they hide from nearly everyone. Shane is called home to help his father, and he must confront his past—and the other half of his soul. 

With time and space, Gryphon has cast aside the lies he once told himself, and he no longer pretends he is not attracted to Shane. However, Shane has zero interest in reconciliation, and there may be no salvaging their matebond. The choreography of two devoted lovers sets sparks flying, but these two mates have little left between them but spite.



Shane was used to having to catch on to routines swiftly, and it was expected of a dancer to learn without needing to be told repeatedly. But Shane wanted to invite no comment on his abilities or performance, so he concentrated harder than ever as they wound through the first hour of rehearsal. When Shane figured out that he’d be within inches of Gryphon for the entire thing, he wished he’d asked more questions. 

The last thing he wanted was the rich scent of pine trees distracting him or the curiosity of his pony about their mate. His first shift had been weeks before Shane left Nevada, so his beast wasn’t that familiar with Gryphon or his griffin. Or the way Gryphon stirred up every one of Shane’s senses just by existing. It was annoying, and he was already feeling worn out by midday. Ian called out for a five-minute break, and Shane wanted to run from the room without ever returning.

“You picked up the steps quickly,” Gryphon said as Shane sat on the floor and stretched.

“Don’t sound so surprised, and stop towering over me. The room is big enough for you to pick another spot to stretch.” Normally Shane took no issue with anyone’s height, but it was annoying that Gryphon topped him by about six or seven inches.

“I guess you aren’t going to try to be friendly.”

Shane didn’t bother glancing up at Gryphon. “No, I’m not. Now go away.”

“You’re going to have to talk to me at some point.”

Bracing his elbows on the floor since his legs were in a full split, he glared at Gryphon. “Why would I have to do that?”

“Seriously? You’re going to pretend—”

“Do not start this shit at work,” Shane snapped. “In this room, you act professional. Whatever else exists between us has nothing to do with this show or what is expected of us as dancers, so you leave that crap at the door. Do you understand?”

Without a word, Gryphon pivoted on his heel and stalked off. If Shane didn’t immediately look away and enjoyed the taut muscles of Gryphon’s ass as he angrily crossed the room, then it was his business. Once Gryphon was occupied elsewhere, Shane focused on himself and ensuring his brain had held on to the choreography by playing it through his head.

His personal life was not allowed to follow him into a rehearsal or show, and he’d be damned if he’d discuss his matebond at work. Shane had no desire to debate it afterward either, and his plan was to leave Nevada exactly how he’d done so nine years ago. Gryphon had made his choice. They were not going to honor Fate, but Shane’s stance hadn’t changed. 

But maybe it should. Lightning hadn’t charged from the sky to smite Shane, and he’d been denying his mate for nearly a decade. His beast would never be happy if he and Gryphon continued this way, and the last thing Shane wanted was an angry or melancholy pony adding to his woes. Thankfully there were plenty of public spaces in Vegas to shift in because Shane foresaw many miles being run as he prepared for the show. He shook his head. Severing Fate’s decision would never sit right with him, but he’d give it some more thought.

The strange thing was that Shane could not picture a second matebond replacing his current one. Maybe it was because his feelings about the situation were too strong, and the sting of Gryphon’s rejection gutted him constantly. Or perhaps Shane had accepted that genuine happiness like his parents shared—and what he hoped his siblings had found with their other halves—was too far-fetched for him.

Shane didn’t think himself undeserving of love despite his selfishness and misery. It took keeping himself isolated to navigate a world that rarely made sense to him, and yes, it still dearly hurt that Gryphon was so eager to be rid of him. The first day of rehearsals, and Gryphon was in his face demanding they discuss the demonic severing he so desperately desired. The petty part of Shane that wanted to prevent Gryphon from fully enjoying his future with Mallory flatly refused to consider even formal separation papers.

It was difficult to admit that he was a shitty person, but he’d accepted that about himself years ago. Without Shane, Gryphon wouldn’t have a family or be performing as part of the Ó Dubhghailes’ dance company. Shane had offered that boy his heart, and everything else he had to give. In return, Gryphon had spent only minutes deciding that their matebond didn’t suit him. Shane closed his eyes, and both man and beast relived that moment of absolute agony.

His pony groaned, and Shane echoed the sound as he stood and took a moment to tug on his unkempt hair. He had to get his brain focused on the present. There was no way he’d survive the upcoming months if he kept delving into the events of nine years ago. It was imperative that he stay far from those memories and keep up a façade of pure professionalism.

Shane wasn’t in Nevada for a family reunion or to rekindle his lost friendship with Gryphon. That little boy who’d loved Gryphon was long dead, and Shane was a man in no mood to resurrect him.


About the Author

Jessamyn Kingley has published over thirty titles and refuses to pick a favorite among them. With an extraordinary passion for her characters, she enthusiastically adds tales to her D’Vaire series and avidly re-reads them whenever her schedule allows. After decades living in the Washington, DC area, she now resides in Nevada with her husband and their three spoiled cats. When she is not writing or adding new ideas to her beloved notebooks, she is gaming with family and friends. 

Visit her website 

Join her Facebook group, Jessamyn’s Ruffian’s

 Facebook Profile  |   Twitter  |   Pinterest  




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Love Beneath the Stars: A Matchmaker Wedding Novella by Claerie Kavanaugh 


Book Title: Love Beneath the Stars: A Matchmaker Wedding Novella 

Author: Claerie Kavanaugh 

Publisher: Half Caff Press 

Cover Artist: Lauren Dombrowski

Release Date: April 26, 2023 

Genres: Contemporary F/F Romance

Tropes: Age gap, celebrity, matchmaker, wedding 

Themes: Coming out, forgiveness

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 30 000 words

It is a standalone story in the Entertaining Love series.



Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK


They say love conquers all, but what if getting it means losing your family?



After years of searching, a job gone wrong finally led Hollywood’s most famous matchmaker Eve to her soulmate in up-and-coming starlet Jemma Mason. For a year, they had pictured their perfect destination Valentine’s Day wedding. But when Jemma’s family arrives from Montana, they quickly learn perfection is hard to come by.

