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It was wonderful to meet so many readers and writers at the UK GLBTQ Meet in Manchester a few weeks ago.


An exciting new blog to promote the fabulous gay romance genre in the UK got underway this week. Many thanks to Sue Brown and the support of Dreamspinner Press.  The blog will be introducing you to gay romance authors from the UK, and authors who set their books based in the UK.

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On a more personal note, I am spending a week in the Peak District. I plan to visit Chatsworth, as well as Millers Dale and Lathkill Dale.

Miller's Dale, Peak District


Copy of LathKill_Footbridge

Miller's Dale, Peak District

No WiFi or internet connection …

Now, that will be interesting!


Three of Swords (Precog in Peril)


Theo Fenraven

ThreeofSwordswidgetnew_zps5472b2feThe title of the book and series threw me at first. Precog is not a word we use in the UK, but once I realized the main character could gain foreknowledge of future events through Tarot cards and other means, I understood the meaning and nature of this book.

A fabulous, well written story of the supernatural yet romantic kind. I loved the structure and pace of the plot, as well as the interaction and developing relationship between the two main characters. The erotic scenes between these two men are portrayed beautifully and only help to enhance the story.

The story continues through book two and three, which I subsequently read with delight.



I have no hesitation in recommending this series and would love to see it portrayed as a movie in the future.

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“What does being a member of the GLBT community mean to you?”

I am a proud participant of the Equal Rights Blog Hop, taking place here and on dozens of other blogs July 4-7, sponsored by

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As I’m straight, you might assume I do not consider myself to be a member of the GLBT community. And I did wonder if I should take part in this blog hop considering the title question.

Until three years ago, I don’t think I had even read an m/m novel. Now that’s all I ever read. It’s become my preference, my choice.  A journey via Robert Pattinson and through fanfiction, believe it or not! I won’t bore you with the details here, but if you would like to know more, please comment and I’ll fill in the blanks for you in another post.

Over this time, I have come to firmly believe love is love whatever the gender.

It’s not a question of gay or straight.

 It’s just a question of love.”


And that’s what I read and write about–the love between two men. For me, it is all about the intensity of shared feelings and passion for another human being.

I make gay-themed videos too, which I post on my YouTube and Vimeo channels, and on my author tumblr and Facebook page, I post pictures and gifs of guys hugging, kissing and demonstrating love for each other.

It is through my writing and online sites I have met many new and fabulous friends and readers. They are a mix of gay, bi and straight males and females, but most have similar interests to me and are eager supporters of gay rights.

To me, a community is a group of people who share similar beliefs and interests, and as an avid supporter, I feel I belong within that community even though I am straight.

So over the past few years, I have come out … as an ally.  Indeed, I am now an out and proud straight ally.

I’m an advocate of equality for the GLBT community and the world as a whole, firmly believing everyone should be treated as equals. Every person, gay or straight, should have the right to live without fear of abuse or harassment. Everyone should have the right to marry whomever they choose.

Recently signing the Straight for Equality Pledge, I have taken this important step in developing and amplifying my voice as a straight ally. I’m looking forward to doing more on behalf of my GLBT friends, family members, and colleagues in the future.

I realize now my small contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of those around me. Every bit of help I give, and that of others like me, is moving equality forward, and that’s what matters.

Being gay isn’t a lifestyle choice. But supporting the GLBTQ community is.

I have made that choice and I am proud to say it out loud.






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