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Always ~ Chapter 6



Chapter Six

A few eyebrows twitched at my words and eyes averted to the ground. Only one person, who I recalled seeing in the communal kitchen, continued with the conversation.

“Cool. How long have you been together?” He seemed genuinely interested. I had a feeling he also batted for the other team.

“Only a few days,” I replied and he smiled in return.

We exchanged a few more pleasantries by the time we got to my room.

As I shut the door behind me, I felt relieved that these guys were accepting of my same-sex relationship even if some of them were a little embarrassed. I looked forward to inviting Edward over as my boyfriend and felt we wouldn’t get any hassle from these lads on my dorm corridor.


My alarm woke me with a jolt from a deep sleep the following morning. It had been the best night’s rest I’d had since starting college. I dozed a little longer, thinking about Edward, and left entering the shower until the last possible moment.

I had just finished getting dressed and was about to give Edward a call, when my phone rang. Assuming it was Edward, I answered chirpily, only to be slightly disappointed when I heard my father’s voice. He kept me talking for a while. His reason for calling was to invite me out for a meal that evening as he was in the area for the day on business. Since I’d not called home during the last week or so, he thought we could catch up on what I’d been doing recently. All the time, I willed him to end our conversation so I could speak to Edward.

By the time I’d finished talking to him, I was running very late and didn’t have a few minutes spare to call Edward. I decided to text him instead on the way down to my car. I was thrilled because I was walking much better today. This was going to make Saturday easier for me.

I really wanted to speak to Edward, to hear his voice as well as to reassure him I was driving as well as walking fine. I tried calling him as I left my car, only to be diverted to his messaging service, but didn’t want to leave him a voicemail. I walked as fast as I could and only just made it to my lecture in time. I turned my phone to silent and continued to check for a response from him every ten minutes or so.

The morning passed surprisingly quickly. My history sessions were fascinating and I got involved in various animated discussions.

As I left the lecture room, an exuberant and excited Edward greeted me from a distance. He bounced around, waving his arms in an attempt to catch my attention. I think nearly everyone else saw him as he almost galloped towards me, especially as he was wearing a great big fluffy, almost hairy, grey jacket.

“Hey, Jay! I missed you calling me this morning,” he gushed as he wrapped his arms around me.

“Hi, Edward,” I said quietly as he kissed the side of my head. My face flushed and I tried not to look at the people who were giving us obvious glances.

“Hun, are you all right?” he asked, totally ignoring the tutting I could clearly hear around us. “Are you okay with this?” He motioned with his hand between the two of us.

I nodded but pulled away from him slightly and walked slowly, hoping he would walk beside me. “Mmm… I’m surprised how easy I found driving this morning. Walking is still a little difficult… but hey, I’ve managed so far by myself.”

“I thought you were going to call me before you left to let me know how you were doing?” He looked truly disappointed.

“Sorry, Edward. I wanted to, but I got up late and then my dad called. Didn’t you get my text?”

“I did… I just wanted to hear your voice, hun, that’s all,” he said as he nudged closely against me again. The soft fur texture of his jacket brushed against my bare skin, sending a warm tingle through my slightly chilled body. He slid his hand into mine as we walked along together.

We made our way to the cafeteria and met up with the other guys, who greeted us warmly. I managed to carry my tray of food to the table without spilling anything. Edward followed close behind me with his tray and I wondered if he was there to rescue me in case I had an accident. We sat down next to each other and he started asking me about the conversation I’d had with my father earlier. I explained that he was in town on business and that he’d invited me out for dinner that evening.

“So I won’t be seeing you tonight, then?” he asked, seemingly a little put out. “Can’t I tag along and meet your father?” I was growing to love the way in which he pouted his lips.

As much as I wanted to see Edward this evening, I had yet to tell my family about him. “Perhaps next time,” I offered. “I haven’t told him about us and we haven’t even been out on a proper date yet, Edward. We don’t know how things will turn out between us.” It was a feeble excuse and I knew it.

“And you think I might change my mind about you after Saturday?” Edward said, with a smirk of sorts.

