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Always ~ Chapter 7



Chapter Seven

Even before I was properly awake, I knew I’d had too much to drink the previous night. My head was pounding and my mouth felt and tasted awful. After the incident with Jedd, I’d knocked back a lot more drink and vaguely remember being helped to the car by Edward and Aiden. It may have been Seb though. Everything was a little vague this morning.

I rolled over and stretched a little, but my stomach objected. I was about to curl up into a ball, but I sensed I was not alone. As quickly as my spinning head would allow, I turned to see who was sharing my bed with me. My foggy eyes met Edward’s concerned emerald ones.

I tried to work out why he was in bed with me, and for the life of me, I couldn’t recall what happened last night or rather the early hours of this morning. Edward obviously understood my dilemma and gave me a knowing sexy smirk.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” He smiled and his face lit up. He looked even sexier than normal with his ruffled bed hair. Edward was wearing a t-shirt. My chest was bare, but I could feel my jeans were still on. We’d both slept in some clothing at least. I sighed. Nothing sexual had happened between us. It would just be my luck to miss it because I was drunk.

“How are you feeling, sweetie?” he asked and softly stroked his fingers down my cheek.

My words came out gruffly, “Rough… my head is pounding and I feel queasy.”

“Well, you did go a little overboard with the drinking last night, Jay. I’ll fetch you some water and painkillers.” And with that, he peeled himself out of my bed. He was only wearing briefs with his t-shirt. I groaned as I took in his long, muscular legs and his sexy ass.

Edward turned and chuckled. He knew the effect he was having on me.

I slowly sat up in bed as he filled a glass and sorted out some tablets for me. He sat on the bed as I swallowed them down. “Can I get you anything else? You should really eat something soon, Jayden.” I shook my head and my head pounded even more.

“I’ll give you a few minutes and then I’ll make us some tea and toast. You really need to get something inside you, babe.”

“Mmm… so true.” I smirked back at him and he raised his eyebrows at my double entendre.

“You can’t be that ill, if that’s all you can think about,” he teased.

“Well, it’s not often I wake up to find my red hot, sexy boyfriend in my bed,” I replied, grinning back at him.

Edward blushed and hesitated for a moment. “Well then, next time I’m here, I hope it isn’t because you’ve had too much to drink.”

He seemed a little embarrassed so I changed the subject. “Sorry about last night, Edward. Seeing Jedd in Nineveh City just freaked me out.”

“I know, hun… hopefully he won’t be a problem anymore. I just wanted to stay here with you to make sure you were all right,” Edward said and leaned forward to kiss my cheek. He went to move towards my lips, but I pulled away from him.

“Seriously, Edward, I need to brush my teeth. My mouth feels like a donkey’s dick has been in there all night.”

Edward let out a cute giggle. “I’ve never heard that saying before. Lucky old donkey is all I can say.” And he continued laughing.

I trudged down the corridor to the bathroom, emptied my bladder, and scrubbed and rinsed my mouth until it felt human and fresh again. I splashed cold water on my face in an attempt to wake up completely.

By the time I returned, Edward had a cup of tea and a plate of lightly buttered toast waiting for me.

“Wow, that was quick work,” I praised him enthusiastically.

“If I was a quick worker, hun, we’d both have woken up naked in your bed this morning.” He grinned at me, seemingly recovered from his earlier embarrassment.

I nodded, acknowledging the truth. We seemed to be taking ages to get down to some serious loving.

“But I wasn’t going to take advantage of you, Jay. As I said last night, I want you for always, not just a bit of drunken fumbling.” As he said these words, a warm tingle washed over me.

I moved closer to Edward and snaked my arms around his waist. “Can I have my good morning kiss now?” And without giving him a chance to answer, my lips brushed against his. He hummed his affirmation into my mouth and then his lips started to glide over mine. Our arms tightened around each other as the kiss deepened and our tongues became involved. But I sensed this was as far as we would be going this morning.

When we finally stopped, he reminded me about the cooling toast and tea, and we reluctantly peeled our bodies apart. Sitting on my bed, eating and drinking, we chatted enthusiastically about the day ahead of us.

Once we had finished, Edward kissed me softly again. “I have a special treat planned for us early tomorrow morning, sweetie, as you are treating me today,” he said and his sensuous voice washed over me, sending prickles down my spine.

