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Always ~ Chapter 11



Chapter 11


As he said those words, I made a silent promise to him that before the night was out we would have indeed made love. I loved him. I wanted him. God damn it, I needed him now more than ever. What was the point of waiting any longer?

I responded with a kiss. “I want you to stay the night with me, Edward. I don’t want us to wait any longer either.”

Edward smiled faintly and then swallowed hard. I tried to relax and not become too anxious at the thought of us lying naked together in my bed. We were both consenting adults who loved each other very much.

Edward obviously sensed my unease and, as we drove along to my place, he told me about the conversation he’d had earlier in the afternoon with his mother. Apparently, she was eager to meet me and he’d arranged for us to visit his family in two week’s time. A ripple of nerves fluttered through me, but agreed whole-heartedly to being introduced to his parents.

At the same time, I thought Edward should also meet my family and said I would try to arrange a trip for this coming weekend. I was a little worried about my father’s reaction as he’d never taken to Jedd, but I was sure my mother would placate him for me. Plus Edward’s exuberant personality would surely win him over in minutes. I was certain they would both accept my first proper boyfriend since my split with Jedd, especially when they saw how serious we were about each other.

While Edward focused on the road ahead, I studied his beautiful profile. I loved the line of his jaw, now peppered with soft, dark stubble. His skin seemed almost iridescent in the light cast by the street and car lights. His tongue peeked out to moisten his succulent lips. He swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing clearly in his slender neck. As he blinked, his long eyelashes fluttered gracefully. His eyes were still slightly bloodshot from his crying earlier, which again made me feel guilty for my desperate actions this afternoon.

“I’m so sorry, Edward,” I whispered, and leaned over to rest my head on his shoulder.

Edward cradled my head in his arm and replied, “Will you please stop apologizing. Let’s forget about this afternoon and concentrate on our time together this evening.” He massaged his fingers through my hair. I tilted my head and gave him a soft, butterfly kiss on his chiseled, square jaw.

As we made our way into my hall of residence, Edward looked a little nervous or perhaps anxious would be the right word. We met up with the guys who’d helped us out earlier that afternoon and they delayed us by asking lots more questions. After a few minutes, Edward became a little fidgety, shifting around from one foot to the other and playing with the buttons on his jacket. I was about to wrap up the conversation when he tugged at my sleeve. His hand dropped down to mine softly stroking my skin, and then he linked our little fingers. The other guys soon took the subtle hint and bid us goodnight.

Within moments we were inside my room with the door locked and rapidly shedding our jackets.

Edward’s intention was perfectly clear as he directed me towards the bed. He pushed me down firmly so I was lying on my back, then he knelt beside me, his hand immediately finding its way under my t-shirt. Our lips connected as he fervently stroked over my tingling skin.

Not wanting to lie back and let Edward dominate, I sat up and planted kisses on his abs over his t-shirt. Such a simple gesture had Edward gasping hoarsely within seconds. Spurred on by his response to my actions, I pushed up his t-shirt to expose his skin and kissed all over his chest and taut stomach, continually stroking and nuzzling against him. Edward caressed the back of my head, letting out sighs of pleasure even before we had really started anything serious. My lips and tongue followed the line of his tattooed sprinkling of stars towards his hip and back again. “I love this design,” I told him for the first time.

While I was still kissing his belly and swirling my tongue around his piercing, I flipped his button and started undoing his jeans. Edward ripped off his t-shirt, exposing his sexy upper body to me. He stroked my arm then gripped my head against him as I undid his zip. He pulled his own briefs down slightly on one side, exposing a little of his smooth butt.

Leaning over me, Edward kissed my skin some more and then he pulled my t-shirt over my head. Pushing me back down onto the bed, he kissed my neck and chest, his hands exploring keenly. Edward rubbed over my throbbing groin and inner thighs, as I in turn snuggled into his neck while he licked and teased my aroused nipples. I squeezed over Edward’s firm ass and pushed his briefs down, shifting the fabric to his knees.

Edward kissed me on the mouth while frantically undoing my belt and button. The air was filled with our whimpers and, surprisingly, I didn’t care who heard us.

As Edward pulled my jeans down my legs, he managed to drag me along the bed, too. My boots were still on, which stopped my jeans going any further. Edward had to pause to undo the laces. To help him out, I reached up and undid one boot. It must have looked comical with both my legs up in the air and my jeans wrapped around my ankles. It broke our momentum, but at least it gave us a few seconds to calm down. We giggled at ourselves when we realized how desperate we were for each other and that relieved some of the tension.