“I hope not,” I said seriously, putting my hand on his arm.

He still had his furry jacket on. “Aren’t you warm in this Yeti suit?” I teased, trying to lighten things between us.

“You don’t like my designer jacket?” he responded in mock offence, covering his mouth with his hand.

“Er… to be honest, Edward,” I started to say but, when his face really fell, I stopped.

To my relief, Zachary interrupted us. “Are you two lovebirds up for a visit to Nineveh City tomorrow night? Even Seb says he’ll be bringing Aiden along.”

I looked at Edward for some sort of explanation. “Apparently it’s the best gay nightclub around here, sweetie. A bit like Babylon in ‘Queer as Folk’ or so I hear. Not entirely my scene, but if you’re up for it, babe, then I’m game.”

I would have thought it was entirely up Edward’s street and wondered why he seemed reluctant to go there. “I’m sure we’ll have a great time with all the other guys being there with us,” I encouraged him.

He accepted that it would probably be fun. “I’ll just have to hope you won’t be tempted by all the hot men you’ll see there. Apart from me that is,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

At the end of our lunchtime, Edward walked me to my next lecture and gave me a quick goodbye kiss on the lips. “Call me tonight when you get back, hun,” he requested with a slight tilt to his head. As he walked away from me he turned back and called, “Missing you already, babe.”

I knew I would miss seeing him that evening as well, but I focused on the weekend ahead of us when we could be together as much as we wanted. I was a little nervous about seeing my father, but I was determined to tell him about Edward and my new gay friends.

I managed to get quite a lot of work completed after my class, which resulted in me arriving a few minutes late at the restaurant to meet my father. He was already seated at a secluded table for two when I joined him. Our conversation flowed easily. I told him about my college course and how I’d settled into life away from home. Not wanting to leave the most important piece of information until the end of the evening, I braced myself for his reaction.

“I’ve met some great friends already, Dad,” I started confidently. “They all share a house together near the college.”

“That’s good, son.” He seemed genuinely pleased that I wasn’t on my own in an unfamiliar town.

“And I’ve started seeing one of them,” I said as slowly as possible so he understood. “His name is Edward.”

For a few seconds, his face showed no reaction at all and I was unsure how this was going to pan out. “Well, I hope he treats you with more respect than that Jedd did. Are you sure this Edward is all right?” he asked, showing concern for my wellbeing. He accepted the fact that I was gay, but showed neither approval nor condemnation about my gay relationships. I should have known he would be okay with this. He’d never taken to Jedd and obviously hoped Edward was nothing like him.

“Yes, he’s a great guy. He’s looked after me and been a great help this week. He’s smart, a creative cook, and an amazing musician,” I gushed. I wanted to say something else about his personality, but I was reluctant to mention Edward’s rather flamboyant nature. I recounted some of the times I’d spent with Edward over the past week and my father listened intently and with interest as I spoke about him.

I left my father with a promise to call home to update my mother as well. As soon as I got back to my room, I called her and practically had the same conversation I’d had with my father earlier in the evening. However, she reacted more positively, and eagerly invited Edward to stay when I returned home in a few weeks time.

It was past nine o’clock by the time I finally called Edward.

He answered immediately. “Hi there, Jay. Did you have a good evening?”

I sat on my bed and closed my eyes, trying to picture his face as he spoke to me. He really had the most beautiful voice. I could have listened to him talking all night. I tried to imagine him sitting next to me and holding me in his arms just as he had done the previous evening. Edward told me what he’d been doing since he left me that afternoon and I recounted my evening’s events for him. Neither of us seemed eager to end the call, so we chatted about random things.

“Tell me what happened with Jedd,” Edward said, suddenly changing the subject.

And because I didn’t want to withhold anything from him, I went into quite a lot of detail. As I was talking, I hoped my frankness would encourage Edward to open up to me about his past, too.