“Mmm… Is it a surprise or are you going to let me in on this?” I asked, drawing circles on his arm with the tip of my finger.

“As you’re asking so nicely, I’ll put you out of your suspense, Jay. We’re going for a trip in a hot-air balloon.”

“Really?” I could barely keep my excitement under control. “I’ve always wanted to do that.”

Edward blushed and smiled at me. He looked relieved as well. Perhaps he feared I might be scared of heights or something. But unfortunately this made my choice for this afternoon pale into insignificance.

Edward immediately noticed my sudden change in demeanor. “Hey, babe, what’s the matter?”

I shrugged as he pulled me closer to his chest. “Nothing, I guess. It’s just that my plans for this afternoon are nowhere near as thrilling as yours.”

“Oh, sweetie,” he said gently, tilting my face up to his, “whatever we do, it will be special because I’m with you.” Just the tone of his voice and a few kind heart-felt words were enough to put me at ease.

My throbbing head had eased a little by the time I headed to the shower. Edward decided to go back to his house to get ready and we planned for me to drive by to collect him in about an hour’s time. I had asked him to sort out some sports clothing for the activity I’d planned for later in that afternoon, but I decided not to spoil the surprise and just hoped he’d enjoy what I’d planned for us.

Even though it was the last weekend in September, it was a gloriously warm and sunny day. After checking the forecast yesterday, I decided we could have a picnic in the local park and watch some local musicians perform. So before collecting Edward, I packed several blankets and the finger food I’d purchased the previous day.

When I arrived at the boys’ house, only Aiden and Seb were up. Edward was still upstairs getting ready, so I sat and chatted to them for a few minutes while I waited. Seb seemed so much happier in Aiden’s company. “Thanks for dancing with Aiden last night, Jayden, you saved me the embarrassment.”

“No problem,” I assured him and felt relieved he was not jealous of Aiden’s hot routine with me on the dance floor.

“But you can dance with Aiden next time, Seb. It’s about time you treated your boy to a dance,” Edward said as he walked into the room. He wound his arms around me and kissed me firmly on the cheek.

Seb nodded but didn’t commit himself either way as he eyed my Edward. A spark of jealously flashed through me with the non-verbal communication that obviously still passed between the two of them.

We said our goodbyes and wished each other an enjoyable day. When Edward implied he would see them tomorrow, I hoped that meant he would be staying the night with me again. I was determined to remain sober so I’d remember everything that passed between us today.

I drove us to the nearby park. We left the picnic hamper in my car and leisurely walked hand in hand in the sunshine along the tree-lined paths and around the impressive lake. We stopped every so often and sat on the strategically placed benches to admire the picturesque views. Passing many other couples and families, we continued in our own private bubble. Occasionally, I would feel unease when I saw a solitary male.

Edward pulled me in for hug after about the fifth time I tensed up. “Jay, what are you so nervous about? It’s just you and me here, sweetie. Don’t worry about anyone else.”

I tried to offer an apologetic smile and make light of my apprehension. Yes, I was nervous about how things would go today for us, but I was more concerned about suddenly bumping into Jedd. What if he ignored Edward’s request and had followed us here?

As my eyes drifted from his, Edward gave me a kiss on my forehead, and then said, “Tell me, Jayden, please.” The look in his eyes sent a shiver through me.

“I keep thinking I see Jedd. I’m worried he will hurt you, Edward. I would never forgive myself if anything happened to you because of me.” My heart physically felt like it was in pain with the thought of losing Edward.

Edward pulled me into a closer embrace. “Jayden, as I said last night, Jedd won’t bother you again and I can assure you, you’ll never lose me.” And with that, he kissed me on the mouth tenderly and in full view of everyone around us.

We continued walking, chatting and laughing as we went, and I started to relax a little. We made our way back to the car to collect the blankets and our picnic and then we settled down on the vast expanse of grass in front of a bandstand along with a host of other people. Considering it was such a beautiful day, there weren’t as many people as I’d expected to be there.

We’d already started eating our late lunch, when a guitarist began playing on the bandstand. He was, in fact, amazingly talented and the notes from his electric guitar resounded around us as we enjoyed our first proper date together. It may not have been an exhilarating balloon ride, but as Edward said, it didn’t matter as long as we were enjoying each other’s company.