After pulling off my boots and throwing them on the floor, Edward peeled off a sock and massaged the sole of my foot with his thumbs. Shivers of pleasure ran up my leg to my spine and my cock pulsed with desire for him. I wanted Edward so much. Everything felt so right with him—as if it was always meant to be.

Edward took the sock off my other foot and gripped both feet, holding them high in the air as he continued his sensual massage. While he did so, his eyes swept over my body and up to my face. Our eyes met and I stared intently, trying to impart how much this act of lovemaking meant to me. “I love you,” I mouthed to him.

In return, Edward smiled and said, “Love you more.”

He positioned himself between my thighs, and with my legs elevated and leaning against his chest, he pulled off my jeans and briefs in one sweeping movement. I wrapped one leg around his hip with the other resting over his calf as he sank down between my thighs and over my body to kiss me.

Kneeling between my thighs, he sat up slightly and took hold of my upright, rigid cock. He gripped the base tightly as his lips slid deliciously over the glistening head.

I used one hand to hold my head up as I watched him twisting his palm up and down my now throbbing length. He licked over my balls and up my cock, massaging a nipple with his other hand. Then, as his head bobbed up and down, he started to gently knead my balls. I felt the need to keep one hand in contact with him, so rested it on his shoulder as he sucked me.

When he eventually pulled off, I sat up and helped him shift his pants and briefs down to his ankles. While I was there facing his groin, I took his heavy cock into my hand and guided it into my mouth. I gripped hold of his thigh to steady myself, and he placed his hand over mine as I slurped up and down his warm, smooth length. His breathless moans only encouraged me to take him deeper towards the back of my throat. As I lifted my hand to stroke over his smooth abs and chest, my thumb caught on his nipple ring and I teasingly flicked it, which earned further groans of delight. He gripped the back of my hair tightly, not meaning to cause pain I’m sure, but it aroused me beyond measure.

“So good, babe,” he whispered. “Oh yeah, feels so good.”

After several minutes, he eased me onto my back. Edward leisurely licked up the middle of my body from my cock to my lips and took my mouth possessively, flicking out his wet tongue so it danced with mine. “You taste so wonderful, sweetheart. Do you like tasting me?” he purred into my mouth and sucked the tip of my tongue.

“I love the feel of you in my mouth.”

Gripping both of our firm cocks in his hand, Edward stroked them both together, leaning over me and kissing me passionately. He rested his head against mine, breathing deeply against my face when he pulled away from my mouth.

“I want you so much, Jay,” he gasped.

Without hesitating, I reached under the bed for my lube and coated his solid cock liberally with it. I rubbed the ends of my fingers over my hole and between my ass cheeks to wipe off the excess liquid.

“I want you to fuck me right now.”

Edward took the bottle out of my hands and shook his head. “I’m going to make love to you, Jay. Not just fuck you.”

With that, Edward drizzled some lube onto the tips of his fingers and gingerly applied it over me as well. One finger eased tentatively and then started to swirl it around softly to open me up. “You feel so tight, Jay. Relax for me, hun,” he encouraged.

Closing my eyes, I let out a long breath and the tension released from my lower half.

Shifting forward on his knees, he teased my entrance with the head of his cock, sliding it between my cheeks and around my waiting bud. Edward cautiously pushed and circled my hole until he was just inside of me. Patiently and watchful of my reaction, he waited while I expanded and adjusted to his girth. He then pushed in slowly. The slickness from the lube helped to guide him in and I relaxed to accept him fully. When he was completely enclosed, he paused and we both let out a satisfactory sigh of pleasure. Edward’s eyes never left mine. He smiled softly down at me. “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“No, it feels so good,” I gasped. “Don’t stop.”

One of my ankles was supported on his shoulder, the other rested over his thigh. Edward started to glide in and out.

After a few minutes, he gained a firmer, more confident rhythm. We were both humming with the sensations building within us. I stroked my cock languidly, my head resting back into the pillows. Edward grasped my thighs then rubbed one hand over my body as he eagerly rocked his hips. Next, he seized hold of my cock and started jerking me in time with his thrusts. I fully relaxed and succumbed to the ecstasy washing through me. I wanted to watch what he was doing to my body, but I thought if I could see him, I would definitely come immediately. I wanted our first time to last so much longer.

Closing my eyes, I concentrated on the sound of our slapping flesh and Edward’s muted groans. But wanting desperately to see the look on his face, I gazed up at him. He was becoming hot and sweaty with the exertion. I squeezed my cock to hold back my orgasm as he pummeled into me.