“I met Jedd almost a year ago at a friend’s party. We got talking. He came on to me almost straight away and became my first proper long-term boyfriend soon after that. We were together for over six months and I stayed over at his place a few nights each week.” I paused while I decided how much to tell Edward. I didn’t feel comfortable discussing my sexual activity yet, so I skipped over that part.

“We got on really well at first. He’s six years older than me and I looked to him for support and guidance when I came out to my parents. After a few months, he started becoming moody and possessive. It got to the stage where I couldn’t talk to other guys without him becoming angry and losing his temper. When we were alone he would intimidate and verbally abuse me, but then after a few hours, he would apologize profusely and we would always make up. However, it became more frequent and even if I just looked at another guy, he would lose it. He became more and more aggressive as well when we were alone. I lost my best friend because of him. I really thought he was going to hit me sometimes. After one serious falling out, I finally decided to call it ‘a day’ and we split up. He kept calling me for weeks afterwards, but I refused to talk to him. My father also refused to let him in the house and sent him packing when he knocked on our door late one night. That was a few months before I came to college and I hadn’t seen him until the other night at the coffee bar. I don’t think he ever really loved me, but for some reason, he didn’t want me to be with anyone else.”

I shuddered at the memory of my relationship and my stupidity for staying with Jedd for so long.

I had the feeling that Edward wanted to ask me something else but was holding back. I gave him a few seconds before continuing to speak. “So are you going to tell me about your… boyfriends?” I asked tentatively.

“Soon Jay… I promise, but I’d rather do it when we’re face-to-face.” He sighed heavily. I didn’t want to push him. Edward would tell me when he was ready.

I decided to stay in my room all day on Friday to get ahead with the work due in the following week and made excellent headway with my studying. I felt excited about that evening’s trip to the gay club and the fact that Edward and I would be going as a couple. Perhaps we could count it as our first date after all. He sent me numerous texts about the evening throughout the day and I got this wonderful feeling he wanted to keep in contact with me all the time. In between studying and replying to Edward’s texts, I managed to sort out and book a table for us at a restaurant for the following evening. I wanted to make the day really memorable and special for him, so I tried to think of something else we could also do in the afternoon. I’d written off the morning because I expected to be sleeping in after a late night out clubbing.

It took me a little while to decide what to wear. Edward had texted me to tell me to wear as little as possible because we’d probably get hot while dancing among other heated bodies. After much indecision, I chose a dark vest top and lightweight chinos. Edward had described what he’d be wearing and there was no way I would ever compete with that.

The boys decided we would ride to Nineveh City in two cars rather than relying on cabs. Ellis would drive one and collect me along with Ryan and Edward. We were going to park up and then meet the rest of the boys inside the nightclub. I was already waiting for them on the pavement when his car pulled up. I hopped onto the backseat and snuggled up near to Edward straight away.

I took in Edward’s sexy appearance. His copper hair had been trimmed slightly and styled in a manner that really suited him—still bedraggled but stunning. He was wearing a silver t-shirt that looked like it had been slashed open across his collarbone. He looked deliciously hot. I leaned in to kiss his exposed skin. He pulled me to his side and I took in his gorgeous scent. I nuzzled his smooth, chiseled jaw and nipped the skin behind his ear. “Missed you lots,” I murmured softly.

Ellis looked at us via the rearview mirror and smirked. “Leave it out, you two, or at least wait until we get to Nineveh City.”

Ryan turned around sharply to look at us, so I reluctantly sat up and took Edward’s hand in mine. He squeezed it firmly and whispered loudly so everyone could hear, “I can’t wait until we’re dancing together, sweetie.”

Ellis replied, “They have a back room as well if you want to do more than just dance.” He guffawed at his own statement and wiggled his eyebrows amorously.

“Why would we want to make out in public like that?” Edward said, suddenly sounding very prudish.

Ellis shook his head at his brother, but did not say anything else to wind him up.

Edward whispered into my ear so only I could hear, “When we make love, Jay, I want it to be very special and totally private. I don’t want anyone watching us.”

His voice and breath washed over me, causing a ripple of shivers to run down my spine. I was perfectly happy to leave any serious making-out to the privacy of our own rooms, and relished the fact that he was also considering this.