The guitarist’s music was haunting, and as the breeze blew through our hair, I gazed at Edward. With his eyes closed and his face lifted towards the sun, he looked so breathtakingly beautiful I could have watched him all day. It was for only a matter of seconds, but I wanted to capture this glorious moment and wrap it up in a box to keep forever.

We had finished eating when the second act started; this time an acoustic guitar accompanied a female singer. She had a beautiful voice and sang a mix of different covers plus some of her own original songs, many on the theme of lost love. By now, Edward was lying on his back with his head resting in my lap. I idly played with his hair and massaged his scalp as we chatted or just listened to these soulful ballads. We smiled when the lyrics meant something to us and laughed when she sang a cover of Always by Erasure.

“Our song, Jay.” Edward beamed at me.

“Mmm… I remember you dancing to this the first night we met.”

“The best night of my life,” Edward purred. “You do realize how much you mean to mean, Jayden? I’ve never felt like this about anyone before.”

My cheeks flushed. “You’re everything to me, too, Edward. And I want a chance to show you how much you mean to me later tonight, if that’s all right with you?” I’m sure I blushed a deeper shade of pink.

“As long as you promise to stay sober for me this time,” he teased, but underneath I thought he looked a little anxious.

“Talk to me, Edward, please.”

His lips parted as if he intended to say something just as the music stopped. We broke eye contact for a few seconds as we joined in the applause that echoed around the park.

A group of good-looking guys came onto the bandstand next and introduced themselves and their music, and our intimate moment was gone. “We’ll talk later, Jay, I promise,” Edward said, as he sat up and reached for some grapes. He fed a few to me in between popping some into his own mouth.

Gathering up the blanket and the remains of our picnic, we headed back to my car. We passed the first guitar player who was still strumming his guitar quietly a little way from the bandstand. In front of him, spread out on a cloth, were copies of his CD that he had been promoting. We bought two copies, one for each of us, as we’d loved his music and I relished having a physical reminder of our first romantic afternoon together.

“Now for our next activity.” I hadn’t told Edward about this part of our afternoon yet. “I’ve booked us in for a wall climbing session in a sports center not far from here.”

“Seriously?” Edward asked, “I’ve always wanted to do that. Thanks, sweetie, but don’t we need special clothing of some sort?”

“No, they said we can do it in any clothing which covers our elbows and knees. Do you have that with you?” As I spoke I wondered if Edward would be wearing skin-tight fluorescent pink Lycra. I actually quite liked the idea of my boyfriend wearing such an outfit.

“What are you smirking at, Jay?” Edward asked, amusement spreading across his face. “Are you dying to see me stripped down to my briefs again?”

I shook my head and laughed. “Just picturing what you might be wearing, Edward.”

“And pray tell, what vision do you have in your mind?”

“Err… you in skin-tight pink Lycra,” I said, trying to keep a straight face.

Edward grinned. “No such luck, babe. Sorry to disappoint you, but actually I do like the sound of that.”

We checked into our session at the sports center along with six other guys and then changed into our sports gear. Edward, surprisingly, dressed rather conservatively in a royal blue long-sleeved top and slightly darker jogging pants. As he turned around, I smirked when I saw his top had NSFW emblazoned across the back in silver lettering. I loved his sense of humor.

“Oh wow, Jay, you look so hot.” Edward growled at me.

“It’s just what I wear when I go jogging,” I replied and he raised an eyebrow in response. We made our way into the sports hall and I felt as if his eyes were roving all over my body as he walked behind me.

We sat on wooden benches as our instructors talked us through the various safety procedures and what we could expect from our afternoon session. Being a small group, we would probably make three or four attempts at climbing the different interior rock walls.

The other guys in the group were outwardly macho and heterosexual, and I got the impression they were making snide comments about us to each other. Anger built up inside me, so when I heard a comment about ‘Mr Camp’ going first, I released my fury at them.

“I would appreciate it if you kept your comments about my boyfriend to yourselves,” I barked boldly at them.

The ringleader of the group laughed loudly and sneered, “Who said I was talking about him?” He nodded at Edward. “I was talking about you, fairy gay boy.” And he looked directly at me.