Jemma’s conservative brother has always been distant, but when he meets his sister’s fiancée, who is seven years her senior, he worries she’s moving way too fast and refuses to come to the wedding, let alone keep his promise to walk her down the aisle. Can love really conquer all, or are there some wounds that simply run too deep to be buried?

Eve and Jemma’s Wedding Novella. Sequel to LOVE AMONG THE STARS in the standalone sapphic celebrity romance series ENTERTAINING LOVE



When I turn to face Eve, she’s sitting more fully upright, concern etched across her beautiful features. “What’s wrong?”

“Apparently, a storm is coming,” Despondence drips from my words as I sink, onto the edge of the bed. “They want us to stay inside.”

Eve climbs out of the covers and wraps her arms around me. “We’ll be alright, Jemma. We’re together, and that’s all that matters.”

Her confidence is contagious, and I can’t help but smile. “You always know how to make me feel better, don’t you?”

“Of course.” She grins, kissing my cheek. “Now, let’s make the most of this unexpected day indoors.”

We spend the morning lounging in bed, sipping coffee and flipping through the cable channels on the TV. But as the wind outside picks up, so does our restlessness.

“Let’s play a game,” Eve suggests, sitting up and stretching her toned arms above her head.

“What kind of game?” I ask, intrigued.

She smirks devilishly. “Strip poker.”

My stomach flips at the thought of being naked in front of her, but I can’t deny the thrill that pulses through me. “You’re on.”

We grab a deck of cards from the nightstand and settle in on the plush carpet, the sound of the wind howling outside echoing in my ears. As the game progresses, clothing is discarded, and as Eve tosses her shirt onto the pile, I can’t help but let my eyes roam over her gorgeous curves and her smooth golden skin. A flush spreads across my cheeks as I drink her in

Eve smirks, arching an eyebrow. “Enjoying the view?”

I swallow hard, my mouth suddenly dry. “Very much so,” I reply, a slightly wanton rasp dancing at the edges of my words.

She crawls over to me on all fours, her eyes locked onto mine. “Why don’t you come a little closer?” I oblige, leaning in towards her, my heart pounding. She presses her body against mine, her skin hot against my own. My breath hitches as she trails her fingers down my spine, sending shivers through my body. I tangle my fingers in her hair, pulling her lips to mine. The kiss is electric, fire burning through my veins. I break away, gasping for air.


About the Author 

Claerie Kavanaugh has spent most of her life telling stories, but she never imagined herself writing romance. In fact, she used to think it should only be reserved for Hallmark movies. It wasn’t until college, when she discovered fanfiction, that she learned what romance was truly about: not just fluffy relationships and happily-ever-afters, but human connection, the desire to push one another to be better, and create hope that somewhere, somehow, everyone has someone.

When she’s not writing, she loves to travel and explore new cultures, helping other authors polish their works as a freelance editor, and singing while doing so. Broadway musicals are her soul-food, something her mother and sister know well. She constantly blasts the newest soundtrack through the halls of their Missouri home, much to the chagrin of her very sassy and spoiled cat.


Social Media Links

Blog/Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Newsletter Sign-up



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Fauxmance in the Falls by J.E. Birk #kindleunlimited #giveaway


Book Title: Fauxmance in the Falls 

Author: J.E. Birk 

Publisher: Maple Mountains Press

Cover Artist: Cate Ashwood 

Release Date: April 20, 2023 

Genres: Contemporary M/M Romance, small town romance 

Tropes: Fake relationship, small town, age gap, alpha doctor, grumpy/sunshine

Themes: Redemption, coming out, found families 

Heat Rating:  4 flames 

Length:  Approx. 92 000 words and 331 pages

It’s the first book in the series and does not end on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Universal Link  |  Amazon US  |  Amazon UK 


Never date your dream doctor



I’m here to destroy this town. How did I end up in a fake relationship with its hero?

I’ve spent my life proving to my grandpa and dad that I’m more than just the Lewis family mistake. So when Grandpa sends me to Devon Falls, VT to take some ridiculous leaf festival to court, I head straight there and get to work. 

But Dr. Jack Lancer keeps getting in my way.

 He’s everywhere. Helping me out with my migraines, making me dinner, insisting people be nice to me even though I’m the enemy. Who is this guy? The next thing I know I’m pretending to be Jack’s boyfriend to get him out of a bind. I swear he’s putting kindness pills in my food or something.

Jack thinks he can fix me the same way he fixes everyone else. But I’m not broken. This podunk town will be when I’m done with it, though. And Jack? Well, he’s about to learn the meaning of the term “collateral damage.” Because I’ll do anything to win this case and end this festival. 

Even if it means losing something that feels an awful lot like love.

Fauxmance in the Falls is an age-gap romance featuring a small town full of quirks, a grumpy lawyer and a charming physician, a fake relationship gone wild, some inappropriate use of a doctor’s office, and a healthy mix of humor and angst. It stars Benson Lewis, who first appeared in the book Counterpoint.  



Benson stands before us, looking as wrecked as I could ever imagine seeing him. He’s barely standing upright, and there are dark circles surrounding his sagging eyes. He’s wearing a wrinkled pair of jogging pants and a shirt that looks like he’s sweated through it, and his facial expression screams of absolute misery. I simultaneously feel extremely guilty for knocking on his door and extremely glad that I did. “Benson,” I say softly. “Migraine?”

He nods, immediately wincing at the head motion. And that tiny little movement is all the cue I need to start taking charge.

“Elijah, I need you to run to the drug store,” I tell him quietly. I list off a series of items that Benson likely needs.

“Be right back,” Elijah whispers, though I never warned him about being quiet. He’s far more astute than his grandparents give him credit for. He runs off down the hall and I step into Benson’s space, examining him with my eyes. “How long?” I ask.

“Since the Thai restaurant.”

Shit. Almost twenty-four hours, then. “Have you taken anything?”

“Just aspirin.” He winces at the ray of light peeking around the door from the hallway. “Don’t have anything else,” he mumbles. I’m going to make sure we correct that the second he’s well enough for conversation. But right now, all I want to do is make him feel better.

“Okay,” I tell him gently. “We’ll fix it, Benson. I’ve got you. You’re not on your own anymore.”

He stares at me, squinting, and I notice his eyes are wet. “I’m really glad you’re here,” he says hoarsely.

