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Interview with friend and fellow m/m author, N. R. Walker.

The prized possession you value above all others…

 Hmmm, there is no possession I couldn’t live without. I’m not overly sentimental with material things, so I’d have to say selfish practicality would win and say house, car, laptop and phone.

 The unqualified regret you wish you could amend…

 Travelling the world when I was younger.  Backpacking as a twenty year old without a care in the world… *sigh*

 The temptation you wish you could resist…

 Chocolate. Coffee. Cheesecake. Cheese.  So, basically, the letter C is evil.  lol

 The book that holds everlasting resonance…

 Well, this a hard one…  There are hundreds of books that I’ve loved, but everlasting resonance?  I’d have to say The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

 The priority activity if you were invisible for a day…

 I should say something cool here, like sneak into parts of some world famous museum or library and access areas that people aren’t allowed to go, but seriously, I’d have to say that I’d play pranks on people to scare the bajeezuz out of them. LOL

 The film you can watch time and time again…

 Star Trek 2009. I couldn’t tell you just how many times I’ve seen it. Far too many than would be considered normal. I’m a Pinto fan (Chris Pine and Zach Quinto) and when I say fan, I mean obsessed.

 The person who influenced you the most…

 Okay, I’m going to say Stephanie Meyer, but wait, please, hear me out…  Not for her writing, per se, but for the fact it was her books that got me into writing. I found fanfiction after reading the Twilight books, then I started writing my own and the rest is history. If it weren’t for Meyer’s books, maybe I would have never discovered writing at all.

 The unlikely interest that engages your curiosity…

 I don’t really have any quirky interests. I write, and I write some more. I also have two super-busy kids so my time for anything else is nil.

 The poem that touches your soul…

 Not sure about touching the soul, but one I remember well –   Robert Frost’s “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

 Nature’s first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down today
Nothing gold can stay.

The event that altered the course of your life…

This one’s easy. Having my two kids. Some days I could hand in my Mum Card, but they’re the reason I’m here.

The song that means the most to you…

U2’s All I Want Is You – Not that I’m overly sentimental about stuff like that, but this was my wedding song.

 The unfulfilled ambition that continues to haunt you…

I don’t really have any haunting regrets that keep me awake at night. Life’s too short for that. As I mentioned before, I wish I’d travelled more pre-kids and mortgage, but it’s a fleeting regret at best.

 Your early recollections of writing fiction…

I never really wrote stories as a child, but I do  remember having to write a piece of fiction for a high school exam in Year 11, starting the story with the line “The walls were yellow…” I got full marks for it and after the exams had been marked, the teacher asked if she could keep mine. I probably should have realised then that I had a way with words. LOL

About your latest release…


 Point of No Return is the first book in the three-part Turning Point Series.

 It is actually a re-release – the book was actually released in 2012 but taken down, re-written and released through a different publisher.  It was the first book I ever wrote in attempts to get published, and was originally written as a stand-alone but the characters needed more life, and so there are now two more books to follow.


Matthew Elliot is one of LA’s best detectives. He’s been labelled the golden boy of the Fab Four: a team of four detectives who’ve closed down drug-rings all over the city. He’s smart, tough and exceptionally good at his job.

He’s also a closeted gay man.

Enter Kira Takeo Franco, the new boxing coach at the gym. Matthew can’t deny his immediate attraction to the man his fellow cops know as Frankie. But in allowing himself to fall in love with a man known to his colleagues, Matthew risks outing them both.

Matt and Kira work to keep their relationship and private lives hidden from Matt’s very public life, fearing it would be detrimental to their careers.

But it’s not the other cops who Matthew should be worried about finding out his deepest, darkest secret…it’s the bad guys.


 Amazon buy link is  Point of No Return

 TEB buy link  Point of No Return

 What’s next?


My next release, Elements of Retrofit – Book 1 in the Thomas Elkin Series is due out as a pre-release on the TEB site soon (meaning it’s exclusive to them for four weeks before being launched on Amazon). I’m incredibly proud of this three-part series and can’t wait for the world to meet Tom and Cooper.


A successful New York architect, Thomas Elkin almost has it all. Coming out as gay and ending his marriage before his fortieth birthday, he needed to start living his life. Now, four years later, with his relationship with his son back on track, and after a few short-lived romances, this esteemed traditional draftsman thought he knew everything about architecture, about life.

Cooper Jones, twenty-two years old, is about to take the architect world by storm. Talented, professional, driven, and completely infuriating, Cooper is the definition of Generation Y.

Starting an internship working with Thomas, Cooper is about to knock Tom’s world off its axis. Tom can teach Cooper about the architecture industry, but Cooper is about to teach Tom what it means to live.


 TEB buy link  Elements of Retrofit      (please note the book is not available until 9th September)

 Thanks so much for having me!!!



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About the Author Lily G. Blunt enjoys writing contemporary gay romance and paranormal stories. She loves to explore the relationship between two or more men and the intensity of their physical and emotional attraction. Angst often features in her stories as she feels this demonstrates the depth of feelings between them. Lily is often inspired by the lyrics to songs and is forever writing imaginary scenes and plots in her head. Only a few of these ever make their way to the page. Lily reviews for several blogs and has recently launched Gay Book Promotions, an online book promotion service for authors of LGBT+ romance and fiction. She loves to hear from readers and other authors. You can find her contact information and social media links at and

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