His words knocked the wind out of my sails. Edward stepped up close to me and placed a supportive hand at the base of my spine. “It’s not worth getting into a conversation with these ignorant people, hun,” he whispered into my ear. My mind was still reeling from this guy’s statement. I couldn’t believe that I was the one who was seen as camp and gay when standing next to Edward.

While all this negative banter was going on, the instructor was getting one of the other guys into his safety harness and giving him words of encouragement as he began to scale the first wall rapidly.

Edward and I held back and let the other guys have their turn first. As we waited, I quizzed Edward about what he had meant. Instead of taking it seriously, Edward started laughing at me. “Honey, you should see the look on your face.”

I was becoming exasperated. “What’s so funny, Edward?”

“You obviously think I’m the camp and flamboyant one, but you’re so obviously gay, too, darling. And I love you just the way you are. I wouldn’t change anything about you, Jay.”

By the time I was making my way onto the plastic rocky ledge at the top of the climbing wall, I’d calmed down a little. I’d never considered myself as overly camp and always thought I could pass myself off as straight if I ever needed to. I thought about the guys from my halls of residence and Ellis, who had detected that I was gay almost immediately, so there must be something about my persona that gave me away. I would never in a million years have considered myself as outgoing and flamboyant as Edward.

The instructor at the top of the climbing wall told me to wait while we watched Edward scale the wall. He greeted me with a wink and a beautiful smile when he reached the top. I just laughed at him, deciding to relax and be myself. There was nothing I could do to change who I was now and I wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of my days with this gorgeous man standing before me.

We abseiled down the wall together with Edward giving me words of encouragement all the way because I suddenly felt fearful of the long drop and the angle at which I was perched. Perhaps I was a big wuss after all and needed Edward to look after me more than I realized.

We stayed in the sports hall a little longer to give the homophobic guys a chance to leave the building. The last thing I wanted was an aggressive confrontation with them.

We showered separately and were soon on our way back to Edward’s house.

I chatted to Jack and Zachary while Edward went upstairs to get dressed for our evening out. I told them about the comments the homophobes had made about me and realized I was still upset. At first, they were considerate and understanding, but then they started teasing and laughing at me. I was seriously having a hard time coming to terms with it all and Edward coming down the stairs dressed in a pink shirt, looking drop-dead gorgeous didn’t help my self-confidence. He slipped on a dark gray woolen jacket to match his pants. He looked smart, yet at the same time casual, as he was not wearing a tie and his top buttons were undone. I also noticed that he’d replaced the diamond stud in his ear for a pink gemstone to match his shirt.

Edward waited in the car while I went to my dorm room to change my clothes. I’d spent a while the previous day debating what to wear and now I’d seen Edward’s outfit, I was pleased with what I’d chosen. My shirt was a deep purple and my suit was dark charcoal grey. I decided to wear a dark patterned tie, too. As I took a final look in the mirror before I left, I smiled and let out a long calming breath. If I looked overtly gay, I decided I didn’t give a damn. I only hoped Edward thought I looked hot and desirable.

I’d chosen a family-run restaurant in a quieter part of the town. The owner made us feel quite welcome from the start and led us to our table in a cozy alcove at the back of the restaurant. A fire crackled in an old brick fireplace and the soft lighting gave the whole place a romantic ambience.

“I’ll give you two boys a moment to peruse the menu,” she said, smiling kindly. “Can I get you some drinks in the meantime?”

“Would you like some champagne, Jayden? My treat,” Edward offered.

I wanted to celebrate our first proper date so I nodded, “Mmm that would be lovely… but just one glass as I’m driving.” I looked at Edward and tried to convey my intention of staying sober tonight. I wanted to spend the night with him and not just sleeping.

We had selected our menu choices by the time our champagne arrived.

“Here’s to us,” I toasted and we clinked our glasses together.

“For always, sunshine.” Edward beamed.

After taking a few sips, Edward placed his hand over mine on the table. His thumb made a soft circuit over my warm skin and prickles rippled over my scalp with this wonderful sensation. My body was already anticipating so much more for later that evening.

We recounted the fun we’d had together that afternoon and I asked if I really appeared so obviously gay to everyone around me. Edward replied that I always looked sexy, hot and totally fucking gorgeous to him. He didn’t swear often but when he said these words, my cock started to harden immediately.

