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Review ~ Love Cubed by Eddy LeFey

Love Cubed by Eddy LeFey


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Three very different young men meet at St-Frederick’s University.

Francis, haunted by his past and seeking a new life.

Andrew, the introverted football jock.

And Sebastian, the charismatic and confident hockey star.

Francis, wary and troubled, didn’t count on meeting anyone he could care for.

Andrew, closeted and lonely, didn’t think anything would matter more than his football career.

And Sebastian, content to float from conquest to conquest, never believed he’d meet someone who could hold his interest.

An encounter with a journalist causes consequences for all three.

Will they be able to take what they need from one another in order to cope?

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Francis still couldn’t believe that anyone, let alone these two perfect specimens of the male form, could possibly find him attractive. He knew they both did, and he lifted his arms.

Suddenly, Francis felt Sebastian’s bulk hug him from behind. As Francis’ T-shirt was raised,

Sebastian’s knuckles brush up against his bare skin. Francis gasped, and as soon as his shirt was lifted over his head, his open mouth was covered by Andrew’s. Francis sucked in a breath as Andrew explored the contours of Francis’ teeth with his tongue.

Sebastian was amazed he didn’t feel any jealousy watching these two objects of his affections and desires kissing in front of him. He experienced the opposite: extreme arousal.

When Andrew let Francis’ lips go in order to breathe, Sebastian lunged forward, clasping his lips to Andrew’s. This movement forced the threesome to fall toward the mattress. Francis perceived himself being both pulled and pushed forward. His bare chest rubbed up against Andrew’s. He sensed Sebastian’s chest against his back. He felt enveloped by greatness.

Andrew fell and his back hit the mattress. His mouth was still being stimulated by Sebastian’s tongue, much as Andrew had done to Francis a few moments before. Then Andrew became extremely aware of Francis. Francis was incredibly aroused at the moment. Their members fought to touch each other through their cotton pajama bottoms and Andrew gasped.

Sebastian stopped kissing Andrew to look into his clear blue eyes. Sebastian saw beauty and desire in those eyes. He sensed a hand that could only belong to Andrew land on his buttocks, pushing downward.

Sebastian knew what that meant. He obliged by pressing himself against Francis’ buttocks, only to hear a startled cry of what Sebastian hoped was joy coming from Francis’ lips. Sebastian was aware that this was coming very close to crossing a line; a line he had promised himself he wouldn’t allow any of them to cross until they were all certain of where this relationship was going. Sebastian just didn’t know how to stop this. The feelings he was experiencing weren’t anything he’d felt before. He’d been physical before, many times, but not with anyone that he truly cared for. The closest he’d ever come with anyone else was with Heather, and now he cared for two at once.



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I’ve read and enjoyed several threesome stories and was keen to see how a new male author would tackle this dynamic.

At first glance, I expected the story to be a college romance, and in some ways it is just that. It is also a coming out story and a coming of age story, plus it is an exploration of the private and somewhat innocent interaction between three young men as they fall in love and find the courage to be true to themselves.

The story is told via a semi-omniscient narrator, so we get to observe rather than feel the events and emotions through the eyes of the three key characters. Eddy has a developed his own distinct writing style to suit the content and tone of the plot.

These three main characters are students who are immediately attracted to each other and fall heavily without much pre-amble. In the first few chapters, we get a sense of their individual personalities and a little of their backstory. Sebastian is the confident sports jock, popular, outgoing, and bisexual, with seemingly lots of experience, although he doesn’t broadcast the exploits he’s had with men. Andrew is also sporty, but more subdued and shy. He has his sights set on a hockey career and is determined to remain in the closet. Francis is gorgeous and draws the attention of everyone when he enters a room because of his beautiful features. He’s also an accomplished sportsman, but not as buff as the other two, and has low self-esteem. Francis is the central figure to the story and a mystery at first because of a disturbing past that he wants to hide from his peers. He’s determined to keep to himself when he arrives at the university, but his new dorm mates and admirers do all they can to involve him in their social plans and draw him into their newly formed circle of friends.

It quickly transpires that Sebastian, Andrew and Francis are well on their way to entering an unusual love triangle. To help protect the vulnerable Francis, John and Heather act as chaperones to keep the newly formed ‘throuple’ from doing anything they shouldn’t in the bedroom and reduce their relationship to one based on lust and sex. Although the three guys spend time talking and getting to know each other, they also share affectionate kisses and cuddles and enjoy many sweet moments. Despite their concerns about how other people will react to their developing relationship, they receive plenty of support from fellow students and decide to come out to their sporting teammates. They face some repercussions, however, but these various confrontations from homophobic individuals only seem to bond the threesome and bring them closer together.

Gradually, details of Francis’ disturbing past comes to light with the help of discussions with his doctor and Francis eventually shares the truth about his insecurities with his new boyfriends. They help him deal with his guilt and continue to stand by and support him.

In fact, the boys act in a most mature manner throughout the story and discuss their feelings and concerns quite openly. They face the homophobic bullies together, behave admirably when each of them comes out of the closet, bravely confront the parents who have difficulty accepting their new status, and together help Francis overcome his past trauma and the lies that have been told about him.

Loved Cubed is a contemporary romance novel. The guys are typical horny teenagers, but sex is not the focus of the plot. There are several intimate but not explicitly worded love scenes. Not wanting to be seen as crude or offend some readers, for the most part, Eddy uses phrases such as hard members, stiff manhood, very private places, his most sensitive area, oral ministrations etc to recount their most tender moments. The story builds to the finale when the three men are confident enough to consummate their relationship. Here there’s a little more detail, but it’s still written in a beautiful, almost innocent and pure manner befitting the rest of the story.

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Eddie LeFey started reading m/m romance fanfiction a few years ago. At one point, during a crucial point in the soap opera storyline of his favorite gay couple, the story went on hiatus. He needed a fix and decided to write his own version of what he wished would happen. Friends wanted to read it, so he plucked up his courage. Pressing the submission button was nerve-wracking, but he did it. People liked it. He wrote a few more.

Up until that point Eddy had tried his hand at writing many times. The delete button was his friend, as was starting over, and over, and over, but he could no longer do that if he wanted people to read his works.

A few of his writing friends decided to create original stories, and feeling brave, Eddy did the same. The stories were shared among a select few. They encouraged him to submit one of them. Low and behold, it is now being published.

Eddy lives in Canada with his husband Ken and his cat Oscar Wild. He is busy writing many more stories.


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