I startle slightly. I know Benson well enough by now to know those probably aren’t words he says often.

I guide him gently into the apartment, which is a small studio with a double bed in one corner and a combination kitchen/living room taking up most of the space. The curtains are closed tightly. They’re mostly light-blocking, at least. I surprise him, I think, when I guide him over to the sofa and help him lay down there. “I’m going to get you some water and change your sheets,” I whisper. “Have you been able to keep food down?”

He shakes his head slightly.

“Well, I sent Elijah for applesauce and electrolytes. We’ll see if we can fix that.” I can feel his eyes track me as I make use of what his small space has to offer. I find a glass of water and help him sit up long enough to take a few sips. When he shakes his head at me, I don’t push for him to drink more. I find clean sheets and quickly make his bed, then grab some sweatpants and a Burlington U Law shirt from his dresser. “C’mon,” I urge him. “Let’s get you into some more comfortable clothes.”

He holds onto my shoulders as I help him step out of his pants. I look away to give him as much privacy as possible, but Benson draws my attention back to him when he says, “this isn’t really how I envisioned you getting in my pants for the first time.”

The corners of his lips are turned up in a hint of a wry grin, and my heart speeds up. Has he really had those thoughts too? Now is not the time for that conversation, unfortunately. “Me either,” I tell him, keeping things light as I help him into the fresh pants and shirt.

I change the sheets on the bed and get him settled into it before I dampen a washcloth with cool water. Some migraine patients are sensitive to any kind of touch when they have episodes like this, but Benson sighs with happiness when I lay the cloth across his forehead.

I sit down gently on the side of his bed. “When Elijah gets back we’ll try food and more water,” I tell him. “Get excited for that applesauce.”

Benson grimaces. “I’ll try it,” he promises. “I already feel better than I did. Thank you, Jack.”

I gently take one of his hands, and when he doesn’t object, I hold it while I rub my thumb against his palm. “Thank you for what?” I ask. I’m not sure what I’m being thanked for. Changing someone’s sheets and getting them some water when they’re ill are about the most basic things you can do for another human.

“No one’s ever really done this before. You know. For me,” he mutters. “Not lately, anyway.”

“Do you get migraines often?”  I ask him.

He sighs. “I used to get them a lot more when I was younger. I thought they were going away. But lately they’ve been getting worse.”

“Who used to take care of you when you got them?” I ask.

He shrugs into the sheets around him. “I think my nannies did. Well, some of them anyway. Until they… couldn’t anymore.”  Benson grimaces again, and I decide this isn’t the best time to have this conversation.

“You’re going to be okay,” I tell him. It’s a universal line I’ve used a million times in my career. Some patients believe it. Some don’t. From Benson’s expression, I can’t tell where he stands.

“It was worse last night,” he replies. “In the middle of the night. It was so bad. They’ve gotten worse lately, like I said. I was here, in this bed, and the pain was so awful I started to wonder if I was going to live through it. And I kept thinking… kept thinking that I didn’t want to die by myself in a studio apartment. Alone. All by myself.” He closes his eyes against pain I can’t see, and suddenly I need to be holding more than just his hand.

“You’re not alone,” I tell him. I lean over farther and graze his cheek with the fingers of my other hand. It’s a test to see if my touch hurts, but all he does is lean farther into it. And just like that, I know I’m doing the right thing. “You’re not alone right now,” I repeat. “And you never have to be alone again. Not if you don’t want to be. You have me now. Me and Elijah.”

Benson has settled his cheek deep into my hand at this point. He’s almost nuzzling it. “Not forever,” he mumbles. “Just for now. Just for pretend.”

About the Author 

J.E. Birk was raised in Vermont and is now adulting in Colorado with intermittent success. She is a long-time lover of stories, and she writes and reads in worlds where imperfect characters find their happily ever after. Snag free bonus content and stay up-to-date on J.E. Birk’s news and releases by signing up for her newsletter


Social Media Links

Blog/Website  |   Facebook  |   Twitter  

Instagram  |  Newsletter Sign-up  |  TikTok 



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Sweet as Pie by Beth Bolden #kindleunlimited #giveaway


Book Title: Sweet as Pie

Author and Publisher: Beth Bolden

Cover Artist: Morningstar Ashley Designs

Release Date: April 13, 2023

Genre: Contemporary MM romance

Tropes: Grumpy/sunshine, opposites attract, small town

Themes: Family responsibilities, necessary change, unexpected love

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 80 000 words

It is a standalone story.



Buy Links – Kindle Unlimited

Universal Link  |  Amazon US  |  Amazon  UK 




Luca Moretti is grumpy—and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Wrangling six—Italian—siblings and the family’s restaurants would make anyone cranky. But when his mother requests that he save his aunt’s struggling Italian deli in charming, picturesque Indigo Bay, he has no idea that he’s about to overdose on sweetness.

Luca expected his aunt’s stubbornness—she’s a Moretti, isn’t she?—and his cousin’s resistance to actual work, but the last thing he expected is the absolute ball of sunshine known as Oliver Billings.

Oliver loves Indigo Bay. Loves owning his small artisan bakery, Sweetie Pie’s. Helps nice old ladies cross the street. Even volunteers for the local Sweethearts Festival.

Sweet isn’t really Luca’s style, or so he thinks. But when he discovers Oliver can be a little spicy too, his prickly exterior begins to crumble like a well-baked crust.

If Luca isn’t careful, he’s going to develop a taste for sweets—and a particular baker’s pie.

And one or two servings will never be enough.



“Ah, they sent the fixer out.” Oliver sounded amused again. “I can see it. You’re definitely more of a fixer than a baker.”

Luca shrugged. “I run my family’s four restaurants. They do not typically need fixing.” Don’t be arrogant, don’t be arrogant. “But Nonna’s Deli here, it is . . .an investment of ours. Not directly under my control. So I’m not here to order changes but to . . .suggest them. Nicely.”

“Which is how they’ve managed to underperform all these years,” Oliver said with another of those smirks. They shouldn’t have been so frustratingly attractive. But Luca felt them deep down, stirring him up in a way he hadn’t expected.

Oliver was definitely a very attractive package, one he’d love to unwrap.

Would he be as sweet as promised? Or a little salty too? Maybe even a bit spicy?

