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Chapter 9 ~ Part 1.

All I could hear were the heart-wrenching words spilling from Edward’s lips. Despite the tears rolling down his face, he kept speaking. He was not giving up on us. How could I have done this to him… to us?

“Jayden, I don’t know what’s going through your mind at the moment, but I’m not going anywhere until you tell me why you’ve really had this sudden change of heart,” he said shakily but firmly. “I can’t believe it’s to do with your assignments and reading. I know you can cope with the pressure of work. It’s got to be something else.” He briskly wiped the tears from his face with the back of his hands.

He was trying to be strong, but I could see he was about to fall to pieces in front of me, and deep down I knew I couldn’t do this to him. I wanted to take him in my arms and tell him how sorry I was. I didn’t want him to leave me, but after treating him this way, I deserved all the heartache I was going to suffer.

I stood in front of him indecisively, pondering what to do for the best. Should I tell Edward and risk his safety and maybe even his life, or continue with this ridiculous masquerade and suffer the consequences for the rest of my life? Could I be that selfish as to choose the first option?

I obviously let my nonchalant mask slip for a moment and Edward saw the cracks appearing in my story. He was intelligent enough to work out I was giving him a load of bullshit. He knew how I truly felt about him. We’d already promised each other our always. He knew we were soul mates destined to be together forever. Yet I may well have just jeopardized our chance of future happiness.

Edward appeared to be summoning up his strength and fighting back more tears. “Fuck, Jayden, tell me what’s really going on. You’re not jealous that I was talking to my mother for so long, are you? No, of course you’re not. Something must have happened in the bathroom—did someone try it on with you?” He was desperately thinking aloud.

I shook my head, still unsure whether to tell Edward the truth.

“Come on, babe. Please tell me what’s going on.” Tears continued to roll down his cheeks.

I couldn’t bear to hurt Edward any longer and see him in such agony. “Jedd,” I said in a hushed voice, “he’s down the corridor in the bathroom.”

Edward looked shocked as he stared into my eyes. He knew I was telling the truth this time. “And he’s threatened to do something to me if you don’t go back to him, is that it?” Edward hissed, wiped his eyes with his sleeve, and made his way angrily to the door with clenched fists by his side.

“Edward, please, I don’t want you to face him on your own. He’s so strong and I don’t want you to get hurt. Let’s call the police or something,” I blurted out.

Edward stopped in his tracks. “I know you’re trying to protect me, sweetheart,” he said softly now. “Is he still waiting for you to return to him in the bathroom?”

I nodded. “I think so.”

“Is he armed with any sort of weapon?”

I shrugged and suddenly felt even more fearful. “I don’t know… I didn’t see anything. Edward, please don’t face him on your own.”

Edward thought for a second or two and then dragged his fingers nervously through his hair. “Okay then, just in case he is, and just for you, Jay, I’ll call the police and Ellis.” He paused as he paced back and forth thinking. “Can you round up some guys from this corridor and get them to keep Jedd in the bathroom until the police or Ellis arrive?”

From the noise coming from different rooms around us, I knew there were quite a few people about, so I agreed and hoped I could find several willing helpers. “I should be able to get at least two or three.” I silently prayed the police would arrive promptly and only hoped the situation didn’t deteriorate because of my foolish actions.

Edward was picking up his phone as I left my room. I headed in the opposite direction to the bathroom and burst into the kitchen. Fortunately, I found the two guys we’d seen earlier who had held the door open for us. There were also a few others I had chatted to over the past few days including the guy I thought might also be gay. I quickly explained my predicament and, to my relief, they were more than eager to help me. We all made our way to the bathroom just as Ellis and Seb arrived, and before I knew it, they surrounded Jedd and pushed him face down on the floor with one big brute of a guy sitting on top of him holding him firmly in place. The others held his arms and feet as he thrashed about violently.

Things happened quickly after that. The police arrived and I was asked to explain what had happened to a police officer. He wrote down all the details I offered him. While I was talking, Jedd tried to break free of his hold and lashed out at one of the officers. He was immediately handcuffed and led away to the waiting patrol car cursing and shouting obscenities at me and to everyone around him.

I thanked everyone profusely for their assistance and offered to buy all the guys a drink later on in the week. I was desperate to get back to my room to see Edward, but they kept me talking for a while longer. Seb and Ellis had long since disappeared and I hoped they were calming Edward down.


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