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Confidential Encounters Anthology ~ Interview with Louisa Mae

A warm welcome to Louisa Mae and congratulations on the release of your first story in the Confidential Encounters Anthology.


Interview with Louisa Mae  

Getting to know you…

What is your favorite movie? Hands down, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Seen it countless times, I am word perfect, and that includes ALL aspects of audience partici….pation.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I either wanted to be a nurse, or a librarian. Not that much different I know. As a child, I loved going to my local library with my dad, and it a such a magical world. Now the thought of being  nurse turns my stomach I get queasy at the sight of blood, my own is fine but when I see things on tv about hospitals, I can’t watch.

What were you like in school?

Very quiet. I know a total shocker. The change happened for me when I left school and went to college, I found my voice and confidence. The rest, as they say is history.

What sound do you love to hear or make?

Thunderstorms. LOVE the sound of thunder rumbling and the noise lightning makes when it cracks through the air.

Now a few questions about your writing…

How long have you been writing and what made you fall in love with writing?

I’ve been writing for five years now. But this is the first story I have published other than some fanfiction. For me, it’s the fact you can express yourself and bring life to characters that (hopefully) people will love.

Can you give the readers a brief summary of your latest story?

Below The Line 

When confirmed bachelor Connor James arrived at work sporting the hangover from hell, the last person he expected to see was his most recent one night stand. Despite Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome being the hottest person he’s ever met, Connor isn’t looking for a relationship, but fate it seems has other plans.

When self-made businessman Jason Birch took ownership of the up-and-coming marketing firm, the only thing he expected to find was another addition to his expanding firm, Ad-Venture. Coming face to face with his one and only random hook up from the previous night throws Jason a curveball. His every thought since he left their hotel room has been about hunting the sexy blond down, but a relationship with an employee isn’t going to happen.

One night was all either expected from the chance meeting, and an office affair is the last thing they need, but they’re unable to deny the passion which draws them together.

What led you to write this story?

I was asked by my good friend, Nicole Colville, well I say asked it more corralled, if I wanted to join a writing project she was planning. Where she would put a charity anthology together to give us the experience of publishing while raising money for a great cause. The charity is getting 100% of the proceeds. Nicole is covering all the editing and cover costs herself. We chose a LGBT charity that works worldwide. The link is here:

What genre does it fall in?

It’s M/M romance.

Please share an excerpt from your story.

As I stared at him, hearing but not taking in the words he was speaking as he addressed us, realisation dawned on me. Well, it more crashed through the door and knocked me flat on my back. I knew the man standing before me, and not just in the ‘he looks kinda familiar’ way. I knew him intimately. I wanted to crawl under the nearest desk and hide, or if not possible, I’d settle for the floor opening up and swallowing me, a portal opening to another dimension. Anything but standing there.

He continued to speak, but I wasn’t focusing on the words coming from his highly talented mouth. Jason was everything I remembered him to be, and so much more. He was a commanding presence—everyone else in the office was enthralled. He was strong, confident and oozed sex appeal. This was the man who’d kept me up most of last night while he ravaged my body, tearing orgasms from it before I finally passed out in his hotel bed, exhausted.

Do you want to share any funny moments or experiences while writing this book, did your characters play well with you?

Did you play well together? The book is set in my home city, and the office building is one I used to work in. There is a character in it, who is based on a manager I used to have. I never intended to draw from real people, but as I introduced them, it just flowed and worked. There is a line that made me laugh as I typed in, in reference to her character. My men, Connor and Jason had their moments, especially Connor, if he didn’t like what I was doing he would sulk. Full on, arms folded over his chest and refusing to talk. He was a lot of fun really.

Give us a little insight into your main characters. Who are they? Connor James is mid twenties, single, and loves his life. He’s used to not having a care about anyone else, and certainly wasn’t looking for anything more than fun. Jason Birch is a self made business man, driven by the desire to succeed. They both have their own quirks, and Connor made me giggle on more than one occasion with his wit and sharp tongue

Will we be seeing these characters again any time soon? Is this book part of a series?

I have a second book planned, and that will be from Jason’s POV, so we’ll get to hear from him and get inside his mind which I’m really looking forward to. He’s already been in my ear at usually 5am demanding I listen.

What scene in your writing has made you laugh the hardest or cry the most?

With Below The Line, it was a conversation about one of the office managers and the fact she has children. Connor says he thought that dragon’s laid eggs. I am working on another story, and that made me cry as there is a scene where following the death of someone, the simple act of their mug being smashed it emotional. That is something that happened to me, so putting it into a novel meant a lot.

Do you write full or part-time?  If part-time would you like to share your job with your readers?

I write part time, as in whenever I can. I work full time, and have been studying for a  professional qualification in my own time, so fitting time to listen to my demanding men has been difficult at times. The day job? I’m a credit risk controller for a motor auction. Not glamorous, but it keeps me busy.

In your opinion do you feel a book blurb or the cover art is more important in generating interest in a book and why?