“You could say that,” Luca said. “Part of the proposed changes are aligning the menu more directly with our other restaurants. And that includes fresh bread, daily. Nonna’s here doesn’t have the staff, the resources, or the equipment to do this, but you do.”

“I do,” Oliver conceded. “My schedule’s already pretty packed, but I suppose I could fit you in. French bread? Sourdough bread? Focaccia? Rolls? Loaves? How many dozen per day?”

Luca liked every part of Oliver he’d seen so far. He was charming and sweet and undeniably adorable. Then there was how goddamned sexy he was when he got down to business.

“I’m not sure yet,” Luca said. “In fact, they may not need any at all. Giana and Enzo have my proposed changes, but they are not required to accept all of them—or any of them, actually.”

“You must hate that, not being able to actually impose your control over them.” Oliver said it casually, like a true control-freak business owner, like he understood.

How did Oliver know how much he hated it? Was it that obvious? Was it written all over his face that he’d love nothing more than to march down the street and tell Giana and Enzo exactly what to do?

“Yes,” Luca admitted.

“Nonna’s isn’t just an Italian affectation, is it? Was there actually a Nonna?” Oliver asked.

“My grandmother.”

“Ah, well, there you go.” Oliver leaned back, grinning. Luca wanted to chase him, but he stayed on his side of the table, with what he thought was pretty admirable restraint.

“So why does Enzo dislike you so much?” Luca asked.

“That’s a long story. And I’ve got to tend to these rolls. If they overproof . . .” Oliver shrugged. “I’m a perfectionist, what can I say?”

“If he supposedly turns against you every chance he gets, what’s he going to say,” Luca said, deploying the most persuasive smile in his arsenal, “when he finds out I want to hire you to bake our bread? I need the insider info. Need to be able to convince him it’s a good idea.”

“It’s not going to help you, and you’re not going to like it,” Oliver said. “Though, you sorta look like there’s plenty of things you don’t like.”

But I like you. “You’re not wrong.” It was hard to admit it, but there it was. He was particular, okay? Particular and more than a little arrogant about his particularity.

Maybe it was good Oliver knew that now, even if all they ever had was a date and a night—though even that was still up in the air.

“We dated,” Oliver said. His watch beeped, and he stood, just as he’d left Luca speechless for another long moment. “Well,” he amended, with a cute little shrug. “It was one date. But still. He wanted to continue. I did not. And that’s the story.”

“That wasn’t a very long story,” Luca managed, and was he trailing after Oliver in his own bakery like a lost puppy looking for his owner? Yes, he was, a little.


About the Author 

A lifelong Pacific Northwester, Beth Bolden has just recently moved to North Carolina with her supportive husband. Beth still believes in Keeping Portland Weird, and intends to be just as weird in Raleigh.

Beth has been writing practically since she learned the alphabet. Unfortunately, her first foray into novel writing, titled Big Bear with Sparkly Earrings, wasn’t a bestseller, but hope springs eternal. She has published over forty novels and novellas.


Author Links

Blog/Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |   BookBub

Instagram  |  Newsletter Sign-up



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A Case of Madness (Or the Curious Appearance of Holmes in the Nighttime) by Yvonne Knop


Book Title:  A Case of Madness (Or the Curious Appearance of Holmes in the Nighttime)

Author: Yvonne Knop

Publisher: Improbable Press

Cover Artist: Ksenia Spizhevaya

Release Date: March 20, 2023

Genres: Adult Contemporary M/M Rom-Com

Tropes:  Opposites attract, Emotional scars, Grumpy/sunshine

Themes: Coming out, friendship, mental illness, love

Heat Rating: 2 flames  

Length: 82 000 words/272 pages

It is a standalone book and does not end on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links

Publisher  |  Amazon US  |   Amazon  UK


A world-weary Sherlock Holmes scholar loses his job and his sanity when the great detective materializes in his flat to help solve a mystery that involves a handsome male stranger. What ensues is a thrilling adventure in literature, London, and love.



Andrew Thomas just got sacked. He’s permanently drunk. He’s got cancer. Is inescapably gay. Was hit by a bus. And he’s fallen in love with a stranger whose life he saved.

As a newly-unemployed Sherlock Holmes scholar, Andrew knows only Holmes can help him untangle the madness his life has become, but Holmes isn’t real. Except he absolutely appeared in Andrew’s house, told him he’s in love with a man he just met…and then in a fit of pique Andrew sent him away.

Sure Holmes is probably a hallucination or a specter or a ghost, but now Andrew desperately needs his help. So to find the answer to his case and the man of his dreams, Andrew takes to chasing a fictional character through London with his very own Watson.



The prized possession you value above all others…

All volumes of the Rivers of London series, signed by Ben Aaronovitch

The unqualified regret you wish you could amend…

Not having started serious writing sooner.

The temptation you wish you could resist…


The book that holds everlasting resonance…

The bluest eye – Toni Morrison

The priority activity if you were invisible for a day…

Walking into the homes of strangers to see what their interior design looks like.

The film you can watch time and time again…

Disney’s Mulan (the cartoon one)

The unlikely interest that engages your curiosity…

Pigs. I just love pigs. I have absolutely no idea why, but I just love them.

The poem that touches your soul…

“I am waiting” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. It describes the human condition so well and is absolutely timeless.

The event that altered the course of your life…

The sudden death of my best friend in 2018. It showed me how quickly everything can be over.

The unfulfilled ambition that continues to haunt you…

Singing….I wish I could sing. But I really can’t.

The way you would spend your fantasy twenty-four hours, with no travel restrictions…

Are we talking real fantasy? Then I would of course travel with the Doctor through space and time!

The pet hate that makes your hackles rise…

Loud music in public. Get some headphones!

The figure from history you would most like to buy a pie and a pint…

Of course Sherlock Holmes, but if I have to choose a real person it would probably be Oscar Wilde (Sorry, Arthur).

The piece of wisdom you would pass onto a child…

Be kind! You never know what a person ha experienced or is currently going through.

The philosophy that underpins your life…

We are all human beings.

The character you enjoyed writing the most…

Mina! I just love her. I always ask myself “What would Mina do?”. Sher is the friend everyone should have!

The character you found difficult to write…

Sherlock Holmes, because I wanted him to be close to the original while also being quirky because he is the hallucination of a modern man.