Our conversation flowed as easily as it always did. We talked about many things, some serious, some more amusing. Everything was just perfect. I’d never felt so happy in my entire life and I told Edward this was how I was feeling. He agreed with me and thanked me for a wonderful day. I wanted to say it wasn’t over yet, but something made me hold back from relaying what was on my mind.

At last, Edward broached the subject that I felt he’d been avoiding ever since I’d found out about it. Edward let out a slow breath and taking my hand in his, he started to tell me intimate details about his life. He started by talking about two of his serious boyfriends, Timothy and Seb. As he spoke about his past, I got the impression he was now fearful of sex.

“I met Timothy in Port Angeles during my last year in high school. We’d gone there to play tenpin bowling to celebrate Aiden’s birthday and during our final game, another group of teenagers took over the adjoining lanes. To cut a long story short, Timothy and I got chatting in between our turns and planned to meet up in the cinema the following weekend.”

Edward paused as he contemplated what to tell me next. “We had a few dates before he finally persuaded me to go back to his place. His parents were out and we were soon fumbling with each other. He dropped my trousers and made it obvious that he wanted to fuck me. I panicked and retreated to the corner of his room blubbering like a baby. I told him about the attack on me, saying I didn’t think I could ever let anyone take me like that again. He responded angrily by saying that he only topped so there was no point in wasting his time with me anymore. He practically threw me out of his house.”

Edward was obviously hurting with his recount of this unpleasant experience. I squeezed his hand in an attempt to offer my sympathy.

“By the time I got home, I was in such a state and told Ellis what had just happened. Being protective of me, he wanted to go and give Timothy a piece of his mind. I stopped him as, in his anger, he probably would have beaten the shit out of him.”

I could quite believe Ellis would do that. “And he’s been looking out for you ever since?”

Edward nodded and smiled. “He does have the best intentions, but as you know, he doesn’t always go about things in the right manner.”

“So what happened on the day you were attacked?” I wanted to get this out in the open and put it behind us.

“Do you really want to know?” Edward asked, his voice fearful.

“Only if you are willing to tell me Edward. I don’t want you to upset yourself.”

He sighed and looked away from me, clearly recalling the fateful day. “I want you to know everything, sweetheart. I just don’t want to send you running from me. I don’t think I could bear that. It has happened several times with other guys I’ve been interested in.”

“You won’t lose me, Edward,” I promised. How many times would I have to reassure him of this?

He seemed encouraged by my words and continued. “I used to spend quite a lot of time by myself even though I had many friends in high school. I used to go to this amazing place a few miles from my family home. It’s a beautiful, circular meadow in the middle of a forest and hardly anyone knows it’s there. In the spring and summer, it’s almost magical. Just imagine the long grass sprinkled with white and pale blue flowers, the sound of birds singing and the buzz of insects.”

“It sounds wonderful,” I agreed with him as I pictured this special place in my mind.

“I used to take a blanket, some books and a picnic, and spent hours just reading or sketching all by myself. But I haven’t been there since that day,” Edward said, his face sad. “Four guys were hiking when they came across me sunbathing on my blanket. They emptied my rucksack, tore up my sketches and proceeded to tease me. I responded angrily, which only made them react more violently. One guy yanked down my trousers, another spat on my crack and fingered me while the others held me face down. This big fat guy climbed on top of me and tried to ram his short dick up my ass. The pain was intense and I screamed and struggled to break free. I really tried, but he punched me.” Tears filled his eyes and all I wanted to do was to hold him in my arms and take away these haunting memories.

“He came over me, Jayden, and I can still hear the revolting grunts he made as he did so. What made it worse was I knew the other men were going to try the same thing. I tried to struggle to get away from them, but they hit me and held me down even harder. I really thought I was going to die that day. I don’t remember much about what happened next. My face was being pushed into the soil when I heard a lot of noise and a scuffle. Apparently, Seb, Zachary and Jack had been passing nearby and heard my screams. They came to my rescue and chased off the other guys.

“I remember Seb holding and comforting me as I blurted out what had happened. I think Jack used my phone to call my father. I was still clinging to Seb when he arrived with Ellis. After a few hours in hospital and being interviewed by the police, I was finally allowed home. Seb visited me several times over the course of the next few weeks and we became friends. I was invited to the reservation and developed a bond with all the boys there. Seb and I started going out and he helped me overcome the anxiety I felt about my experience. He encouraged me to be myself again and not to hide my sexuality. We kissed and made out, but I just couldn’t cope with anything more. Seb understood and accepted this, but it was obvious that we were just destined to be supportive friends rather than lovers. There was no real chemistry between us in that way.”

