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Italian Translations of M/M Romance Novels


A new freelance venture to translate English m/m romance novels into Italian.

Here’s a message from the owners:

“For years, gay romance was made available in Italy through specialized publishing houses such as DSP, which opened the way for this kind of literature, and more recently, Triskell (an all-Italian publishing house).

Italian readers’ demand is very high and few publishing houses can supply all these requests. This is the reason why self-publishing is also popular in Italy. More and more authors would like to be known and offer their books to the Italian public. We, Alessandra and Francesca, take care not only of the translation and editing to provide an excellent product, but also we follow the author for the advertising and promotion through social networks.”


Contact Alessandra and Francesca via Facebook


Check out the authors whose work will be published shortly.

Top Men by G.A. Hauser will be available in the first week of June.

Will Jeff and Mickey be hot enough for the Italian readers?


Coming in July 2015

The Secret by Ashley John


Available now from Rain Carrington

Rebel Yells (Apishipa Creek Chronicles Book 1)


Buy link:


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