The book you enjoyed planning/writing the most…

A Case of Madness is the only book I have ever finished, so I guess it is the one.




While strolling amid the students and scholars rushing into the University of London, I ignored the urge to check my pocket watch.

If there was ever a day to dawdle, it was today. The first day of summer that actually felt like the season it claimed to be. And the day of my personal disaster.

It wasn’t a ‘this train will split at the next station and you just sat down with your meal deal’ disaster, but it was equally inconvenient. After decades of laboring in academia, I was about to become involuntarily unemployed. Apart from that – and this might be even more important – I was also going to die.

To delay the confrontation a bit longer, I looked for a shaded place to smoke and then took long, luxurious drags on my cigarette. A cough struggled to tear itself free from my chest, but I suppressed it. Not now. Focus.

Few people knew my name or my publications. But some such people existed – people who were as fascinated by a very specific man as I was, and who seemed to value my works more than I did. The man I wrote about lived in Baker Street, and he was partly to blame for my situation. Though I liked to think of myself as a charmingly anachronistic gentleman, I increasingly felt I was just a dafter in a fine suit who lurked around public buildings. Instead of engaging in modern life, I was immersed in the world of Sherlock Holmes and all things Victorian, with the natural effect of many acquaintances leaving or going extinct. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the company of others; it was that I struggled in the company of others. And they struggled in the company of me.

You see, the fact that I knew my dearest detective had appeared on-screen in over two hundred and twenty adaptations did not give me much hope I would find out what people did for fun. But what of fun? What about achievement? Holmes is the most filmed novel character of all time – among humans, at least; Dracula has been filmed even more often. This connection filled me with joy, and I believed it could be combined in a curious way. Dracula Holmes: he investigates at night because he’s not just a detective, no – he’s also a vampire. Greedy for blood and knowledge.

I finished my cigarette and stepped from the shadows only to immediately collide with a young man in the most colorful trainers I’d ever seen. In a split-second knockout victory, he fell to the ground covered in the flyers he had been holding in his hand just seconds before.

I bent down immediately to help him. “I’m so sorry,” I said, quickly picking up his flyers from the pavement. At least those which hadn’t fallen into the grey puddle right next to us.

“It’s okay,” he said, and he looked at me. His blue eyes seemed friendly though his gaze was intense.

I quickly looked down again. To my surprise, the flyers weren’t gig announcements or takeaway adverts. In fact, they were promoting something very dear to my heart. “I like theater,” I said, handing him back a few of the flyers. “I thought theater was dead for young people.”

He smiled. “Most young people get run over by perfect strangers.

That’s why so few make it to the stage. Anyway…I’m still alive.”

That he was. Alive, handsome, and holding a slim stack of remaining flyers. Slightly crumpled.

“I’m far from perfect,” I remarked, thinking of the trouble I had caused him.


About the Author  

Yvonne is a bi and nonbinary writer who dedicates their free time to extending the secret Gay Agenda – in part through their debut novel A Case of Madness.

Although born and raised in the north of Germany, Yvonne’s passion for Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who, their sassy humor, and aversion to talking on public transport made them suspiciously British from early on.

As a natural matter of cause and effect, Yvonne moved to London in 2014 and started to write (a novel for the drawer). No word was written until 2017 when the sudden question of ‘What if I could talk to Sherlock Holmes?’ came up to them.

Conducting PhD research in the world’s most extensive Sherlock Holmes collection, located in Minneapolis, USA, was a great help for answering that question. The result was not a PhD, but their debut novel A Case of Madness, originally written in German and in a bold move translated by the author themselves when nobody in Germany understood a word they were saying.



Author Links

Blog/Website  |  Instagram  |  Twitter 


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Reason 111 Why I’m Gay by Jai Scott #kindleunlimited #giveaway


Book Title: Reason 111 Why I’m Gay

Author and Publisher: Jai Scott

Cover Artist: Jai Scott

Release Date: March 8, 2023

Genres: Contemporary F/F Romance

Themes: Coming out

Heat Rating:  5 flames

Length:  6 464 words/127 pages

It is a standalone book.



Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited 

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK  |  Author


Reason 111 Why I’m Gay 



This book is based on true events and I am sure it will help others who may be contemplating being gay, bi-sexual or any other feeling that you are out of place and don’t seem to fit your sexual description by the definition of others. This is a compilation of my feelings over the years of thinking I was straight and then questioning it. It gives a real and humorous understanding of my feelings as I went through life wondering, am I gay? You too may identify with questions that people often ask about how you know you’re gay or if you are sure about it. This book answers many questions to ourselves and helps us answer questions to others who ask the same thing over and over about not only being gay but your sexuality in general, and makes light of it with a comedic art for each of the 111 questions.

Keeping on the lighter side of life, and to make us feel better about the ups and downs and hardships of being gay, we’ve had a running joke where one of us will say, randomly, “reason 111 why we’re gay …” then describe some random experience or thought we had recently that confirms that we are, in fact, gay. It could be something like, “I just saw the prettiest lady with the most amazing boobs,” and then it gets added to the list. It is serious and funny at the same time. If you know my personality at all, you’ll get it.



Why was I gay, and how could I change this inconvenient truth that made my life so much more difficult. Unfortunately, it took dating men, and several toxic closeted lesbian relationships to realize that it’s easier to just be me, to be gay. Although my sexuality doesn’t define who I am, it silently influences situations and feeds misconceptions and ignorant ideations. Even now, currently of outward acceptance, #ME2 movement, Black-Lives-Matter, and Gay Pride celebrations being celebrated around the world, being gay is still not fully embraced and, in some scenarios, is still discriminated against. This book creates a light-hearted coming out story in an almost graphic novel style with a back story and readable reasons as to why today I know for sure that I am gay. All 111 Reasons why I am gay are illustrated in a funny and very comedic, light hearted and sometimes even graphic adult style that will make you laugh and maybe even cry a little from the laugh. This is a real book, about a real-life situation using words and 111 illustrations to connect with the reader. 