I was pushed further along the bed with each thrust until eventually my head was hanging over the edge. Edward had my ankles clasped in his hands now and my legs were held up in the air—almost in a v shape—as he rammed deeper and deeper. I pushed my hand flat against the wall or reached back to grab the headboard to get some purchase so that he didn’t force us both off the side of the bed. The bed frame itself was rocking and squeaking with our frenetic activity and we were definitely making more noise than I knew we should. I expected someone to bang on the wall or door to tell us to keep down the noise, but to be honest I don’t think I could have contained my groaning as Edward fucked me harder. I felt relieved we didn’t have Edward’s brother and housemates listening in on us. I never expected our first time together to be so perfect. I thought it would be awkward, but everything as always seemed so right between us.

Edward’s eyes were squeezed shut when I sneaked another look at him. He was flushed, with a light sheen of moisture over his face and heaving chest.

After a time, Edward slowed down and withdrew from me. “Roll over for me, Jay,” he asked and motioned for me to turn onto my side. Getting behind me, he entered me as we spooned. There wasn’t a lot of room on my bed for us, but we slotted together effortlessly. He held up my upper thigh while I stroked myself and he lunged rhythmically into me at a relentless pace. “Are you okay, babe?” he asked, nibbling my ear. I nodded my reply to him.

Pulling me closer to him, he eased my head onto the bed so I was almost lying on my back and he leaned in for a lingering, searing kiss. I could taste the sweat collecting on his skin around his lips and his breathing sounded labored as he continued to drive into me.

I was so close to coming. I could feel the tightening deep inside as the unremitting sensations built up steadily.

Edward gave several extra deep thrusts with exceptionally loud accompanying grunts, and at first, I thought he had come inside of me. But as he continued to pound away, he stared intensely into my eyes. I knew from his hooded look that he was very close to his release; his face was bright red and wet and so beautiful. His lips claimed mine once more and, as he slowed, he rested his forehead against my face.

Edward certainly had stamina and knew what to do to elicit maximum pleasure within me. He continued to plunge into me repeatedly without pausing. His hands were still roaming over my body or gripping my cock for me. We clasped hands together over the base of my cock, kissing tenderly when he slowed his pace again.

Wanting to change our positions and to give him a rest, I said, “Do you want me to ride you, Edward?”

“Fuck, yeah,” he responded, and flopped onto his back, holding his still thoroughly aroused and rigid cock upright for me to sit on.

I straddled his hips and positioned myself over him, sliding down effortlessly until he was completely inside, even further than before. The new angle of penetration gave different and additional sensations within me.

Within moments, Edward was writhing in pleasure and groaning even louder than before, his hands stroking over my hips as I rode him.

His head rose and fell as his hips thrust up into me, sighing with delight. He gripped my cock and stroked me. I rocked my hips forward and back, with my hands clasped behind my head as I rode him deeply and slowly.

Edward gripped my thighs and exclaimed, “Yeah, that’s it. Ride me.”

I let myself go, jerking my hips quickly as he thrust up deep inside me

“Oh, yeah,” he gasped.

“Fuck, yeah.”

He spat on his palm and jerked me off as we both rallied towards the end. As much as I wanted this to last longer, I knew we were on the final run to our release and nothing was going to halt us now. Edward was beyond desperate, his head lifting and dropping as he watched his hand rapidly gliding over my cock and my hips grinding fiercely over his. I placed my hands on his chest and rocked over him faster.

He panted and called out repeatedly. “Oh, yeah,” and “Oh, God,” as he started to fall apart beneath me.

I beat him to the finish, but only just.

“Yeah, I’m gonna come,” I warned him seconds before I blasted my creamy load over his hand and chest. He gripped my thighs harder, encouraging me to rock violently over him.

“I’m coming, Jay,” he yelled, as he lifted me off him and jerked his load over his own chest to join my streams of thick come. “Oh, shit. Oh, yeah,” he purred, looking down at our mingling excretions.

I gave a few final strokes of his cock to finish him off and was rewarded with his body twitching and convulsing in its final throes of pleasure.

“Mmm… that was amazing,” I said, leaning in to capture his lips with mine. “You enjoyed that, Edward?” I asked softly, already knowing the answer.

“That was awesome,” he said breathlessly. His body still juddered with his orgasm.

Edward pulled me closer and kissed me with his mouth opened wide. Stroking the back of my neck and keeping me close to him, he said, “I love you so much, Jay. Promise me you’ll never leave me.”

I smiled down at him as I uttered my reply. “I love you, too, more than I can say. And I’m yours, Edward, always.”




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