I wanted to disagree as I’d seen how Seb had looked at Edward. However, I was grateful that Edward had unburdened all this and felt that he looked relieved at being able to get through this terrible episode in his life.

“Were those guys ever punished for their crime?” I asked vehemently.

“They all received prison sentences as a result. The first guy is still locked up even now.” Edward didn’t seem to be gratified by this. “They haven’t stopped me being gay, Jayden, but I want you to know that I think I would be very uncomfortable if you asked me to bottom for you. I hope that doesn’t put you off me. I should have told you sooner, but I didn’t want to risk losing you. I want us to be intimate, but I don’t know how far I could go. I might get in a panic again.” He was definitely laying his vulnerability out there clearly for me to see.

I tried to reassure him. “Edward, what we have is special and I don’t want to lose you either. We can take our time, until you feel ready.”

“You must think I’m a great big Nellie.” He sniffed, wiping his nose with the back of his hand.

“Takes one to know one,” I jested and we laughed together.

“I apologize for my flirting the first night we met. It’s just my way of getting to know people. I suppose it’s a safety barrier of sorts.”

Edward’s flow was interrupted when the chef came up to our table and asked us if we’d enjoyed our meals. We chatted to him for a while and I settled the bill.

We decided to pass on the coffee as I said I’d make us some when we got back to my place. Edward was a little reticent as we drove along and the minutes ticked by.

I pulled up and parked the car and turned to face Edward. “Are you sure you want to come up to my room?” I asked, giving him the option to leave. “I could always drop you back home, Edward.” I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable with me or under any obligation to stay. Perhaps it would be wise to give him a little more time. I would willingly wait until Edward was comfortable with his feelings about this.

Edward spoke quietly. “I want to be alone with you, sweetheart. Just don’t expect too much from me.” His voice was trembling. He was clearly nervous, his normal bravado replaced by something akin to uncertainty.

I placed my hand over his and squeezed it, hoping to give him some reassurance.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, Edward. We’ll take it slowly and I promise I’ll never hurt you. Just say the word and we can stop straight away if you feel uncomfortable.”

I recalled my promise to Ellis that I would be gentle with him and kept telling myself I was what Edward needed right now—and forever. We would work through his fear together and overcome it. I had to be the one who was bold and confident even though I was just as uncertain as he seemed. I hoped we’d learn much about each other this evening and in the coming weeks.

I took Edward’s hand and led him to the communal kitchen first. I made us a small mug of coffee each, but neither of us sat down at the central table. After a few moments, we made our way to my room. We didn’t really drink much of our coffee for as soon as I’d closed and locked my door, Edward took the mug out of my hands and placed them both down on my desk.

Edward wound his arms around my waist and kissed me with his usual confidence. My fingers carded through his straggly copper hair and I held him close to my aching body. Pulling him to my mouth for another kiss, I let his velvety tongue explore my open mouth. Our lips moved almost in slow motion as we relished the fact that we had plenty of time on our hands. We could go as slowly or as quickly as we wished for no one was going to interrupt us this time. Despite my overwhelming desire to strip him naked and attack him, I maintained my self-control.

Peppering kisses along his jaw, I made my way to his ear and ran my tongue around the pink gemstone. Edward responded with an erotic whimper I hadn’t heard him make before. Our hands had worked their way under each other’s jacket, and we were firmly stroking and gripping up and down the other’s back.

Edward pulled back and smiled at me. Then his soft lips kissed from my cheek down to my neck until he traced along my collarbone. He languidly made his way toward the hollow of my throat, the tip of his tongue lapping circles on my skin.

His hands cupped my face and gradually slid down to my neck, his thumbs tracing more soft circles as he went. His long fingers eased under the collar of my jacket and slid it off in a smooth, fluid motion. I helped him off with his and we laid them together across the back of the chair by my desk.

Sitting on the edge of my bed, we paused for a moment. Our breaths came out in short, shaky movements as we took in the sight of each other. Edward looked longingly into my eyes and I’m sure I returned his gaze with equal desire.