About the Author  

Jai Scott was born in July 25, 1979, yes, she is a Leo, in Los Angeles, CA. She has a degree in Graphic Design as well as completed the Art Instruction School program where she received lots of artistic growth and a certificate of completion in the Art Program which boosted her confidence to continue drawing even when others had negative feedback and negative feedback about me and my artistic style. This was a young and tender age and it helped me to grow thick skin and keep on pursuing my dreams, so thank you to all of my haters and people who didn’t want me to succeed. 

She has won numerous awards for her pencil, mixed media and cartoon art in her younger age which led her to begin tattooing at the very young age of 18 years old. She fell in love with the art and immediately started getting tattooed from day 1 of getting tattooed and then apprenticing to then start tattooing for herself. She continued to tattoo while attending college and working her way up the, so to speak, company ladder. Jai Scott is now the Managing Director (COO) of a Mechanical Engineering company in Silicon Valley for the last 15 years. She is also a wife and mother of two amazing kids. 

Jai specializes in creativity in all forms and is always looking out for new ventures to join and or lead. She understands that being creative is not only about art, but about how people relate to others and create long-term networks, friendships and relationships. She believes channeling energy is an art and hopes to master it. 


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New Release – From the Universe to Me by Scott E. Garrison


Book Title: From the Universe to Me

Author: Scott E. Garrison

Publisher: NineStar Press

Cover Artist: Jaycee DeLorenzo

Release Date: April 11, 2023

Genres: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: friends to lovers, coming of age

Themes: age gap, college, family drama, in the closet, mental illness, new adult, teaching

Length: 59 500 words/220 pages

It is a standalone book and does not end on a cliffhanger.

Heat Rating: 3 flames



Buy Links

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Learning to accept himself is not the only lesson the universe has planned for him.



Eighteen-year-old Tobias Gavin is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality. For many years, the what-ifs of coming out have swirled around his head, so he has chosen to live a lie to keep from disrupting the “normal” life he has created with his family and friends.

That is until he meets Gareth David the day he enrolls for his first semester as a college student. He feels an immediate connection with Gareth…a connection that pushes Tobias to question the way he has been living his life. When Gareth coincidentally becomes Tobias’s History professor, Tobias is forced to confront his feelings and confront the universe.

Tobias must come to terms with his depression, anxiety, heartbreak, and his sexuality before he can even begin to heal his wounds. He believes that everything happens for a reason, but he learns that some experiences are meant to teach even if they cause heartbreak. Once he comes to terms with himself, he might find his knight in shining armor.

Tobias must learn to trust himself and those around him if he wants to find happiness.



I’m startled out of my thoughts when I hear doors open, but to avoid any more agonizing contact with Anna, I don’t glance over until I hear the deep voice of a man talking to Anna.

I glimpse Anna out of the corner of my eye and notice her entire personality has changed. She appears more alive and filled with energy. She twirls her hair between her pointer and middle fingers, flirting with the man, which goes unnoticed by him. He is standing there exchanging pleasantries with her. When he turns to look in my direction, my heart literally skips a beat.

He is beautiful.

Wow. Drop-dead gorgeous isn’t even the best phrase to describe the man standing before me. The stylish brown hair rising in waves from the top of his head looks natural and void of any hair products, like he rolls out of bed looking like McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy on a daily basis. His light brown skin and dark brown eyes shimmer, reminding me of silky, smooth milk chocolate. Everything with me always goes back to chocolate, which is why I can’t stop looking at him as he stands next to the receptionist’s desk talking to Anna.

He isn’t ridiculously muscular, but his biceps look statuesque underneath his tight plaid button-down shirt. Dark Levi’s accentuate every muscle and curve his lower body has to offer. My mind immediately drifts to what his legs would look like if he set them free with short shorts or even his underwear. What is wrong with me?

Without even moving, he exudes confidence I only wish I could have. My mediocre body isn’t nearly as memorable as the physique standing before me. Anyone would want to talk to him, to be near his gorgeous face…touch his toned body. This man hit the gene-pool lottery when whatever higher being or the masters of the universe made him.

“Hello… Hey…. Is somebody in there?” he asks, waving his hand near my face.

My eyes adjust to his waving hand, and I realize I have been staring at him with an open mouth, looking like a brainless buffoon.

“Uuhhhh…what?!” I say like a blubbering fool.

“I asked if you are here to meet with me,” he responds with the sweetest expression, ignoring my inability to carry a conversation, which makes my cheeks burn red.

“Hahaha… I wish.” I freeze… What the fuck did I say? Oh my god, I could die. I should run out the door and lay down in the street, praying someone will take pity on me and end my suffering. I’m positive I have turned as red as the couches I’m sitting on.

He chuckles and gives me a bright and warm grin, revealing his perfectly whitened teeth. He towers over me, holding out his hand. “My name is Gareth David. I’m Dr. Richard’s teaching assistant. Who are you?”

Suddenly, an overwhelming urge to jump into his arms and put my hand through his radiantly manicured hair skips jauntily through my mind. That is perfectly acceptable for people to do, right?

I grab his hand, applying enough pressure to give an adequate handshake, so I look less like a dope.

When our hands meet, a rush of warmth spreads throughout my entire body. He glances at our hands and back into my eyes, giving me that perfect grin again. I can’t help but wonder if he observed the same jolt of energy when our hands met. The way he is looking at me makes me feel something I can’t put my finger on, but I don’t want the erotic energy to end.

After gaining my composure, I respond, “My name is Tobias Gavin. I’m here to meet with Dr. Richards about setting up my schedule for the fall semester.”

An Adonis-like smile spreads across his face, and I melt again. “Are you a freshman? I haven’t seen you around or in any of my classes.”

I look at him confused. “Didn’t you say you’re her assistant?”

He chuckles. “Teaching assistant. However, I teach my own classes and cover her classes when she is away. I know it seems weird, but Dr. Richards has taught me well. Besides, I’m almost finished with my graduate degree. I turned in my thesis a few weeks ago.”

His voice exhibits pure kindness that sends warmth through by body, helping me relax.

“May I have my hand back?” He laughs.


My body going tense again, I realize I’m still holding his hand. I hesitate for a millisecond—my body wanting our embrace to continue—before letting go of his hand.

“I’m so sorry. I was listening to you talk and forgot to let go.” Kill me. Someone, please hire a ninja assassin to come kill me now.



