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Chapter Three

In spite of the pain in my leg, I woke with a wonderful feeling of anticipation. I was looking forward to seeing Edward again that morning and the thought of being looked after by him gave me a pleasant tingling inside. I trusted him to look after and care for me. In fact, I positively wanted him to.

So I was somewhat disappointed when I opened my door to find an unexpected grinning Ellis standing there in front of me.

“Ellis?” I hoped I didn’t sound too obviously dismayed, but I looked to his side anyway in the hope Edward would also be standing there beside him.

“Edward was still in bed when I left, and as I have a history lecture with you first thing, I told him I’d make sure you get there on time. He said he’ll meet us for lunch.”

“Thanks, Ellis, I really appreciate it.” I wouldn’t be able to get to college by myself. I could only hobble a few steps unaided.

He carried my bag, and his strong arms helped me down the stairs toward his car with ease. I leaned against him and wrapped my arm around his thick waist for added support. It wasn’t quite the same as clinging onto Edward—but needs must.



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