Boldly, I let my body sink backwards so I was lying fully on my bed, and as I did so, I tugged at his shirt in an attempt to get him to lie over me. Edward willing joined me and our kissing resumed. After some mutual grinding, he slid to the side of my body. He eased off my lips and he slowly trailed his chin down the center of my chest. He proffered soft kisses over the fabric of my shirt and nipped my protruding nipples with his teeth. He looked up at me through his long lashes. I groaned at the pleasurable sensation and he smiled again.

His hands joined in and traced the planes of my chest, gradually making their way down to the waistband of my pants. My hands skimmed down his back until I was gripping his hips. Boldly, I slid them across the cheeks of his ass and elicited a moan as I massaged him tentatively. I loosened his shirt from his pants, slid one hand up his smooth back and pulled him on top of me for another kiss. I felt his hardness, as I am sure he felt mine, as we thrust against each other again. Our breathing hitched up another notch. We panted and moaned into each other’s mouths and our lips continued to mesh. I desired his touch on my cock and I craved his, too, but I decided to let Edward lead the way tonight.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait too long. “Jayden, touch me please,” he rasped into my mouth.

I flipped him onto his back and started to palm his hardness over his pants. He obviously desired more, thrusting up into my hand as I rubbed over his erection several times. With his head tilted back and his eyes closed, it was a joy to watch my boyfriend fall apart. I made quick work of undoing his pants, slid them open and pulled out his shirt rapidly. My fingers gripped his cock over his briefs and then slid under the material so that now I had him completely in my hand.

“Fuck, Jayden,” he hissed and I almost came with the sound of his voice.

I stroked him up and down softly at first, but released him so I could pull his pants down further and push his shirt completely out of the way. As I did so, I caught sight of the sprinkling of stars tattooed across his left hip and leading around to his lower back. I traced over them with my tongue as far as I could without turning him over and then made my way down to the trail of hairs that led to his impressive length. My eyes took in the glorious sight of his toned waist, abs and upper thighs. I wanted to strip him naked but decided that perhaps it would be best to wait until next time to do that.

Bypassing his erection, I teased the inside of his thigh with my tongue. My kisses moved leisurely upwards, the soft texture of his hairs tickling my upper lip. He rotated his hips, giggled, then purred with pleasure and his cocked twitched in front of my face. I breathed in deeply to take in his essence and swirled my tongue over his smooth balls. After several satisfying swipes over him, I licked all the way up to the head of his cock.

“Oh my God, Jayden,” he gasped. His hands firmly gripped the bed covers on either side of him.

Smiling to myself, I swirled by tongue around the head and into his slit as I thoroughly moistened the top of his dick. Spurred on by his incoherent murmurings, I took as much of him into my mouth and almost gagged. I pulled off quickly, recovered while giving him a few more licks, before relaxing my throat and diving back onto him. I worked up and down him noisily with my lips and tongue as I set about giving him the best experience of his life. I gripped his buttocks with both hands and squeezed as I plunged over him repeatedly, continually lapping my tongue around the underside of his head.

I knew he was close to coming by the way his breathing hitched and his abs tensed. I shot a look at his face just as his head and shoulders rose off the bed and his glazed eyes stared down at me. His head tilted back and his mouth gaped open with a loud gasp.

“Jayden… God… I’m…” He called out a warning growl as his hips rose and his cock pulsed, shooting warm jizz down my throat. His body continued shuddering as more salty liquid squirted into my mouth. I swallowed some of it, but most dribbled out over my bottom lip and onto my chin. I stroked myself, and with little warning, I came with him into my hand. My head dropped to his thighs as I emptied my load and I came apart over Edward.

Giving myself a few seconds to recover, I returned to his cock and kissed his swollen head, spreading his jizz from my chin back onto his cock. When he became too sensitive for me to continue, Edward pulled me up so I was lying on top of him. We kissed tenderly and Edward sought out my tongue unashamedly as we both came down from out mutual highs.

“Wow, hun, that was so… mmm,” he said, between our kisses. “Just amazing, Jayden. And it was so hot that you came too.”

We nestled into each other’s arms. “Was that okay for you, Edward?” I finally asked. “You didn’t mind me squeezing your butt did you?”

He laughed. “No, I didn’t mind at all, Jayden. And that blowjob was definitely better than okay.”



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