About the Author

Scott E. Garrison is a debut author, who wants to share new, queer stories with the world. He currently lives in the Oklahoma City, OK area.

Alongside writing, he has a Masters in Library and Information Studies and works as a Librarian for an Oklahoma-based library system. He spends his free time reading, baking, watching movies and TV shows with his husband, and cuddling with his dogs, Jarvis and F.R.I.D.A.Y.


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New Release – Amplified: Sean and Alex by Sunny Day


Book Title: Amplified: Sean and Alex

Author: Sunny Day

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Cover Artist: Harris Channing

Release Date: April 12, 2023

Genre: M/M Romance, urban fantasy, sci-fi

Tropes: Special abilities, futuristic

Heat Rating:  4 flames

Length: 40 000 words

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger



Buy Links

Publisher   |  Amazon Author Page




Having money and influence is not enough to save Sean if the fact that he is an Empath is made public. Amplified, people with enhanced senses, are vilified as a whole and Empaths are the most detested among them. He needs to change that, and for that he will need help. But he is not sure Alex, a powerful Amplified, is the best choice for the task. Alex is not ashamed of his abilities and is vocal in his fight for Amplified’s rights.

Sean has too many secrets and at first Alex vehemently disagrees with his methods. But as they work together, Alex starts to realize there might be more to Sean than he guessed. As he gets to know Sean better, Alex finds himself at unexpected risk: he might be falling for Sean.

But with the Amplified situation as it is, do they even have a chance to be together?



If he was honest with himself, Sean would have to admit that he absolutely hated the idea of an interview on the national television, having to talk publicly about his abilities, answer questions, and listen politely to the truly ridiculous ideas some baseline humans had about Amplified. Some of it was pure reflex, because only a part of his life was public. The other one, where he could sense what other people were feeling and change it at will, he was used to hiding. Besides, there was still a risk associated with openly admitting he was Amplified, an Empath at that. But there were two reasons why he ‘d made this decision, personal feelings notwithstanding.

One, he needed to improve public image of Amplified. A lot of his plans depended on that, and the campaign had been underway for years at this point, even if it ramped up now with Amplified demanding that persecution based on their powers stop and fair treatment be given from baseline humans, be it government agencies or private people.

Two, too many people already knew he was an Empath and not being public about it was sooner or later going to bite him on the ass, and Sean hated being unprepared.

Hence why he was now in a studio of popular talk show, ready to answer questions about his deepest secrets and fears. The interviewer, a dark-haired lady who’d hosted the popular show for more than five years, was excited. The audience present in studio…was mixed, he concluded after a perfunctory scan. His safety was not in question. The show producer was thrilled with this opportunity. Amplified were a hot topic and Foundation, a covert agency which protected and advocated for them, even more. This was going to drive their ratings through the roof. The producer wasn’t going to let anything happen to Sean. Sean, who also wasn’t a naive fool, hadn’t come alone, but no one blinked an eye at the young billionaire coming with a set of bodyguards.

And of course, Sean was also dangerous without anyone’s help. But he was here to convince everyone it was the opposite.

He sat on the couch and waited patiently while the stylist made minute adjustments to his makeup. The stylist gave the host a thumbs-up and retreated. Then the cameras were on and Sean faced millions watching him on their screens at home.

He listened while the host greeted everyone, knowing that, even now, he was being recognized and rumors were already beginning to fly. They didn’t publicize his name when they were advertising this episode of the show, just that the guest was someone from Foundation. Foundation had confirmed it but also kept mum on the identity of their leader. It led to a frenzy on the internet as guesses piled up.

Bianca, the hostess, ran through her opening spiel and greeted the audience, some of whom, he noted with amusement, definitely recognized him. Bianca gave a quick summary of Foundation, basically their role and their decision to finally go public about what they had been doing for Amplified in recent years. Finally, she turned to him.

“I reached out to Foundation hoping for an interview. With the Amplified rights recently in public focus, Foundation is the entity that we are getting most of our information from.”

“We are not the only organization for Amplified, but we are one of bigger ones and pride ourselves on being a resource for all Amplified,” Sean agreed.

“Foundation is not a clandestine scary organization that some are imagining it to be,” Bianca continued. “You are registered as a charitable organization and do operate legally.”

“Mostly, yes. The existing charity was the basic frame that we used to develop Foundation. Sorry, I’ll use this name instead of the official one, since that’s how most Amplified know about us and how the public has learned about us. We help everyone,” he stressed, and he wasn’t lying, “but most of our efforts are focused on Amplified.”

Some of those efforts were not so legal, but up until now both Foundation and government were pretending they didn’t know that.

“Foundation was founded by you personally.”


“And you are…” She trailed off delicately. She was good, he had to admit, building expectation from the audience both here and those watching them at home. She was going to let him say it.

“My name is Sean, and my family owns Pharma L. Most of Foundation money comes from there,” he answered readily. He took a deep breath as the camera zoomed in on him, and he could see his reflection in one of the screens hanging on the side.

No way back now.

“I wasn’t expecting you here today,” she admitted with a smile. “You are, after all, a celebrity in your own right.”

“I wouldn’t put it that way…” Sean demurred.

“You are heir to Pharma L, and besides being filthy rich”—she paused to allow their audience to savor the phrase—”you are also known to be heavily involved in company R&D and already own several patents.”


Pharma L did market that fact. It was not a secret. Sean had never been ashamed of his intelligence. He was not ashamed of his other abilities either, but up until now, they weren’t public.

“So you created Foundation. When they were talking to me, they let me know there was a personal aspect to your decision. You are also Amplified.”


His company’s shares were likely going to sink after this revelation, but the Amplified now had enough backing that they would recover, maybe even increase their value. He wasn’t worried about that.

“An Empath, precisely,” she clarified.


About the Author 

Sunny loves romantic stories with a dash of danger and happily ever after. Yes, both reading and writing them. It’s what takes up most of her time. The rest of it is spent on thinking about new books she wants to read and characters who want their story to be told.


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Matebond Dance (D’Vaire, Book 36) by Jessamyn Kingley


Book Title: Matebond Dance (D’Vaire, Book 36)

Author and Publisher: Jessamyn Kingley

Cover Artist: LJ Anderson of Mayhem Cover Creations

Release Date: April 27, 2023

Genres: MM Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Tropes: Fated mates

Themes: Enemies to lovers

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length:  95 600 words

It is not a standalone story, but does not end on a cliffhanger.