Thankfully, the journey wasn’t too long and we were soon heading towards the bar to meet up with the rest of the guys. We were the first to arrive and Edward bought the first round of drinks—a strange-looking red cocktail concoction—while we waited for them.

As he handed me my drink, Edward lifted an eyebrow and leaned close to my ear. “Enjoy!” His tongue peaked out as he raised the glass to his smiling lips.

We stood propping up the bar, watching the club around us slowly filling up with gay men. After about ten minutes, we heard Zachary and Jack calling out to us before we even saw them approaching us across the dance floor. They wore similar skin-tight denim clothing that clung to their bodies. A happy-looking Seb, and presumably, Aiden, trailed behind them hand-in-hand. Despite being perfectly content in Edward’s warm arms, I was drawn to Aiden’s cute face as I checked him over. He was good-looking for sure, with lovely wide, brown eyes.

Seb introduced me to him and we greeted each other with a smile and a nod.

“So Edward’s finally found someone to tame him, then?” Aiden said jokingly.

“Why does everyone think I need taming?” Edward huffed and looked out sulkily into the crowds of gyrating men.

I pulled his face around to mine and kissed him firmly on the lips. “Wild thing,” I growled into his mouth and my cock hardened. He chuckled at me and pushed his hips against mine.

“Only for you,” he purred against my temple.

If we carried on like that, I would be dragging him into the back room, begging him to do something more to me than just kissing. “You have no idea what you do to me… or do you?” I challenged.

“I’m glad I affect you this way.” He beamed at me.

He gripped me around the waist and pulled our hips together more firmly. We could both certainly feel each other’s erections. “The feeling’s mutual I see.” I smirked and kissed him again.

Seb bought us all another strong drink and we stood chatting and commenting on the men around us, trying to be heard over the loud, pulsating music, which filled the club.

By the time we made it to the dance floor, we’d knocked back various drinks, and my knees felt a little shaky.

Seb and Aiden stayed by the bar, clinging to each other, while the rest of us happily followed Zachary and Jack into the hot and sweaty throng of dancing males.

Both Edward and I were a little self-conscious at first, so we kept our arms wrapped around each other and our eyes locked together. I’d desperately wanted to get my body close to his for days now, and with a lot of alcohol inside of me, my inhibitions were slipping away. If I stayed focused on him, I could block out the stares from the men who were grinding around us.

We danced smoothly together, our foreheads connected for much of the time. My arms draped around his neck, while his gripped my waist or hips. I sensed we were being watched but refused to search for the eyes I felt were bearing down on us.

Edward was, in fact, a great mover, making me feel perfectly at ease. Our lips connected—nothing too heavy—just a short soft kiss on the lips or cheeks every now and then. I wanted to wait until we were alone before we shared a truly passionate, unrestrained kiss.

When we’d had a few dances, we joined Seb and Aiden at the bar again for another drink. Jack and Zachary had disappeared and I assumed they were somewhere in the back room. After a while, Edward and Seb went to the men’s room, leaving Aiden and I to become better acquainted. Even though he was friendly, we were a little stuck for conversation, so I asked him if he wanted to dance. He accepted eagerly, saying he didn’t know why Seb bothered bringing him here, as he never danced.

On the dance floor, Aiden let go of his reticence. We danced closely but without our bodies touching. He used every part of his body as he moved seductively in front of me. His arms swayed in the air, head tilted back, lips apart and his hips rotated as he sank down slightly on his knees. His dancing was so erotic and attention grabbing. A space formed around us as our growing male audience turned to watch the pair of us performing. I tried to mirror Aiden’s moves as accurately as I could. The pulse of the music, along with the smell of turned-on men encouraged me to release the last of my shyness.

Aiden moved around my body until he was breathing against my neck and across my shoulders. His warm breath prickled against my heated flesh and I closed my eyes to cut out the glares of the lust-filled men in front of me. His arms snaked around my waist and he started to grind his hard cock against my ass as he swayed his hips from side to side.