I think it’s because when you are looking for something to read, it’s true that we DO judge a book by its cover. It has to catch the eye in the mass of books your see online, if something blends in, or looks like everything else then you won’t stop to look any further. A good blurb will grab your attention, I’ve read a lot of blurbs and then bought the book. I need to intrigued – maybe that’s just me.

Are there any causes within the LGBTQ community that are a hot button for you or that you are passionate about?

At the moment, it’s the whole discrimination regarding which toilet (bathroom) you pee in. WHO CARES! People are comparing these people to sex offenders, STOP IT! I worked for bank about 8 years ago and we had a member of staff going through male to female reassignment. We treated her like a woman, and we all complained and took her side when a manager suggested she use the disabled toilets rather than the ladies. To us, she was a woman and only one person made any fuss about it. Personally, I’ve gone into the mens toilets in bars and clubs when the queue for the ladies has been horrendous. Stop discriminating, it’s the 21st century people!

Who would you say is your biggest supporter?

Without a doubt, Nicole Colville. I met her when we worked together and it was one of the biggest blessings in my life. I know without her constant encouragement, cajoling and downright demanding I wouldn’t have made the leap to publish anything. There are other friends who have told me not give up, Matt, Dora, Sheila and Tash to name but a few. These are people I can message when I’m having a mini meltdown and they understand.

In this ever changing market, do you prefer e-books or paper books and why?

I think with e-books you can carry so many with you, on either a phone or Kindle. It’s opened up a whole new world to so many people. There is nothing like holding a real book in your hand though, I have lots of paper books still and will never get rid of them.

What other projects are you currently working on that you would like to divulge to us?

I have a full length novel that I did for Nano-Wri-Mo in 2014 which I am editing and revising, and I also have another novel I am totally in love with, and have the most stunning cover designed by Jay Aheer. That will be published this year, all being well. Then there is the follow up to Below The Line.

Many thanks for sharing with us today.


Confidential Encounters Anthology

Confidential Encounters


Authors: Nicole Colville, April Wallington, Louisa Mae, T.A. Reign, Laura Raven

Word Count:147,000

Print Page Count:470

Published By:Hidden Pleasures

Cover Designer:Kellie Dennis from Book Cover by Design

All the proceeds from this anthology will be donated to the Kaleidoscope Trust which promotes LGBT rights internationally. By reading, you’re helping support a very valuable service to our community. Thank you.


cropped-Rainbow-Header copy 5


When the pressure at work rises, so does the passion. Five sweltering shorts to heat up your kindle and set your pulse racing.

Relationships in the workplace sound like a fantasy come true, especially with your sexy boss, but it’s not all hot encounters in the stationary cupboard and stolen kisses over the coffee machine. Being a couple in both you professional and personal world could make it easier to face what life throws at you, but it could also threaten to drive you apart.

Confidential Encounters includes five short stories, each very different in their own way with equally different men, but all have one thing in common… their professional and personal lives are mixing.

Though the passion and the heat is off the charts, can they turn hot encounters at work into something more, or is that a step too far?


The Newcomer: April Wallington

Mailroom worker Dylan finds himself working as a spy when his sleazy boss forces him to infiltrate a rival company. Living with an abusive father, Dylan is stuck in the closet. Unhappy and desperate to find a way out of his lonely life, but too afraid to do anything about it, he meets a man who could give him the confidence to take that leap — his new boss and the man he’s spying on.

As co-owner of his own business, sharing his home and work life with his best friends, Jamie appears to have it all: an active sex life and an expanding company to run, but he’s looking for more. When he meets Dylan, he’s offered that chance. Moving on means big changes for them both, and with Jamie’s private and personal life so closely connected, both question if a relationship will work and how it will affect the people close to them.

 Below The Line: Louisa Mae

When confirmed bachelor Connor James arrived at work sporting the hangover from hell, the last person he expected to see was his most recent one night stand. Despite Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome being the hottest person he’s ever met, Connor isn’t looking for a relationship, but fate it seems has other plans.

When self-made businessman Jason Birch took ownership of the up-and-coming marketing firm, the only thing he expected to find was another addition to his expanding firm, Ad-Venture. Coming face to face with his one and only random hook up from the previous night throws Jason a curveball. His every thought since he left their hotel room has been about hunting the sexy blond down, but a relationship with an employee isn’t going to happen.

One night was all either expected from the chance meeting, and an office affair is the last thing they need, but they’re unable to deny the passion which draws them together.

 Double Dealing: Nicole Colville

Caught in a messy merger with the mounting pressure to close a multi-million dollar deal, business mogul Ryder Granger finds things are more hostile than the average takeover, but he’s not just interested in acquiring the lucrative Lyon coffee chain. He has an entirely more personal motive hidden beneath his cool exterior and designer suit.

