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Chapter 5

Edward and I just looked at each other for a moment. He sighed before replying, “We’ll be down in a minute, Ellis.”

Edward smiled softly at me, held my face with one hand, and our lips connected briefly once again. He tilted forward so our foreheads touched. “I suppose we’d better go downstairs before he comes back again,” Edward said quietly. “Here, let me help you get up, Jay.” I really liked it when he shortened my name.

He put his hand under my elbow and I pushed off from my good leg so he did not have to take all my weight. I rocked back and forth while the blood settled in my legs, and Edward fetched the crutches for me. “I’ll be glad when I’m walking properly,” I huffed, trying not to feel embarrassed after our short intimate moment.

“Then we can go out on our date, can’t we, hun?” Edward winked, then kissed my cheek. He twirled round and headed for the door swaying his hips before I could reply.

He led the way downstairs to the living room. I followed him almost as quickly. I could just about manage with one crutch now.

Ellis was alone in the room pacing up and down, waiting for us. I was surprised Ryan wasn’t shadowing him as he usually was and wondered what had caused Ellis’s sudden change of heart. Deciding to keep the weight off my aching leg, I sat down but the other two remained standing, neither of them looking relaxed in the slightest.

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