Goodreads Series Link

Amazon Series Link


The only thing these two mates have left in common is dance and scorn.


Shane is a talented dancer, adores his family, and cannot imagine the world without his best friend. Fate made him a shifter, and at seventeen, Shane discovers the boy he has been crushing on for years is his mate. Sadly, Shane’s best friend is not interested in a romantic relationship—especially not with a man.

Gryphon cannot handle learning that Shane is his mate. For most of their childhood, they dreamed of sharing a stage and confided their innocent secrets. But Gryphon never thought of Shane as a potential love interest. Shane is a man, and Gryphon is not gay. Confused and terrified, Gryphon asks Shane to end their matebond forever.

Destroyed by Gryphon’s rejection and refusing to defy the goddess who put them together, Shane leaves everything behind and starts fresh thousands of miles away. Nine years later, both men are accomplished dancers and have barely spoken in years, despite the connection they hide from nearly everyone. Shane is called home to help his father, and he must confront his past—and the other half of his soul. 

With time and space, Gryphon has cast aside the lies he once told himself, and he no longer pretends he is not attracted to Shane. However, Shane has zero interest in reconciliation, and there may be no salvaging their matebond. The choreography of two devoted lovers sets sparks flying, but these two mates have little left between them but spite.



“What’s up?” Shane asked, leaning against Gryphon’s desk and crossing his arms.

“I think you already know what I want to talk to you about.”

“Yeah, I could tell you figured it out this morning,” Shane replied. “You went white as a sheet. Big fucking birthday surprise from Fate.”

“Having a mate wasn’t something I’d thought about. Not now. I’m seventeen. How the fuck can I be a mate to anyone? I’m still in high school.”

Disappointment swept through Shane, but he’d had a year to adjust, and Gryphon was right. They were young, and mates were forever. If Gryphon needed space to spread his wings, Shane had to give it to him. 

“Believe it or not, I understand. We don’t have to make any decisions about the future right now. Shit, you’ve only had a couple of hours to even think about this,” Shane said, giving in to the urge to smile. Gryphon couldn’t see it though; the hybrid refused to meet his gaze. “Fate matched us, but we get to figure out what that means to us. No rush.”

“You don’t understand,” Gryphon murmured. “I can’t do this. I’m not gay, and we’re not a good match.”

Shane’s grin fell as an icy chill swept down his spine at Gryphon’s words. It was Shane’s job as his mate to be understanding, but how could he tell Gryphon it was okay that he couldn’t deal yet with his desire for men? 

An unfamiliar voice in Shane’s head wondered if he was wrong though. What if Gryphon wasn’t attracted to men? Or had buried it too deep to know it was there? Why was this so difficult? Shane was eighteen and not equipped to deal with these kinds of weighty issues, but he wanted to support Gryphon in every way he could.

“I’m not sure what to say,” Shane murmured, his heart clenching in his chest.

Gryphon finally looked up, and there was pleading in those fantastically green orbs. “It’s okay. I talked to Mall, and after that she looked some stuff up and texted me the info. You’re super smart, so I’m sure you remember learning about the demonic ability that can break matebonds. All we have to do is contact the fallen knights. There’s a law now. It’s called Niko’s Law. Named for one of the royal family, I think. Anyway, that made it legal for us to break an unsealed matebond. That way, you and I are free to find the people we’re really meant to be with.”

Pure white-hot rage consumed Shane, and he stood up straight. His arms dropped to his sides, and his fists clenched. 

“You and Mallory decided that the best way to handle our gift from Fate is to break our matebond?” Shane asked carefully, stepping closer to the suddenly wary hybrid. Although Gryphon had a few inches of height and shoulder width on him and could probably beat the shit out of him, Shane desperately wanted to punch the idiot.

“Look, I know Fate is important. We’ve been taught that since we were kids, but Fate makes mistakes. The demonic ability has been used before in situations like this.”

Shane narrowed his eyes. “And what exactly is this situation, Gryphon? Your girlfriend doesn’t want to lose her ride to school, so she’s perfectly happy denouncing Fate? Maybe it’s because you’re a fucking teenager and can’t understand how life works, but let me explain it to you. Fate is the goddess responsible for showing us the other half of our soul.” 

Taking a step closer to Gryphon, the words he’d held in for a year rose up to choke him. He would not stay silent any longer. He couldn’t. His heart shriveled, and pain tore through him at Gryphon’s rejection.

“I’m going to repeat that so it sinks into your thick brain,” Shane snarled. “The. Other. Half. Of. Your. Soul. This isn’t some high school bullshit relationship where you sneak into some girl’s house whenever her mom is at work so you can stick your dick in her. Yeah, I know what’s been going on. Mallory brags about it to her stupid friends in class every couple of days. Lately, though, she’s been reminding them about the car you were going to get for your birthday and how it means no more bus rides for her. Get a clue, Gryph. Mallory doesn’t want to lose the perks of having you as a boyfriend. And if you think I’m going to defy Fate and go against everything our parents taught us to please your girlfriend, you’re out of your fucking mind.”

“Damn it, Shane, this isn’t about Mallory,” Gryphon shouted as he recoiled and backed away from Shane, pleasing him in some twisted way. “I’m not gay. Why would you want to be without someone who could never be with you physically?”

“Think that all you want, but I’ve literally seen you check out my ass. If you don’t want to face what’s inside you…what Fate knows is inside you, so be it.”

“So, you’ll go with me to the fallen knights?” Gryphon ventured carefully.

Shane laughed, but it lacked any humor. It was as black as the cloud consuming his heart and soul as Gryphon begged with him to tear apart what Fate had given them. “No way in fucking hell.”


About the Author

Jessamyn Kingley has published over thirty titles and refuses to pick a favorite among them. With an extraordinary passion for her characters, she enthusiastically adds tales to her D’Vaire series and avidly re-reads them whenever her schedule allows. After decades living in the Washington, DC area, she now resides in Nevada with her husband and their three spoiled cats. When she is not writing or adding new ideas to her beloved notebooks, she is gaming with family and friends. 

Visit her website 

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