Trace Lyon believes the merger with B&G could be the way out of the closet his strict Southern father keeps him locked in, but there’s one big problem. Ryder Granger is everything Trace wants, and everything his father despises. Two years ago, they shared one incredible night together, but despite the connection and the intense heat, both walked away.

With the deal falling through, Ryder brings an unexpected offer to the table — a more personal type of merger between the two rival families, one Trace is dead against. After all, an arranged marriage in New York in 2016… That could never work out. Taking control in the only way he can, Trace agrees to marry Ryder, but secretly plots to double deal both his father and Ryder. He just has to get this whole absurd wedding out of the way first and ignore how happy Ryder makes him feel.

 Skin Deep: T.A. Reign

Nurse Jai Kapoor lives in the shadows, keeping a barrier firmly in place between himself and the world. Considering himself a freak of nature due to his skin disorder, he hides under layers of clothes, hoping to blend in and become invisible. Lonely, touch-starved, and unable to break out of self-imposed restraints, he keeps his head down and focuses his energy on healing and comforting his patients.

Top of his field in orthopedic surgery, Doctor Lazarus Sukas demands perfection from those who work with him and in his private life. Despite his good looks, his only concern is his job and the patients he operates on, not on a relationship. When an explosive encounter in the operating room brings the two men together, their controlled, lonely lives begin to change. The attraction between them ignites in a firestorm of passion, creating a need so intense, neither can deny.

Beautiful: Laura Raven

With shaggy blond locks, deep green eyes, and a naturally athletic physique, Nathan Finn looks like your quintessential California surfer, but having grown up in Nebraska, he’s never actually been on a board. Like many twenty-somethings in Los Angeles, Nathan and his roommate work together at crappy job in a call center while their band works to hit it big. Sadly, aside from working and the occasional gig, Nathan doesn’t really have much of a life to speak of, and those fleeting moments on stage are the only times he really feels alive. His love life is practically non-existent, and he doesn’t really feel the need to change that.

That is, until a mysterious stranger breezes into the office and wakes him up from his zombie-like existence. Nate’s new co-worker is stunningly beautiful… like, could be a model beautiful — lithe with long black hair, smooth pale skin, and blue eyes you want to swim in. From the moment their eyes meet, Nate wants nothing more than to learn everything there is to know about Skye.

There are questions he’s hesitant to ask, however. Is Skye a man or a woman? And, what does it mean that he doesn’t really care?


cropped-Rainbow-Header | Amazon UK

Available through Kindle Unlimited. Exclusive to Amazon. $3.99 / £3.00




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Born and bred in the the vibrant city of Leeds in the North of the UK. I’ve always loved reading, and one of my fondest memories from childhood was the weekly visits to the library with my dad. It always seemed such a magical place to escape into through the books I read on a weekly basis.

I’d not really thought about writing in my adult life until I was introduced to the world of Fanfiction and after reading so many I found myself making friends through this new media. My friend, Lori, told me to have a go at writing one, and I did. That work took on a life of its own and opened my eyes to the possibilities. This allowed me to get used to plotting a story and while making the characters my own. I also started to beta/pre read for others and discovered, that much to my surprise, they valued my opinion and input.

Making the move to write M/M or slash as it’s known, took me a little longer. After becoming good friends with a wonderful lady from Illinois  who told me (repeatedly), “You should write slash, I think you’d be good at it.” I shied away from the idea for so long, but the seed was firmly sown in my mind and soon took root and a life of its own. I decided to write a short piece as a surprise gift for Angela’s birthday that year. Emailing it to her, given the time difference between the UK and US this meant I was desperately waiting for her to see in and I think I heard her delighted scream. Thanks to this, and working on writing group competition, I soon found that I preferred writing M/M to M/F.

In 2013 fate intervened and I lost my job. Through my new one, I met Nicole Colvlle,  and the rest, as they say, is history. This marked the start of a beautiful friendship. She encouraged me to make the switch to writing original fiction, and I signed up to Nano Wri Mo 2013, but due to changing jobs I couldn’t commit the time needed. In 2014 I signed up again, and smashed the 50K word goal in 30 days, with a story I love and am proud of.

I’ve been beta reading for Nicole over 17 books now (including the 10 shorts in Knights) and the confidence she inspires in me has been invaluable in my joining this anthology and publishing my first work.


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About Lily G Blunt - Gay Book Promotions

About the Author Lily G. Blunt writes contemporary gay romance. She loves to explore the relationship between two men and the intensity of their physical and emotional attraction. Angst often features in her stories as she feels this demonstrates the depth of the men's feelings for each other. Lily is forever writing imaginary scenes and plots in her head, but only a few ever make it to the page. There never seems to be enough hours in the day despite having left the teaching profession to concentrate on her writing! Lily discovered the wonderful world of m/m romance novels eight ago via fan fiction and went on to write stories in her spare time. With the encouragement of her friends and readers she decided to publish some of her work. Lily subsequently self-published several stories via Amazon and later published short stories with Torquere Press, Wayward Ink Publishing, and Pride Publishing.

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