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My Top Reads and Audiobooks of 2015

In no particular order, these are some of my favourite reads and audiobooks of the year.



The Brothers Bishop by Bart Yates

An Infatuation by Joe Cosentino

Rock | 500 Kisses to Steal a Heart by Anyta Sunday

The Last Nights of the Frangipani Hotel by Bey Deckard

Like a Lover | Passing Through | What Happens at Christmas by Jay Northcote

Submitting to the Darkness | Make Me Soar | Dom of Ages by K.C. Wells

Grif’s Toy | Brothers LaFon by Joseph Lance Tonlet

Quillon’s Covert by Joseph Lance Tonlet and Louis Stevens

Gamble Everything by Cari Waites

The Altered series by Annabelle Jacobs

Cover Me | Trust Me | Search Me by L.A. Witt




Good Bones by Kim Fielding

THIRDS series by Charlie Cochet

PsyCop series by Jordan Castillo Price

Collars and Cuffs #1 and #2 by K.C. Wells

Mask by Teodora Kostova

Beneath the Stain | Chase in Shadow | Dex in Blue | The Locker Room by Amy Lane

On Dangerous Ground series | In Sunshine or in Shadow Anthology |

Adrien English series | A Ghost of a Chance by Josh Lanyon

How to Howl at the Moon by Eli Easton

The Given and the Taken by L.A. Witt

He Completes Me | Walk With Me by Cardeno C


Waiting on my Kindle or my to-read list for 2016

On my Kindle ~ Professional Distance by Silvia Violet, Broken Pieces by Riley Hart, Werewolves of Brooklyn by Brad Vance, The Klockwork Kraken by Aidee Ladnier,  Memories of the Heart by Felice Stevens, IM by Rick R Reed, Always by Kindle Alexander, Frankie and Al by Sue Brown, Belonging by Alexa Land, Sporting Chance by Alexa Milne, the Fated Dates series by Abraham Steele… this list is almost endless.

On my Wish List ~ How to Walk Like A Man by Eli Easton, Don’t series by Jack L Pyke, Cronin’s Key series by N.R. Walker, Secret of the Manor by Taylin Clavelli, Weight of Dust by Louis Stevens, Buried Bones by Kim Fielding, Dance with Me by Heidi Culinan, A Matter of Time by Mary Calmes, Sutphin Boulevard by Santino Hassell, Dreaming of Snow by Teodora Kostova, Gemini by Chris Owen, and more shifter stories.

Audiobook Wish List ~ More books by Amy Lane, Cardeno C, Kim Fielding, Mary Calmes and anything by my favourite narrators—Nick J Russo, Sean Crisden and Alexander Collins/Mark Westfield.



I’d like to thank my friends, followers and readers for your interest in my posts 

and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May 2016 be filled with joy, peace and happiness, as well as plenty of wonderful reading.

Love and best wishes from

Lily xx

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About the Author Lily G. Blunt enjoys writing contemporary gay romance and paranormal stories. She loves to explore the relationship between two or more men and the intensity of their physical and emotional attraction. Angst often features in her stories as she feels this demonstrates the depth of feelings between them. Lily is often inspired by the lyrics to songs and is forever writing imaginary scenes and plots in her head. Only a few of these ever make their way to the page. Lily reviews for several blogs and has recently launched Gay Book Promotions, an online book promotion service for authors of LGBT+ romance and fiction. She loves to hear from readers and other authors. You can find her contact information and social media links at and

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