Despite the glorious feeling, I was sober enough to realize I shouldn’t be in such a compromising position. It would hurt Edward if he saw another guy thrusting himself into me. Opening my eyes, I searched for Edward, hoping that I wasn’t in his line of sight. Thankfully, I couldn’t see Edward or Seb anywhere. Instead, what caught my eyes, however, sent a chill running through my very core. For in front of me, not twenty feet away, was Jedd, my possessive ex-boyfriend. He was slumped against the metal staircase that led up to a viewing platform. His head tilted slightly to one side. He held a bottle of beer casually in one hand by his side. His dark, almost black eyes bore into mine, his face expressionless yet menacing at the same time. He had been the one watching me all evening.

I was all set to panic and run, when a new pair of arms wrapped around my waist. “Thanks, Aiden, sweetie. I’ll take over now.” Edward pulled himself against my back. “Are you deliberately trying to make me jealous, Jay?” he growled into my ear.

I twisted in his arms so I was facing him.

Freezing on the spot, he took in my countenance. “What’s wrong, Jay?”

I pulled myself to his chest and slipped my arms around him not wanting ever to let go. “Jedd… he’s behind me. Watching me,” I rasped, fear in my voice.

Edward stilled completely, but not out of fear. He looked over my shoulder, his eyes scanning the crowd and I sensed when he found what he was looking for. He glared at Jedd for a few seconds and then he looked back at me and smiled.

“Forget what I said earlier about not making-out in public. I want to do this now.”

And with that, his lips crashed down on mine. One hand grabbed the back of my neck, holding me so I couldn’t pull away. His tongue made its way into my mouth, and despite the blaring music all around us, I heard and felt the groan Edward made. He held his body flush to mine as we kissed passionately. I forgot about Jedd and any other potential viewer, and immersed myself in Edward. This was our best kiss and I’m sure Edward was going all out to prove something to me. He showed no sign of wishing to pull away, so I continued. My mind eventually returned to Jedd and I prayed that Seb and Ellis were nearby in case he decided to do something silly with the glass bottle he was holding. I also remembered seeing several men standing on the edge of the dance floor who were obviously bouncers, so I relaxed a little.

“I thought you weren’t going to make out in public,” Ellis boomed into our ears. Edward released my lips and glared at his brother. His eyes also scanned the room again for Jedd.

“Is he still there?” I asked nervously.

“Yep… he’s still there, babe.” Edward stared over my shoulder.

“What are we going to do?”

Edward looked at me again. “If we go, then he has won, sweetie. Let’s stay here and keep dancing. He won’t try anything in this crowd.” Edward massaged my shoulders, trying to soothe the tension.

“What if he follows us when we leave?” I started to panic again and fear blazed through me. “What if he followed us here and already knows where we live?”

Edward thought for a moment. “Stay here with Seb and Ellis,” he requested, and walked over towards Jedd.

My head was now spinning and sweat formed on my forehead. Seb and Aiden took me in their arms. “He’ll be okay, Jay. Don’t worry.”

But, of course, I did. Edward was the love of my life and I didn’t want to lose him in a club brawl.

We watched intently as Edward stood tall and defiantly in front of Jedd. I sensed Ellis was preparing to move at a moment’s notice and Seb edged closer to them as well. I couldn’t hear, but it looked like Edward was confidently doing most of the talking. Jedd glanced from Edward to me several times with a look of disdain on his face and then strolled away from him. Edward stayed with his back to us for a few seconds, but then twirled around and walked straight back to me. He took me in his arms and kissed me again.

When he pulled away, we danced slowly together, our heads side by side.

“What did you say to him?” I asked eventually.

“I explained the situation very clearly to him. I told him never to intimidate you or even try to contact you again because you are simply not interested.” He moved so our foreheads touched.

“I told him we are together now and that you are mine,” he said. “Are you happy with that, Jay?”

I was more than happy with his statement. “I’m all yours, Edward,” I replied and relaxed my body against him.

“Always,” we both uttered as one.


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