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Chapter 7 ~ Part 2

Even though it was the last weekend in September, it was a gloriously warm and sunny day. After checking the forecast yesterday, I decided we could have a picnic in the local park and watch some local musicians perform. So before collecting Edward, I packed several blankets and the finger food I’d purchased the previous day.

When I arrived at the boys’ house, only Aiden and Seb were up. Edward was still upstairs getting ready, so I sat and chatted to them for a few minutes while I waited. Seb seemed so much happier in Aiden’s company. “Thanks for dancing with Aiden last night, Jayden, you saved me the embarrassment.”

“No problem,” I assured him and felt relieved he was not jealous of Aiden’s hot routine with me on the dance floor.

“But you can dance with Aiden next time, Seb. It’s about time you treated your boy to a dance,” Edward said as he walked into the room. He wound his arms around me and kissed me firmly on the cheek.

Seb nodded but didn’t commit himself either way as he eyed my Edward. A spark of jealously flashed through me with the non-verbal communication that obviously still passed between the two of them.

We said our goodbyes and wished each other an enjoyable day. When Edward implied he would see them tomorrow, I hoped that meant he would be staying the night with me again. I was determined to remain sober so I’d remember everything that passed between us today.


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